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Damn, fuck!

So as HARD as I have been trying to stick it out w/ my job, they might just force me to quit. Tues night, I was asked to help clean up some spilled ketchup in the kitchen that had gotten onto the wall & floor. It wasn't enough ketchup to warrant a mop but it was enough for like 8 paper towels, you know? So as I was transitioning from the wall to the floor, my finger got cut...and I seriously thought it was the circles/gridded pattern on the floor, that's what I said in my incident report & later to some lady on the phone after I got cleaned up ( cut bled A LOT) by 1 of my bosses.

Found out later, a server had broken a glass in that area earlier that day, just swept it up vs that/mop & didn't report it to the Manager On Duty...server later got a mop I saw as I was getting gauzed up...I still had 2 hrs of work left & I felt ok to work. I had work the next day, went there, got done at 9:30 & on my day off, found out from my work insurance that I could go to the Urgent Care down the road from me vs 1 2 miles away.

I go there, check in and they say it will be a 2 hr wait, I ask can I go home for a bit and they say yeah just answer when we call and come back. I ended up coming back just 40 mins later ( got to eat brkft/drink water/OJ) due to forgetting to sign the last page of the Work Related Injury report. The waiting area is just a parking lot and so me and a few others who weren't in cars were finally given chairs after a while. So after waiting an hour and a half, I get sent in. I really thought I was just going to get my tetanus booster, but they looked at my cut and said it needed to get glued after they used iodine on it.

I get my booster, get my finger glued and I talked about what I do for work. I said I wash dishes, do trash, clean out the freezers, scrub the floors in there, clean the bathrooms, stock the stock room, help the slop guy load up, and scrub & squeegee the BoH floors. Doctor says ok you can go back to work for Friday, just NO dishes for 7 days. I think ok I can do a whole bunch of other shit and better let work know that day in case they need to have another utility come in to cover dishes. Well I call and one of my managers answers and says she'll call me back....

I don't hear from her so I think I can still work so I show up the next day ( as I am buying postcards for my Southern coworker & Bob*, run into my coworkers who have given me rides, they say today is PayDay & it's ok to just get your Check before your shift), so I go to work, say can I get my Check and tell my boss what happened yesterday since just like the night of my cut, she had no freakin idea what transpired between me and the other Managers the day before. She says she has to call HR.

She comes back & says if I have ANY restrictions, I can NOT work AT ALL! I start to say all the other dry hand stuff I can do and she reiterates the can NOT work at ALL part & says come back when restrictions are lifted. Then she brought up the Dept of Health making us wash our HANDS every half hour and my other restriction is not getting my hand wet, but having to wear a glove, touch stuff w/glove and wash the glove. She says we don't wash gloves, we wash HANDS. LIKE IF I COULD ONLY WASH MY HAND, I could work! Yeah, right! I just so wanted to blurt out shit that goes on at work that are against the Dept of Health rules/laws that go on daily....but me & my glove accommodation can't be flouted, right? So I just leave, deposit my Check and check out Walmart, Paradise Plants for couches and stop by Mattress Firm to look at beds.

I ended up buying a Sleepy's 8.25 Innerspring full mattress for $220 total including $50 delivery and set up ( tried to see if my sister guys could pick it up as I live just 3 blocks away, but they were still going to be in Kona). The delivery guys came this morning and even though they said I can sleep on it tonight, I am going to wait the 48 hrs and sleep on my air mattress still.

I tried to get some Kelly Boy Cookies but wrongly thought that their company address meant open to the public and yeah, their stuff is STILL being sold at KTA. I am going to go tomorrow to get some stuff ( need Spam as my 18 eggs are set to expire on the 4th!) as well as check out BedMart and Rent-A-Center for loveseats as Home Depot online store won't deliver to Hawaii or even ship to store here, same w/Target couches. Eating lunch at Jack in the Box ( Ultimate Cheeseburger and chocolate shake, you are MINE!)...Oh yeah, Paradise wanted $2500 for a pull out couch...worse comes to worse, futon couch from Walmart or Target will have to suffice...

I think my Mr Meyer's all natural cleaning spray is leaving a sticky feeling ( that or it is REACTING badly to some of the wood surfaces, etc) and my yellow Tide sucks as my clothes hardly smell like anything & some still smell dirty, so hoping Walmart had the blue cap one if not the green cap one.

Hung out w/my 2 sisters and my cousin tonight eating homemade steak nachos/listening to music and drinking my soda as they pre gamed a little before they went out drinking. Good thing I didn't talk specifics about my work since my cousin let it be known that she knows my boss AND my Oahu boss ( they must be related!)....

I left a msg w/my work Insurance guy and asked is he/work going to submit the incident report to the Dept of Labor (since they hadn't been reported yet) and am I going to get paid for the 3 scheduled days that I am missing work right now. I left a message w/my Workman's Comp contact and will hope to talk to her/Dept of Labor on Monday. If my work doesn't ALSO let me get paid for those days OR for this upcoming Tues/Wed shifts, which I have also been working for the past 2 wks, I might just say eff you guys, I quit.

Signing up for Zelle later since oh it's fine if my Mom doesn't want PayPal but I need to get Zelle TOO...had issues w/Mom earlier about my Savings card not allowing ATM withdrawals and shit still & her not wanting to go to the branch ATM..and how do we transfer $ in between our accts vs Money Orders/wiring $ ( extra fees and shit) so she can pay her part of the bill ( she thought her part was $94, not $130, like I said cuz her iWatch is $50 the Verizon guy said ( maybe she got a Protection Plan too, dk, 2 months ago), need to get a breakdown of shit from them or see if it's here or in my old room.

Hoping to get my carpet stuff done this week and have a couch ( or at least 1 coming sometime soon) & maybe get a nightstand from Smith's or from Mike down the a mop so I can start extra heavy duty cleaning of the stairs and floors and get better traps as the new Combat ones aren't really working ( not infestation level, but am either finding a dead baby roach or seeing a few big ones outside even with the lights shining right on it/walkway every few days)...think some of the carpets that were left are what is leaving a lingering smell in the apt, so seeing if landlady wants em or can I toss em...

Wish Domino's wasn't so expensive here. Little Caesars is ok but I have noticed some parts of the dough don't get cooked all the way through and some of their Cheesy Bread is wayy too thin..
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Amazing changes the past 24 hrs!!

So my Mom gave me some perspective on the whole apt thing...I went to an apt viewing that showed me to stop using Google Maps since the GPS kept going out, I had to keep recentering & I would past the street I needed to turn on since the voice directions aren't as spot on as the driving ones..I will write directions down hehe! The apt is really cute, has a Brooklyn NY/NY Brownstone basement apts ( least I think those are the ones under the stairs w/steel security door)/Italian small for 3 bedroom...nice history as was built in 1929 and nice respect for Earth as the owner does recycling ( & if you don't want to take it to the dump, she will! But ya get paid at Mr K's but everything has to be sorted into 3-4 different bins, we'll see how my first trip goes should I get the place)..
It has a very nice kitchen area ( w/kitchen appliances all included), nice living room ( changing out chairs should I take residence), and hope she paints walls n cement floor but like that there is a bonus storage room that could fit a twin. The bathroom is very nice ( has a tub, Jamie said they will be over quite a lot as her place just has a shower ( my walk yesterday was 3.5 miles, that + yesterday's 4 mile walk total, yeah, I get clean but I need a soak!)

We spent almost 2 hrs looking around and outside where she showed me the outside washer/dryer set up, the cute yard area big enough for picnic table n my sister's kids could at least play tag and the raised garden bed/fruit trees that extend to the back/side of the house was also really nice.

