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Living through IL seasons hehe

Enjoying being a year round cyclist/transportation cyclist and getting into yoga/workouts

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In this LJ, you will find the life and curiosity of a Taurus, a nature loverlover/outdoorsy type, book/TV show/tiny house/movie lover....been living in IL for almost 10 yrs. now, trying out the keto diet/Med diet/ Indian food..update: Dec. 2020: finalizing moving back to my hometown of Hawaii!!

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Sara Sidle is Empathetic Love.

24, according to jim, action movies, aerosmith, alter bridge, american ninja warrior, ancient aliens, anissa/grace, apocalypto, april/ethan, army wives, art, art of dying, astrology, atreyu, atwood park, avenged sevenfold, better than chocolate, big island, biking to work, black hawk down, blue bloods, bon jovi, books, brad taylor, breaking benjamin, bridget/franky, burgess/ruzek, cabin fever, callie/arizona, calvin and hobbes, carlos mencia, chicago fire, chicago med, chicago pd, cold case, cooking, dan + shay, dana/lara, daughtry, dave chappelle, densi, die hard, disturbed, drawing, ed sheeran, evanescence, expedition wild, fast food, femslash, fight club, finding nemo, gina/ani, god friended me, good girls, hawaii, higher ground, highlander, hiking, hilo, in plain sight, into the blue, iron eagle movies, jason bourne movies, jessica alba, jet li, jiu jitsu, junk food, kansas city chiefs, kensi/deeks, keto, killswitch engage, last of the mohicans, law and order:svu, linkin park, locked up abroad, man vs. wild, martial arts, martial arts movies, maya/carina, michael/sara, movies, mr robot, muay thai, mudvayne, ncis:la, new amsterdam, new orleans saints, ninja warrior, numb3rs, olivia/natalia, otalia, oz, papa roach, pepa/silvia, pitch black, pixar, prison break, reading, red hot chili peppers, remember the titans, reno 911, resident evil movies, rizzoli and isles, rockford icehogs, rockford rescue mission, romantic movies, ryan/gloria, saving face, saw movies, seether, seinfeld, sevendust, shane/carmen, shinedown, sleeper cell, snacking, stef/lena, steven seagal, svu, sytycd, taurus, tears of the sun, the big bang theory, the l word, the shield, the ultimate fighter, tiny house, tiny house hunting, tiny house world, tiny houses, ufc, ufc unleashed, veer union, venice the series, volbeat, volunteering, wall-e, waverly/nicole, wentworth, wildlife docs, will and grace, willow/tara, without a trace, wrong turn, wyonna earp, you got served.

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