Learned a lot about her and her about me. She even offered to give me a ride back as we were having trouble w/GM hehe, she was pointing out certain things, like oh, a cute store is over here, restaurant is just half a mile away, etc so I see that as a VERY GOOD SIGN as it is down to just me and ONE OTHER PERSON & I should hear something by Tues..

When I came home, 20 minutes later I got a call from Zippy's! They wanted a Zoom meeting for the ultility position! I had lil trouble w/it but got everything fixed in less than 2 minutes, did the interview and got OFFERED THE FULL TIME SPOT!!! Process might take a week to get everything situated but that just made my day! Esp after I Google Mapped the apt and found out not only does the North end of the street the apt is on go STRAIGHT there, it is only 1.4 miles away! This will my hesitation if I do get off at midnight/1 AM as Zippy's is looking to expand their weekend hours...I can get a tactical flashlight, pepper spray and maybe even a Tazer!

Only thing of hesitation w/apt is house right behind mine is a transitional ex con house, complete w/fence around the property but none are violent offenders and really are just trying to find places that will rent to them for cheaper since places aren't always hiring them...did the time but get judged til you die basically!

I had fun last night eating my Target bought tuna/rice bowl ( that haul got me 2 wks of food for $25!) as we watched Luca and I had thought I would have had a hard time eating the popcorn/arare crackers/M&Ms literally 2 mins after dinner, but surprisingly NO....:)

Woke up today to find out I won a great biometric security camera ( w/ year of free service) and need to respond to the online form by Sat. So hope yesterday warrants in an address change or at least the 2 places I hope to check out today result in something by Friday at the latest....

Get to see Courtney guys again ( the other night was really fun!) as we are doing Beach stuff after apt inquiry/BBQ during or after Beach, idk yet..

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Got flooded with a bunch of memories and tears as I stumbled upon my 3rd flip phone find of the week in my packing mode......this is the phone I had in '08 when I was very much w/ykw....Idk why I didn't get like this when I came across my gray flip phone from '09-'11 ( shown in pic w/my purple phone, going to try to keep these 2).....I wish I could say it doesn't hurt as I contemplate tossing it or trying to see if I can recycle it ( send it for soldiers to use or for DV ppl)...but I know it is better to not have it..

One thing I really don't like about my Moto One is that they got rid of locking your phone w/a code..I don't like the fingerprint one bc all ppl need to do is wait til ya fall asleep..

EDIT: WOOHOO! Moto One does have a PIN code to lock your phone! Set it up n good to go now!

Found out about EcoATM at Walmart. They give you cash for old phones and tablets. Might go see them n swing by Lowe's to get the Large Moving box on Monday...hmm, might just ask Walmart dudes if the Kyocera Extreme will work in the future, like will the networks out there SUPPORT it if NOT 4G/5G & I might just buy it straight out n wait til no longer need apps n shit...

yeah, love that on my Moto One, I am constantly having to exit out of the Internet as I zip up my phone in my bag/put it in my pocket, how I try to open a new message but bc my fingertip wasn't pinpoint, it asks if I want to call the messager... or how time consuming it is trying to text & having wrong letters pop in bc my finger was half a centimeter off ( sucks on Twitter, not correcting myself cuz I didn't proofread every word) or my spaces don't happen bc I am texting 'w/less force' & spelling errors sometimes the right word doesn't ONLY come up, but 2 or 3 other similar spellings, wth?...yeah, MUCH BETTER 🙄...

Day 1: got rid of the gaming apps & the notifications screen popping up on my Lock Screen....took me a while to figure out how to stop videos from automatically playing as I scroll past each vid ( why is every FB post a damn vid now, is America too busy to read an article for the duration of the 2-3 min vid?), although I still dk how to stop new posts from showing up as notifications, isn't that why we have a damn feed? I also don't want a notification every time someone comments on a post I commented on UNLESS they are replying to me, I don't give a shit bout anything else)...

I like that the flip phones DON'T do ANY of those things I hope!..I think my Kyocera Extreme might even do that sending texts vocally stuff so I might not even need the hassle of doing the buttons ( reviews actually say texting is easier/better:)...I read a tech article that said MOST of the population in Japan STILL uses flip phones ( why they are still made for US too I think)...weird to think how some cities there have digital billboards and new high tech sushi menus in restaurants and bam, you bust out a flip! I just hope my Kyocera can do Google Maps at least cuz that is something I use A LOT....they do updates tho...

Edit: Monday the 14th, 8:30 AM: doing just the Lowe's stop tomorrow ( taking bus, box is fine to transport) & holding off the iPad/phone stuff til Thurs/Fri as my Mom's COPD 'flare up' was actually puenomia & I want her to be on the meds for more than just 3 days ( + she worked for 2 days just 2 days after getting her diagnosis/on meds for it)....

My sister didn't tell me about Hilo renters having income requirements! Yeah, the place is $850 but we want ya to be bringing home $2200/month! I will just have to hope for a place on Kilauea, Kinoole & maybe rare Waianuenue in my budget n willing to work w/ my Savings as rent payments..
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(no subject)

THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD LOOKS FREAKIN AWESOME!! As does Fast n Furious 9, I saw previews of the movie n Letty is in it A LOT more n doing fight scenes, Dom almost dies in front of her, but don't like that Scott Eastwood is taking Paul's spot just like I said 2 movies ago, so probably won't watch it, etc..LAND,IN THE HEIGHTS and BRUISED also look really good!

Love that I have clarity and closure now re: my ex!! Can't believe I ever considered transferring to SVSU for her and hate that she never did that for me cuz she wouldn't even get on a damn plane or put aside her bar $ to make trips a fuckin priority..yeah, anger & hate still there...working on it..

Is there a video out there showcasing how to make your $ cover rent, bills n Savings, like 10% of check goes here, 15% goes there, 10% can cover 2 nights eating out..not pay rent, food, bills, gas for car, invest, side Hussle/buy real estate, do Money Market, and 401K like Nate O'Brien vids? Hmm, did hear about the 50 necessities/30 eating out/20 spending rule n trying NerdWallet's app for it..I will probably need 80/20/0 hehe for a while.

June 11th reopening of IL, do a walk down to my 3 fast food places to see if they are doing DINE IN/take out so my $5 meal won't be $16 w/DoorDash??

Foods: eating soup n crackers as quick, healthy lunches couple times/wk..Drink 2-3 bottles water/day during 12 day heatwave ( we are on Day 7 of it, drinking EXTRA soda but I am not feeling jittery, dizzy or have headaches n rather feel fine so maybe just RIGHT given extra hot conditions).....Deadliest Catch: Bloodline was great, although I didn't like the pranks..

Washed my big bubble coat/my Adidas thermal along w/other winter stuff ( was going to donate but my Mom wanted some of the items, she told me that a few of my winter items would be good if I ever go to VNP/Kaumana n who knows how cold Kea'au could get)!! Donate my big dresser/art supplies too next week?? Toss my kayak ( too bad my rack wasn't strong enough to hold it, put on my Versa rack?) next week....Do closet packing n widdle down clothes some more b4 mid June?....No, NOT getting Smart TV, don't care if my LCD one I plan on getting when I move 'won't work' or whatever in 5 yrs....hope Hilo has those AirTV boxes..

Holy Shit! Run in w/another pit bull again! Luckily I was there but still took a while to get the dog to the owner..LADY ON CL COULD ONLY AFFORD $600-$800 BUT wanted a one or 2 bedroom at that price ( either studio or room in a house at that price)!! Doesn't do well in small spaces n can't have any stairs..another reason why I don't want roommates..Laughing at myself, me saying I don't drink/smoke, never been arrrested and never had attendance probs at work, might sound made up/not real...

Thinking bout NY, pros/cons of city life ( noisy, lotta ppl, conjested, crime) vs that of suburbs ( boring, quiet, safe) vs that of country ( quiet, boring, not a lot of ppl, safe) vs that of rural ( not a lot of resources, not a lot of ppl, nothing going for it, crime iffy) ..relate it to living in various towns on the Big Island...

shows: ANCIENT ALIENS, NEW AMSTERDAM, ZOEY'S, 911 N 911 LONE STAR, THIS IS US/AMLT kinda hard to watch this season, SVU, MANIFEST, ALL RISE ( cancelled this season, bc of the ' extra 'BLM/police brutality/minorities given harsher sentences' spotlight?) REBEL SUCKS, The Good Doctor has been really good this season, THE CONNERS, THE NEIGHBORHOOD, House Hunters International, My Lottery Dream Home/LDH International, Happily Wherever ( $2,480 for a 700 sq ft apt in L.A.!), HOME ECONOMICS, I can take or leave Debris, no Stabler in Organized Crime for me, love BOB HEARTS ABISHOLA, Station 19 ( gave it another shot when I saw that Carina was going to be on more & as love interest for Maya)..

Miss having GAC w/Log Cabin Fever and Going RV..CW APP ISSUES OF NOT PLAYING SHOWS BY ORDER IN WHICH YOU LAST VIEWED, if miss a week have to go back 2 eps ( by going INTO Shows, then searching for it) vs trying to watch the 2nd ep n being taken to the 1st so you don't miss anything plot wise. I see The Republic of Sarah as being a hit:)..Started reading some of my Hindu books via app & have really enjoyed it.

SNABBA CASH GOOD? Yeah...Feel Good s2 ( stopped after ep 3, was just weirder than usual), MOST DANGEROUS GAME ( Liam Hemsworth Roku originals series ( Cypher was good as was The Code)), BLUE MIRACLE ( Mom negativity oh of course they win), don't u want to watch feel good movies when compared to shit in the news)...Hard to not get mad at Bob when he said how long will I give myself before coming back? Reality of 6 months or if no find a place, 2 weeks..

Freeport has had 3 gang related shootings within a week couple wks ago! Janesville couple rare shootings too..
1 downtown shooting 3 Mondays ago around 1:30 PM, 1 shooting Wed night, 1 on Friday n 2 shootings on Saturday...we have had our usual 1-2 shootings/day lately n even a few stabbings. Former coworker's apt broken into & quite a bit stolen:(...

My little brother going to buy a car/van to live in, cheaper than rent? Time will tell..

Really want to OWN something. Don't want a landlord telling me to move and don't want a landlord who won't fix shit either ( my Mom is FINALLY withholding rent for this month), afraid to mention repairs cuz what if you get evicted?? Pukihae place $840 for DayLum place, semi ' bad' area ( rent covers electric n water too)..Get slack if in bad area ( oh, trying to be down or help us turn around?) Or in good area ( too scared/better have no crime)...

1st time home buyer grants of $17-$20K can go towards apt/condos too or strictly single fam home? My $92K-110K reasonable if almost $20K covered..Loved the 1 bedroom w/cute kitchen on 1 acre (& a 40' shipping container comes with it the ad said! ) for a total of $120K in Kea'au ( Paradise Park really?) Bummer:(..Did find cute cabin for $55K in Paradise Park ( worse, Volcano, 30 miles from Hilo)...
Housing market skyrocket, not here, Big Island or Virginia ( $27K for 7 bedroom house in Dickinson, VA?, Land of coal n air n water, bet utilities are a lot too, NO THANKS!)..

CBS cancelled Stalker few yrs ago, Mom, The Unicorn and now All Rise?! It's going to be the new Netflix now ( why get into a show if only around 1 or 2 seasons?)!

Get my free Hawaii Island visitor magazine ( vs their $20/bundle)?? Mag was just ok, not the maps n resources someone moving would want, more visitor crap..

Tell it to The Bees movie was good...Want to see The World To Come, 145, Ammonite ( maybe) n Same But Different!

L.A./Dallas has some bike lanes but literally 0 other protections/infrastructure for cyclists, if ppl still do it there/5 miles is bikeable, can I make Hilo work??

New litter or Aloe Vera Gel to blame for itchy red welts on me lately?? AV, stopped using it for a few days n welts went away:)...

Mom back at the gym n has 2nd job now that she has been at for a month working every other weekend.. I am trying to do phone stuff at night of texting vs texting/YouTube/fanfic/surfing the Net to be more present but all this waiting/ looking to find jobs/apts makes it easy to want to 'lose yourself'.

Love that the YURT/BUS home on PropertyShark n the 2 Mountain View homes were tiny house inspired w/materials, layout and look were ALL on the Big Island ( 0 were Hilo tho & pretty cheap, 1 was $120K, 1 in Ocean View was $125 & all off grid= no bills but uber far! n the highest was $199K, all great new construction builds too)..maybe my TH can actually be ONE if Hilo gets into them!! Tiny House Assoc. Love that Affordable Portable Hawaii homes too...

I liked the Whittier, Alaska apt complex/town view from townspeople on CBS SUNDAY MORNING, I hope to find stuff at Deals and Steals, antique store, Paradise Plants ( good home decor section), etc vs just seeing what Amazon/Wayfair has ( unless uber cheap or NOTHING ON ISLAND).

Had tech issues earlier last week w/ my phone: I hate AutoCorrect n hate that Google searches hardly get you the right simple answer..Autocorrect not under Languages? I want spell checker but NOT change the word crap..found it in Gboard! Keep spell checker n ditch auto correct...

Fucking spammers calling me to get on the Advantage Program ( loan of $50K), called back after 4th message that week, asked to be taken off mailing list/call list, got asked do I know what the Advantage Program is and I will take off after you hear my spchel, didn't take me off, asshole!

Hope can get 1 way ticket deal IF do have to fly back, waiting cuz what if I do get a place?
Pluto TV for THN kinda sucks, yeah, on everyday but it's always just season 1-4...I have seen those countless times!! There is like 5 more seasons, PLAY THEM!

Wish vanlife n TH were more geared towards low budget ppl vs 6 figures or more nowadays...yeah, you can salvage but who has space to stockpile crap n if you end up not building, you gotta get rid of all that crap..n what if you can't find a lot?

Half an hour to register screen protector Pure Pledge! SKU #, IMEI #, Model #, Pure Pledge CODE, crap!! Other tech stuff: got signed out of all my apps I guess when transfer happened and now some are having problems just logging in ( not even getting to the password). Wish could refresh Indeed jobs apps or block all the ones I either don't have qualifications or experience iPad was used but still sold to us for $300? Easier setup/transfer than phone? Find out later this week...

Indeed app issues still, no removal of job removal posts n why even ' Give Feedback' if same company posts jobs day/wks after, they need an experience option/qualifications option, throwing in Nursing n Construction cuz FT? Applied to last resort Jamba Juice/Jack in the Box/HK even and yesterday, applied to 3 different Hilo Med jobs( 1 means 5th time doing it n 2nd is 3rd)..

Tulsa, OK Black Wall Street massacre on the Today Show and more on depth documentaries. Saw 1 on CNBC called Blood on Black Wall Street n the 1 on CNN ( no good showtimes), watched CBS special Memorial Day night instead..CBS special went along w/same story that was in the papers whereas CNBC said that they were together, in love & he didn't attack her...I didn't know that those who weren't killed were prevented from rebuilding by new laws put in place n were forced to move out of their neighborhoods into the ghetto and freeways were put in instead...still going on today, 1 lady had her $750 rent raised to $1500! Pricing ppl out is discriminatory...

Mike Tyson ABC Special, don't like the 'conspiracy' angle they were going w/ cuz he's black, he didn't rape her. Played into how the media wanted, it's not their fault, that is how Mike was!

Fitness: have 7 bodyweight/full body workouts on Darebee's site since the download happened ( but couldn't open due to not having the right app, took screenshots instead), found 1 on different planks ( try for that once/week?)..1 week hope to do 2 sets/day n 2 yogas next month!!

My Mom finally replaced my Reebok duffel...this time with an Adidas one...but she wanted to give me her big newly purchased backpack due to her ordering a small 1 but my current one is fine n don't like her always thinking something is crap bc it it's old, if it is still holding up/no rips or tearing, it is FINE to me...she always something has to be better n that means NEW ( like how she wants me to replace my iPod shuffle, a bday gift from her btw)...talking about her car is crappy in her 2nd family's neighborhood, why all status shit? Nice apt in nicest part of town, expensive furniture, expensive car? Why invest if not getting Mil from it, like $20K not worth it?

Land prices/house prices has me hopeful to get an apt for $92K-110K at least ( sometimes 1-2 bed, some just studios, depending on neighborhood location/Flood Zone/Lava Zone locations too?) in Hilo....few houses were under $300K though...does that FHA grant of $17K get applied if house buying is an apartment?

Mom sees saving as waste of time/opportunity cuz what if u die before spending all of it, will never save $300/month so why save ANYTHING, so moral is never having a lot due to impulsive spending/no restrictions?
Saw that a new apartment complex on Kinoole could be on my radar if someone snaps up the rental ready property that just hit the market at just $1 Million for 20 apartments n 3 store fronts.....Rockford real estate, buy a house for $160K ( $800/month re: your property tax/interest/monthly mortgage) combined that's as much as rent in some of our neighborhoods...

Saved $20 on lotto impulse buy by just being happy w/$6 of free $ towards it as reward for picking stuff up for ppl in the house 2 wks! N saw my ATM declining my $20 withdrawal a few days later as a sign...used $5 in change to get a Powerball w/Powerplay n a Lotto n 1 other Powerball due to picking up 2 sodas for my Aunt...won a few times n am playing off them ONLY!

Really going to love getting bentos from KTA or Kawamoto Store ( bentos, malasadaa and musubis, all cheap!! As long as not more than 2 miles, it will be a worth even a daily trip) n musubis real cheap from mostly anywhere I bet hehe n have never really done 80%-95% generic/sales stuff ONLY so maybe really will help, see about Foodland prices too, not just KTA/CostULess..maybe Farmer's Market has more food items than just breads/produce?? I am going to be smart and factor the eating out budget INTO my food budget of the week to avoid overspending....

I think the thing I love most about Hawaii is everything is melding together, cultures ( lot of mixed kids here), food (Hawaiian food is mostly Asian/Portguese w/a few actual Hawaiian items, but ALL are BIG here) n even music, some Reggae, some slack key, some ukulele, all MIXED together...

Didn't even dawn on my Aunt as she was telling me she wished she knew Spanish so she would be more desireable in the job market in Cali, why should we as Americans have to learn a language to better compete w/ undocumented ppl who come into our country? In all our chats, she brings up the Aloha spirit/community feel ( esp fundraising) of Hilo but has said NOTHING like that for San Diego Co...ya don't know your neighbors in Cali.....

Set up 2 Mercari ADS ( yes, Titus N bar Mitts, how to set up card/only paypal?,

Self care: find myself feeling guilty if I want to eat a bag of 8 oz chips in 1 day..and need to spread stuff out, trying to do too much in 1 day makes me put it off but 1 thing a day is workable!

Possible beds for new place: Twin/Full Air mattress ( get free pallets? Get Mattress Firm deal in Hilo of $150-$200?).. Or cot/sleeping pad ( bar across the middle?) or chair that turns into a bed ( love Scandavian one) stability for back or going to dip soon/ sleeping pad essentially not thick enough & not memory foam, get the one that looks like it's in a drawer? OR Japanese futon (on top of pallets, no sleeping low for me ) really like the simple/minimalistic look of both foreign bed styles..

Going to love the 'shopping' icon to compare prices!! Lowe's might be cheaper, or CostULess, who knows! Scandavian style night stand or Paradise Plants 2 tables ( 1 dining, 1 nighstand)?? Try local then branch out to Wayfair/Amazon w/ free/cheap Shipping to HI!

Verizon guy, all save everything Google/Google Drive/Google Photos crap, yeah, not if they want to charge me, get something else. Hope to get AirTV (DVR box)?

Apt search on hold ( PP took OFF the cute 150 sq ft Kinoole listing BUT NOT the Kilauea 1 6 days later??) DL sucks ( Google reviews : '20: 3 reviews bad: tell u place is ready, you fly there, not ready for 2 wks if self employed says you don't make enough n you didn't really get approved ( but we took ur $25 rental app fee n they raise the rent! N 730 not good enough credit, wtf? Look for PP ( no rent to mainlanders ( nvm, I am a local) or whites ( RACISM against whites has always been here) n no help after/app process long, apt listed but not available in reality) Lehua, Waiakea View ( not Lagoon View or renamed?,(get apt w/just microwave vs some w/ full kitchen if cheaper n do Bravo XL, Microwave n toaster) n Arruda on Google?)/MO check for a week, nice to ease off anxiety of needing to find listing FIRST, my situation ok for them, & will this employer give me a shot? Haven't seen any ppl get turned down if applying ON the island...

Maybe private person/CL ad is BETTER than PM? Arruda Properties ($1K-1200 ( Leilani Estates/Puna!), $550-700 for room for rent means roommates n NOT a sleeping room like Bob/NY guy has, right? Didn't like her attitude w/ her answer of rent is up on BI just like everywhere else! Dk if all utilities or not), Ginoza Realty n Hilo Bay Realty ( 2 ladder are too expensive (1200+), all under PM)? A lot are AirBnBers using them to run their house/condo, not the same as ppl in complex.. Lehua Apts had good reviews/good neighbors/nice area/cheap, put in an Alert for listings there/Ching Studios ( no alert for 333 Lehua , DL property) n emailed Arruda..Do jobs every few days, reinforces ya gotta be on the island ( applying for apts 2 wks I am in Hilo)...

Damn, 2592 had 2 uber affordable rooms for rent, 1 for $400 n 1 in better area/better upkeep for $500 but share bathroom (n kitchen?) what if they only PM to approve me ( 0 visitors or overnight guests? Wtf?), same issue as PP tho, some sites off market, some not? A lot of reviews are on buying/selling & NOT as rental building...Dk if my sister was talking about housing rentals vs apts re: rents NOT raising yearly...another reason to BUY as soon as I can, buy best house for my budget, no expensive HOA if condo, see if HomeOwners Insurance/Hurricane too much 4 a house or do as much off grid as I can...Look into Lehua/ CL and last resort Hilo Village Apts, knew it would be HARD but didn't expect IMPOSSIBLE....Sunny Island RV/Camping World RV ( now have Greater Rockford Auto Auction too)waiting/hope still for my Aunt. Worse comes to worse, renting something..

Druggies anywhere so might as well risk downtown area if cheaper, can always make it safer..Hank Correa Realty had a nice $1K rental w/ all bills included (WiFi too? Get Bravo XL to not use stove! Get Copper Chef induction cooktop single burner vs double since better efficiency n fits my 12" pan if have a place w/ no kitchen or if stove ever breaks, really like the idea of a simple kitchen).. Stick to just 2-3 rows in fridge, simulate 4.5 cubic foot fridge I hope to get 1 day, big rugs!).

I have sent 4 messages to Hank Correa and even called ( but got a flirty ' heeey, Hi'! from the woman who answered vs 'Hank Correa Realty' so idk, try again later.. Zumper/ has $900-1350 places, not all bills included.

Tried Orgain SuperFoods mix w/water ( eww) &/or yogurt ( better)... Sassy barfing n weight loss due to Obie n hairballs? We are giving her hairball stuff n have been giving her extra food for the past 2 wks..

Missy's husband diabetic? 666 blood sugar!
Missy might have custody battle w/ her ex if her husband adopts my nephew (my niece has had 2 ear infections within 2 wks)!

Fucking phone bill shit, I just wanted a phone that works w/ apps, didn't need new tablet, not having a disagreement in front of the guy at damn Verizon..paying $150/$336 bill n $80 ($63 is phone + service/insurance & $20 fees/taxes/fuck of $200 now bill n Mom's part now $130 ( get extra cash this month, walk to do deposit, mail Money Order to me in the future since we have different cards so no transferring $?)! It will be ok but damn, wanted a cheaper bill but 0 places are doing 2 lines..

I really like CNBC Make It YouTube variety section featuring the realistic budgeting of normal salaries ( less than $60K) n SOME of the Nate O'Brien vids have been helpful... Love Island filming in Hilo ( dk if town gets noticed, or just Kona).

Get Money Order back from Post Office! Nope, lady said they don't void em and my Mom went in & tried to say maybe it's lost so they'll investigate & give me my $ back that way, but she said the lady was being a BITCH, so calling the National number n saying we can't go in to make the inquiry like you're supposed to...
Kegels ship bikes stuff soon, less expensive the less disassembled? Send Bob stuff!! Recycling too HARD in Hawaii? Updated brochure to what is accepted & where, 0 paper/plastics, cardboard ok?...get composting bin ( paper add?)? How do I ALWAYS have a protected network/ safe WiFi on 24/7, Verizon? VPN help, lil key NOT showing, settings show NONE under VPN, wtf, not supported by Digital Secure, need ANOTHER BETTER APP NOW?

Sam's Pizza yesterday as it was 91 ( SB deal, try RC soda, might need generic for future! It was good...Cyclamate still in it? Nope! Hopper has 1 way for $288 for July 13th, wait still..

book boxes/cleaning walls/floors tomorrow n doing some more clothes packing this weekend( do everything before noon, with fan on, am doing ok, have 2 fans on for sleeping sometimes when it is still in the 80's)...found some COOL FLIP PHONES I still had! Hmm, just get Kyocera Extreme 1 day FAR OFF? Wet t shirt for me/doggies has helped today when it hit 94! $840 for another DayLum place looks nice!? Apply when THERE! Make sure they do at least a 6 month lease so have time to save in case they do raise rents..I wish more homes in Hilo weren't for multigenerational families & sucks that most the starter homes were washed away in that Tsunami in 1960...

Watching Netflix show called Sweet Tooth soon, it looks really good!
Show was awesome! I finished Feel Good and while it was ok, I really just watched it cuz there was nothing interesting to watch instead...

Update: 6/12/2021: 8 AM, Hank Correa rental got rented already not even a week listed! Found out they do count Savings as income towards rent so them & Hilo Villages can be on my list next week to try to set stuff up... Currently in the mid '80's as I watch Tiny House World before cleaning up bin area, getting rid of my kayak n cleaning that area ( cleaning floors only, washing the baseboards/walls w/ scrub brush n soap didn't do much), had our 2 hottest days yesterday and Thursday, 99 & 97! 0 workouts except 40 mountain climbers or side leg raises here n there...looks like I will toss my kettlebell since shipping it somewhere would cost too much.

Need to figure out right box to ship my portfolio that isn't Michael's hardcase for $150 OR Lowe's box that is waay too big AND long. Getting my PLANE BOX next week from Lowe's via bus:)! Idk, hard to stay motivated to pack when certain property managers won't rent to you since Savings isn't income but my Unemployment technically is ( I didn't know that HARDLY anyone will take cash upfront, who the fuck turns down paid in full?)...
Big shock: my local Wendy's, McD's AND Burger King are all still closed to dine in/ take out....yeah, really glad in Hilo,you eat at local places vs National chains, so screw them!

Idk what to do when my Mom talks about 1 of the families she babysits for. She gets all involved in their lives and forgets that she can't control what happens. I can't help that the lawyer didn't have any knowledge of the Dad's past behavior towards his ex and the kids, but obviously the Judge ( who did know, cuz he said well you did live w/ him for more than 5 yrs and he was abusive towards you AND your kids most of the duration & it didn't bother you, but now he can't have visitation?) let the Dad have Mom said the ex wants to get back w/ him, if she does, then she IS saying she is OK w/ the treatment, right? What if we give her all this help and in the end, she stops the custody crap & says he's moving back in?

How come if I see or hear of something but DON'T do anything to help, then I am complicit & it's ok in my book but if it is HAPPENING to me, & I do nothing, that doesn't mean it's ok? Why does the witness get that judgement from ppl, what if they just don't want to possibly get killed, have to fight to live or get hurt & can't work but can't judge the victim? What about when the woman attacks you, then she is ok w/ everything, right? Almost feels like when dealing w/ addicts, you need to just accept shit won't change & walk away, can't help if they don't want help, they know the consequences, it's been almost 8 yrs, dude ain't changing NOTHING if he doesn't have to..chick needs to get stronger, she has a great job and she lives in a very part of Loves Park in a 4 bedroom house. She has options.

Getting nervous

So yesterday, I called PP again since my Money Order STILL hadn't been cashed ( is it lost in the mail, do you guys at least HAVE IT?), and was told that it had rented out.😭😭😭😭😭😭. I then ask did I get denied and the guy tells me not necessarily, apts are going fast so it really is 1st come, 1st serve ( meaning closer move in date too? n directly contradicting their Mission Statement of it NOT being 1st come, 1st serve but rather how good a candidate you are)!!! Idk if my app is on file ( saving my Money Order for a future place? Can I get it sent back?), if certain barriers are my credit score ( 730's- not good enough?), Savings or references, then not going to get any other future rentals w/ them, right?

My job talks have stalled, I did however add my move date will turn into a visit if I don't find a place but everything is packed ( will be) n fam can mail stuff to me so I will only be returning to the mainland if I strike out..

I started to look at that Wainaku ad again and even considering an 88 SQ ft ad ( meant to be lived in though?) I do like this 1 YouTuber Money Thoughts in downtown Manhattan who has an 80 SQ ft place for $385! I would use a 4.5 cubic inch fridge/ freezer vs his legit mini fridge and I would use an electric burner/ induction top vs his gas canister camping stove) or a cute 150 SQ ft place for $650 ( pics are nice but haven't seen the kitchen area, make sure I can do Bravo XL/ toaster add ins, all utilities included!). Maybe I can get away w/an $.80 musubi or a $4 bento once a week so less food in fridge?

I started looking at getting smaller appliances, looking at cute convertable chairs into beds, twin beds vs full & European style tables...Maybe applying too early ( they want ppl in NOW or by the 8th) or maybe my app is taking too long to get there? I thought of having my sister hold a completed application/money order for me & just fill in the location vacancy n drop it off, but she told me my app stays on file for 3 months, so don't need to pay rental app fees for future ads. If my stuff still isn't cashed by next week, going to ask if it has been received yet ( I asked yesterday but they didn't answer, just said my location was filled) and if not, ask USPS to track it....IF I DO MAIL IN APPS FROM NOW ON, EITHER TRACKING IT &/OR EXPEDITING IT OR BOTH!

Just saw my apt being listed as AVAILABLE as of 4 hours ago TODAY!....the link also has the $650 place ( Kinoole, Hilo Town!)....I emailed to confirm vacancies...I found out that the WalkScore score system is crap really. A score of 80 means grocery stores are LESS than a 5 minutes walk. Really, ppl, walking a mile/ mile & a half means an area gets barely a mid 20's??

As long as I have a 23, think I can make it work! Going to have to get used to landlord doing inspections again, but if my place is small enough, could clean it well everyday or every few days if not. ( Wainaku $840 place)

My Aunt is game for bidding on that cool camper van tomorrow ( days w/ 31 days vs 30 throw me off hehe!) so hopefully the bids are low...

June 3rd 8:56 AM: so both units are filled ( but why is ad still up on THEIR site 2 days later? Makes me skeptical of their other ads..), wish PP and DL had recent reviews vs the ones I am finding from 5-10 yrs ago, I feel more comfortable going w/their properties than a newbie ( & like that I was warned that Allan Yoza is a slumlord so know to stay away from his affordable rooms for rent... and no RV camper van for my Aunt as the bids hit $13K within HALF AN HOUR for a 20 year old model??
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For the past 2 months...

I forgot my password on here so I decided to try a new blog ( hilobound). I did reset my password HERE so I will start posting back here now:)! I also realized my extra security measures might be preventing comments, so fixing that soon. Man, my trip is getting closer ( although, not to Hopper, who took my flight off n then sent me new flight prices alerts for my departure date, I was close to saying WTF, did I get booted? But no worries, United has me covered). I am helping my Aunt try to find an old driveable RV for around $1K for her to take back to Cali and set up living. I found out that she did live in her car for a year w/ her now ex & 2 dogs, so also trying used car places.

My Aunt doesn't want to do online ads cuz of all the time you waste on trying to prove if it's legit or not ( 1 I found ended up being a scam so felt kinda bad then but that's always a given/ risk going in), but this 1 repo site in Michigan is doing an online auction ( & seems reputable, there is a broker, RV is guaranteed to start and run) so we will see what happens w/ the bids. I did put out alerts w/ both Sunny Island and Collier RV here to BOLO for a driver from around the '70's-'90's cuz those aren't going to make the Used section of their website ( but still be in inventory).

I have applied to a lot of jobs lately & am even talking w/ 2 potential employers ( 1 last month & 1 last week). I applied to an awesome rental on Kilauea for just $800/month ( rooms for rent range from $650-$750) and some parts of town, a studio is going for $1,110/ month! It is hard not to freak out and wonder why has it been almost 3 wks ( my app still isn't there??) Or do they have an issue w/ my move in date ( & maybe that's why my Money Order hasn't been cashed?)..I called last week and they hadn't received it. I did inquire about a super tiny apt ( 160 SQ ft but full kitchen n bathroom) for $875 ( ALL utlitities ( sp?) included) but they want your income level to be THREE times that of the rent!?! I can get a 2 bedroom for $1200, lady! I did find an apt for $840 ( electric & water included) in an ok part of town, like farther from stores by a mile & will apply next week if Money Order still isn't cashed (& see how I do w/ DayLum's standards)!

My Asami's Kitchen talks last month have stalled but I hope my Lavaloha ( & Island Princess ) apps end up going somewhere. At least Lavaloha knows of my moving plans/ rental app submissions in our talks last week.

My Aunt just got done telling me about her friend who moved to TX cuz it's supposedly 'cheaper' than San Diego...she was able to find land and put a 3 bedroom trailer on there but her utlities alone were almost $500/month compared to $100 n her car insurance went up an extra $400/6 months so yeah, almost $1K/ month including food/ bills! Not much cheaper! Damn, where is there low cost of living, low cost of bills and jobs? Montana, Idaho, Missippi ( wait, no jobs! Dying towns but yeah, cheap!)?? This is another reason why my car free WILL have to be ok in Hilo cuz HI does have some high electric bills ( aiming for some Boundery bulbs as last resort! N studio living help cost?) & I am hoping to be able to eat a lot of bentos/ musubis if ALL sale stuff at KTA or CostULess is too much to afford.

My Aunt brought up what is my want to go back to Hilo? I said I grew up there, miss the food, ppl, the Asian influence, cultures melding together and yeah, if I wasn't finding certain apts for $800-$950, then I wouldn't move bc it wouldn't be worth it despite being able to be around fam. She told me she really misses being in her Grandkids' daily lives. I told her that I miss fam too but trying to pay $1400 just for a Cali apt just isn't worth it (we have ACCEPTED that/ don't dwell on it) & that we aren't in our immediate family's daily lives unless something big comes up ( & Missy guys only see Jason 1-3x/ year even though they are less than 3 hrs from each other, so same State living doesn't matter there) cousin went & saw a house for rent a few days ago but the owners are 'going for other applicants', so this weekend, my cousin is moving her stuff into a storage unit and going to stay at a hotel for maybe a week n after that, if she hasn't gotten an apt, will consider moving out of San Diego County, getting a job there where she will make A LOT less $ & her husband will start his 4 hour/ day commute.

Our bathroom flooded again today due to the upstairs neighbors shower being on and note to self: don't go up there next time cuz the wife didn't do shit, didn't say her husband will cut his shower short ( in fact, let it last an extra 10 mins as I came back down n waited to clean up) & just said they will let the landlord know.

Fitness: am loving the Darebee workouts, managed 3 last week, & might do just 1 this week w/ a yoga ( stresses lately). Food: have tried 2 new Indian dishes and a great new potato side dish by Main St Bistro that goes awesomely well w/ burgers.

Groceries, restaurant apps & maybe even food trucks...

In Hilo, groceries can be expensive for a family ( milk is $5-6, eggs are $6, bread is $5, etc). There are things that help, such as coupons combined w/ stuff already on sale and bulk shopping ( CostULess hiya) &/ or online shopping for staple items...I might not eat my burger patties in Hilo cuz my $6-$8 here is $15-$20 there at the store, which is ok, I have decided to have a Mahi Mahi plate lunch/ dinner once a week and instead of $10 on DiGiorno, maybe get a small or medium pizza from a local place...

I left Hawaii before food trucks became a thing and right before cell phones were in, so it will be a new experience for me to eat from a food truck, use Groupon, and hope restaurant apps have deals to make living there worth while and semi affordable.

I love that a quick and yummy lunch can be bought at the 7-11 there for $1.50 ( n just $.75 at Kawamoto Store) so that is ALSO always a cheap & quick solution.

I have decided NOT to join a gym once I move since I really do like my workouts at home ( & I think walking/ biking in addition will keep me well in shape, but I would like to do either self defense ( sometimes the University has cheap classes open to everyone) or some kind of martial arts ( either Krav Maga, Muay Thai/BJJ or capoeira) but way down the line & I can join the local hiking club, biking club, join a LGBT group &/ or volunteer the same month I move (for the socializing aspect that I get w/ the gym)...I did like the East Hawaii Fitness Resources brochure ( from 2017 tho, dk if it needs updating) but some of the martial arts were cheap ($20/month), I hope to do a weekly free yoga if offered by a local gym still and I might check out some Rec Centers for volleyball/ basketball offerings..
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My cousin in Cali is currently facing eviction at her current rented house. She is trying to buy a house in Riverside County since her in home daycare can be done in a house big enough since she can't find anything in San Diego County. The issue her bf might have though is going to his job everyday might take 2 hrs/ 1 way so we will see if they keep looking or if he is ok w/ that.

My other cousin in WA is moving to a rental house but having issues with her almost adult kids.

I was doubting whether or not I would or could ever OWN a house and have resided myself to maybe owning a condo or apt. Saw it as could be cheaper than rent & after a while, I will own it & only pay the super cheap HOA fees ( compared to Cali) n have maintenance guy 'around' & pool access....There currently 2 condo apartment complexes selling units for UBER cheap in Hilo ( think I am just paying off what is left on the lease? Dk hehe) and I am actually very interested in 3 units. 1 is a corner top floor unit, 1 is in the middle of the top floor and the 3rd is a ground unit. The corner unit is off the market as of yesterday ( bottom unit is RENTING for $1,360! Price to BUY can get paid off in LESS than 2 yrs if signed a Home Loan vs Rental Lease) & while I was not wanting a ground unit due to flooding concerns, I saw that the location is Flood Zone X ( low risk ) and there's stone walls that angle towards the drainage areas, so I feel really good now about that remodeled unit. I do like that this condo selling complex is across from the Intermediate vs the other condo place selling is across from 15-18 yrs old at the High School up the road...

The top floor unit, while nice, is NOT nicer than the GF unit but does have a range hood over the stove and newer stone tile for the kitchen but it is not worth $5K extra. Also the GF unit is really bright even though the windows are just the front/back ( I think of row houses hehe), they are BIG and I don't want to worry about the floor above me having issues if I were up there. I have been chatting w/ the realtor and he said the location is really low crime ( he says this w/ Detroit living experience!)...I feel like those new renters flocking to NY cuz rents were lowered & discounts applied hehe! I told my Mom maybe they are trying to 'revitalize' the area or want to appeal to ppl who don't want to go into debt of trying to pay off $110K for just a STUDIO or have it low so ppl w/ jobs find it attractive to own a 2 bedroom condo, who knows....I think they want to just pay off the lease ( up in 7 yrs) so they just want what is still remaining on it..

It is a really good location though to KTA ( downtown location now too!) & to CostULess are less than a mile away, walkability score is 65 in that area ( here, the city as a whole is 23) n I will access my own walkability based on my standards of under 3 miles is fine.... the KTA ad has similar prices to here, so just plan meals around sales or stock up for the next week..I do like staples, maybe not as expensive as my Mom is thinking...I really want to tour the place :)! The complex has good/ ok reviews, I think I will own it after I pay it off I told my sister, will talk more over stuff w/the realtor, & view the place if still available in mid June...I do like that other condos in town are only $95K-$1321K rather than min estimate of $300-$400K in Cali..

Idk how my Mom can think something violent will happen to me there when nothing has yet to happen here ( we had 4 ppl shot in 3 days here last week ( all West Side but still) n 2 of the shootings the week before, 1 was a road rage incident at 1 PM in front of the school 2 blocks from me & it is the route I do when doing errands over there n another was due to a verbal altercation inside a Walmart, the lady suspect then waited for the other person to go to her car ( w/ her 12 yr old mind you) before pulling up and opening fire on them ( did not hit them despite being a former CO)!)...I told my sister I will get a Hurricane Strength door that can withstand 350 MPH winds ( if HOA says ok...nobody's kicking that in!) to go behind the steel security door ( have em in Cali too) or have a security bar/ extra deadbolts on current door, and maybe get those criss cross security things for over the back window if need be. Also have pepper spray when out & about... I have seen them in England/Australia too.

Definitely having a Home Inspector check out the condo maybe w/ me if/ when I tour it ...don't want it falling apart like my current house ( my Mom not forcing the landlord to fix stuff has gotten me WANTING out & better! She doesn't want to save to make the fixes if landlord doesn't fix it in time)...ppl are buying houses in ATL, Baltimore, Philly and even AR and Kansas, you know? Women aren't even safe to walk around in Britain/UK nowadays...

I have spent $100 of my BidenBucks on lottos/ scratchers and the rest will go towards rent ( well rent/ mortgage payments in HI), I might try to put some stuff on Mercari & adding my $100 of my $200 latest Lotto winnings to my new bank that opened up 2 miles away sometime next week ( looking forward to the walking errand, same w/ donation clothes on 2nd trip to Goodwill + Popeye's stop since they ARE doing Dine In)...

Had a few nights of troubled sleep/ feeling defeated/ not supported but quick talk w/ my Aunt & realtor got me back into feeling good about the move. No workouts this week but did do 2 yogas of an awesome combo of Gate Pose, Sunbird, Sunbird Bow, 3 Legged Dog and I am even trying cat/cow now..hope to start 14 Day HIIT after my 2 days of walking errands which are motivation of the upcoming move:)! I now eat dal ( Dahl, daal, etc) 2x/ week, might even add chicken to it and found various recipes that can get made w/ the small Indian spices I found (+ 1st trying yogurt added to a meal w/ meat too).

This also got me excited :
revenge 1 calvin


Well the past 2 weeks are the 1st in 6 weeks where I have been able to shed some layers while sleeping ( yeah, Uber cold)....I told fam about my moving plans being the end of June. My sister is trying to get me to buy a super cheap 2 bedroom condo ( price makes me think of how ppl are flocking to NY due to cheap rent!), great location to 3 grocery stores/ probably restaurants, etc) n condo has a pool) but I am still looking around at some nice rentals ( 1 had tiny house elements of a cute built table out of the sidewall of the kitchen n just enough space for a living room and bedroom at 260 (or 280 SQ feet) n my original budget price too)...I am just really hopeful since I am seeing ads for everything still..

I got the same news on those 2 job apps as last time, so putting those apps ( & rental apps) off til mid May. I did like that I found about 6 different jobs on the Hilo Tribune site and 4 on ( majority said to apply in person), shows that there ARE jobs out there & I kind of felt defeated at some requiring 'reliable transportation' ( automatically think of a car) but quick Google search and yes, bicycles ARE considered reliable transportation😀😀😃. Speaking of my bikes, I am hoping to ship them w/ the option that includes the least disassembly as possible. Looking at my new bike shop options, saw that bike shops might help you w/ disassembly & reassembly/packaging help so I might do the cheapest box ( most disassembled bike) give my current LBS some business before moving and say hi to my new one by taking them up on their services...

Some lady in my Hawaii group jumped all over a poster by saying mainlanders should move there IF bringing a franchise, affordable housing or helping out the poor & what is she bringing to the community to HELP? I was almost ready to post hey, Hawaii's Education system has been failing for over 50 yrs, the workforce is literally almost 75% of just a HS Diploma, mainland means college degrees and higher pay & you want her to do what neither the Mayor OR Governor has been able to do re: affordable housing of the past 20 yrs? + The franchise she wanted was a Dollar Tree, nice National chain to force out the thrift/ discount stores there, do you know how much electricity would be used ( Hawaii has like the 1st or 2nd Highest rates in the U.S.) , to have stuff come over on the barge every week & you want $15/hr AND stuff to still be one dollar? We would be in the red soo freaking fast! If she thinks HI can rebound without mainland tourists ( or new transplants spending $$ on apt, furniture, groceries, eating out helping restore the local economy), you are lolo!

I got The Complete Mediterranean Diet Cookbook by America's Test Kitchens and am keeping it in the box ( once I flip through & see if it matches my web searches showing me GREAT recipes of shakshuka, recipes from Morocco, Turkey, India, North Africa, Lebanon and the obvious Greece and Italian recipes from the book). I was able to get my refund from my 1st attempt at trying to bypass the Corporations of Walmart and Target by utlitizing a different seller, despite his "we don't offer refunds and our T&C says we are Digital Sellers of the paperback formats" ( nowhere in the ad did it say digital, ebook or downloadable copy), sorry non American seller but Americans call their bank & dispute the charge. I got the book through Target & got my hard glasses case, AND a 3 pack of the 3 Large Clothes Storage vacuum sealed bags for just $38 ( w/ refund of other site now), free shipping & got it delivered the next day!

I wanted to make a Dal this week. I perused the spices sections at Walmart ( & the International Section as well) and while I did find the 2 Tikka Masalas sauces ( 1 for tandoori marinating/roasting & 1 for slathering over chicken and rice like Butter Chicken) but could only find THAI curry pastes/ powders and while similar to Indian curries, they are different in authenticity AND taste...I had better luck at my Schnuck's where I found curry powder, ginger, turmeric, Harissa sauce ( Moroccan sauce), etc but only had the BULK storage containers of 2 other spices ( & no smaller sampling options of the $1-$1.99 option)..I did find a great Heat & Eat option from Kitchens of India of a black garam lentil curry, had it last night ( not TOO hot but hot enough to where I had water after 4 bites and thankful for the rice buffer) & loved that 1 pouch is 3 meals!

Might buy the spices for my Dal recipe I found online ( & might even have 1 or 2 in my new Cookbook) OR just buy the Amazon Sellers offering 6 pouches for $30 ( $12 more total than if I bought them here in store, probably what some of the sellers do hehe) but if shipping to Hawaii is $10-$12 on TOP of the $30, find bulk spices either online or in a few Ethnic stores I hope..dabeli reminds me of sweetbread and their fish/ banana ti leaf is exactly like my laulau ( - type of meat used)...really like this Indian food show on Netflix, all the history behind some of the dishes and why and how the Sikhs are able to offer the langar practice was really inspiring!

Workouts have only been affected this week w/ stresses over stuff, but hopefully next week will be better. I do plan on doing at least a yoga this week and a 2nd ARMS routine later though. I am going to try out the 14 Day HIIT Tubi workout program & see how it goes for next week. I did like the 6 pack Abs but after 2 sessions, didn't like some of the back to back extended neck exercises, Pilates Marathon 2 workouts were hard n sore, and 2 of the 15 Minute Abs and core routines were good but only have 1 true time limit of 15 minutes vs 8 & 10...8 Minute Abs!! Classic now haha.

My Aunt's dog had more surgery w/ his last visit & the margins were not clear so he still has cancer in him. We dk yet what his prognosis is and/ or treatment will be until his next appt in a few weeks..
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Soreness, new fitness challenge and new recipes...

So I had major soreness last week due to the heavy, wet 6.8" of snow ( + being pissed at the 1 time the upstairs neighbors decided to help this time ( as I took a break from shoveling the walk all the way out to the driveway) by hiring a snowblower guy, he did our next door neighbor's driveway, blew all the snow INTO OUR driveway and then just left it 😣 once my neighbor said "hey you're doing the wrong driveway", so then I had to shovel the crap). Better that than hearing our neighbor bitch about the blower snow being in his driveway IF the snowblower guy had done the right driveway. Snow blower guy then proceeded to blow snow into the street vs turning the blower to the sidewalk when he tried to unblock my neighbor's car in the street.

I got mad when I saw that the gas meter was iced over again and after busting it off, did MY idea of tying a piece of plywood over it to see if that would help. It didn't help much since the rope just got iced over and icicles still formed over but better than fucking doing nothing n waiting n shit. Going to see if Home Depot has any kind of cover soon.

I did a really intense Nunez workout a week and a half ago and so had yogas & rest/ stretches to deal w/ upper body and deltoid pain. This month, I have decided on doing yogas/Pilates w/ just 1 NTC/ week* (*unless getting snow). We are set to get snow tomorrow (3-5") along w/ freezing rain that is all a precursor to the bitter cold we are going to have for a week where some days have negatives temperatures as the low n the highs are barely single digits. I am doing the Namaste yogas that are on Tubi for 6 days ( on track w/ day 3 being today), am doing 12 Pilates Marathon days after and either am starting over or doing a NEW program of another yoga/ Pilates workouts also offered in the Get Fit category. I was tempted to look into a Tai Chi workout but after looking into it, yoga has the same benefits. I might try to do a meditation a few times a week w/ my Hindu app to compensate.

I think it really says A LOT that I am still trying new things and that it is 'flowing' into new meals/recipes reaching into vegetarianism/ less red meat days. I never thought I would have tried Indian food or wanted to, but now I do and it is easier that I can buy all the spices &/or just get the already made sauces/seasonings that are now available. Same thing w/ my Med Diet new recipe attempts ( saw that Target has a Mediterranean style turkey meatballs brand) and esp w/ trying their nuts/ fruits as snacks on the regular are a challenge I want to try. I found out that curries and masalas are technically the same sauces, so I will compare the differences between the sauce and seasonings of tandoori & Tikka masala & I like that I can add lentils to thicken the sauce if needed. I like that my rajma recipe is a dal...and a curry? I also like that it's a red dish and not the yellow recipes hehe...

My health kick got a motivating boost last week when I ate 2 Wheat muffin turkey sausage w/ egg WHITES n cheese, my pb on whole wheat bread, my Honey Vanilla Greek Gods yogurt ( yes, back in stock), my strawberry banana smoothies, a spicy guac tortilla chips, a Tzatiki Triscuit and my roasted garlic multiseed crackers. Also making a big 3-4 meals of my chicken chili for meal prep for the end of the week😀😁😆☺.

I love that under Biden, w/ the Unemployment extension, we get the extra ON TOP of getting our regular amount whereas w/ Trump, it was only the extra last summer. Now ppl actually have a chance to reinvest in their savings...

Did a quick SuperBowl bet confirmation w/ ykw and spoke a little about both our pet's latest health issues...

FEB 13TH NOON:The plywood is actually working great and so I am happy about that. I have done a few Pilates workouts and a couple yogas this week along w/ dealing w/ the polar vortex temps we are still having ( this morning felt like -18 n the high is only 5 later so still in the negatives)... I am really going to like having my own place where not only can I decorate it how I want, I can do other things whereas here I hear crap over it ( everything from winter floor stuff to not having Brita or cases of water in the house, etc)...I applied to the same 2 jobs in Hilo as they posted again, added more info and caught a mistake ( my Emergency Contact info got put in place as MY contact info) on 1 of the 2 & so hopefully I will hear back from that 1..

I made my scrambled eggs w/ salmon earlier & it was really good! Ordered a Wendy's lunch and I really am going to like my item that I am picking up in a few wks ( free too thanks to ME being the winner in the SuperBowl bet): The Complete Mediterranean Diet Cookbook by America's Test Kitchen ( 2018). It hits all my checkpoints: varied regions/ spices, more beans/ vegetarian meals, more chicken/ fish than pork & beef ( unlike the 30 Minute Mediterranean Diet cookbook), pastas recipes that are simple, w/o an overwhelming sauce &/ or meat and a shakshuka recipe!