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soup nazi

Living through IL seasons hehe

Enjoying being a year round cyclist/transportation cyclist and getting into yoga/workouts

soup nazi
So yesterday was good. Today was even better since we got a really good holiday lunch of baked chicken or ham, cheesy potatoes, rolls and a broccoli/ carrot side dish w/ sodas. The lady behind me complained about there not being any water as a drink option. I was like Jesus, lady, it's a can of soda, we have water coolers, ok, don't eat the cookies then n are you going to ask why no tofu burgers either? Always feel like I'm in Cali when I hear stuff like that. Another thing that made me realize I am not in Cali was our Manager ( dk if he's Regional, District or just General hehe) playing a game in which he asked how many contact emails do we have for men in Winn. Co ages 35-45 who make over 100K? Answer was a lousy 7,000. Like we're going to be like ooohh aaaahhh! There's 100K ppl in my town alone so 7,000 is not even 1% if it's 300K total. Only in the Midwest is this boasting and then he follows it up by saying ladies, we have their phone numbers! Just call us gold diggers n guess you never heard of a little thing called sexual harassment!

I'm going to read my CB90 guides and maybe pop in Day 1's workout Thursday just to get pumped about it over the weekend and maybe even try Day 1 on Sunday if my redecorating is done by then. I think my wrist wasn't 100% straight I was doing my ARMS workout Sunday night, either that or it + Monday's WA2 work combined made it really sore n still a little sore today. Nursing it until Saturday where I might do a 2nd workout.

Bob was funny again last week. He brought up wanting to work a half hour later on Saturdays during our 2nd week. I asked if he brought it up to TBB yet. He said no, and that in his experience, TIMING is everything. Fast forward 3 more wks to last Friday, he still hadn't done it. I said wait too long and TBB won't change it if it's working? He said maybe I was right. Then we see the schedule for next week and we work at 7 AM now this Saturday! No way is he going w/ 8:30 now!

Hmm, there was an armed robbery 2 blocks away from my house last night. It eases my moving apprehension a little but do I really want to be somewhere where I know NO ONE NOR have ANY FAMILY AROUND for the foreseeable future esp holidays? No one to say what should we get for a celebration dinner, want to try a new recipe? No one to get to know better... Might see if I can swing my hometown...or get some fam to move w/ me..

I stupidly thought I could get info on my Dad (w/o telling my Mom and for free) through My heritage.com, but I don't know his birth date nor can I put in that he's Native American to narrow the list of white guys that I gave up scrolling through bc hey maybe his Mom was tan/ dark, it skipped him but not his daughter?

Last few weeks!
icehogs beanie
It is finally starting to get warm here! It is currently 66 n sunny outside! We got snow last Sunday so I biked through the 2.9 inches (and was getting snowed on doing it too hehe) to get home from work. We have had 2 hit and miss t storms. Work has been ok,( I got to zing Bob the other day n he had no comeback)... although I have not liked that I am doing split duties the past 2 weekends. I have had a nice time talking to NSG about possibly getting the Beachbody program P90X ( oldie, came out in 2010/2011) but it is still being done by ppl today. I like the variety of it ( boxing/ martial arts that make up Kenpo, Yoga X, 3 different Back workouts, 3 different Arms and Shoulders, think 2 different Leg ones, Cardio X ( mix of everything!) and a Stretch DVD I think to round out the 12 DVD collection. We also talked about his getting back into shape, workouts, nutrition, meal plans, biking, etc.

It will suck if the Logli's by my house does go out of business next month. I went to check out the new 'grocery' store in the Midtown District on 7th St (which is on my way to work) last Thursday. Everything was way over priced ( $1.40 for tuna, Spam was $5 and a loaf of bread was $2.50). We are going to hit up Dollar General and Family Dollar so much they'll turn into our version of bodegas hehe! Our closest Logli's will be over by Target, 5 miles away. We can't even keep a store open closer than that, news has it is a seller's market re: homes here this quarter and our new AAR facility here is laying off 88 workers. Yeah, bring on a 5 star hotel w/ a restaurant😒😒😒

I saw on eBay that P90X collections were on sale and although I did find the nutrition and fitness guides online, opted for the whole shebang from a seller in Minnesota w/ everything in excellent condition for $30; so I bought it this past Thursday! I talked about it w/NSG and while I am excited for it, am eager to start my CB90 journey in May. I looked at CB90's nutrition guide and while she offers recipes, it is not a meal guide, nor are there enough meals to even cover 2 wks of food. More like food swaps or swap a few bad meals a week for a few of her good ones. I do not have to worry about my soda intake or my 1-2 fast food meals ( 1 is eating out, 2nd is frozen pizza) since my weight hasn't been affected by that, but I will try to limit my pizza to thin crust, ultra thin crust, or Screaming Silician's single serve pizza once a week and my desserts to brownie in a cup, dark chocolate waffles or York Peppermint minis 1-2x/week. I also am going to have turkey chili w/ pinto beans, protein packed beans and rice for recovery meals/ work lunches, turkey sausage w/ eggs and maybe hash browns to semi follow CB90's lean meat/carb/protein deal. P90X has pasta and meat and veggies all portion controlled so I will make ground turkey pasta in chicken broth and either chicken w/ broccoli or salmon n broccoli, both w/ rice ( meal plan allows for 1 serving of carbs/ day n CrossFitters eat this daily so booyah!). Options are good for both my 90 day programs btw n probably in the CB90 meal book.

The thing I have to remember is a lot of ppl who do this program are out of shape, sedentary, sedentary jobs, don't exercise outside of the gym/ DVD so since I am already in shape, have a physical job, bike places, I can cut myself some slack re: strict diet. I did buy a lot of good stuff today in preparation for May 1st. Breakfast ideas: turkey sausage, egg, cheese n maybe hash brown scramble ( yeah, can't do broccoli, apples or kale), Oatmeal maple n brown sugar 20 packets,and Kodiak Cakes dark chocolate waffles/ pb spread ( will consider this a dessert too). Got applesauce cups for fruit servings/ healthy snacks, pinto beans n chicken broth for beans and rice recipe and crackers over chips. Pizza next week is SS single serve:).

2:48 PM: Had an upstairs dripping issue last night and just now stopped my house from burning down hehe! Yeah, my Mom finally took me up on my offer to use my dumbbells for a pre workout before going to the gym. She said she would check on the turkey in 2 hours at 3:30. Well about 20 mins ago, I kept hearing a cat meow and then heard my Aunt say what's happening, we go into the kitchen to see the turkey juice has overflowed onto the floor! We try to spoon it out but it keeps hitting the bottom of the oven, causing smoke. We then tried putting a cookie sheet down and as my Aunt tried getting a coffee cup, our faulty shelf came down, breaking 2 plates and a cup. I have picked up all the broken pieces n mopped up as best as I could.

I am trying to relax and watch Rectify on Netflix. I really liked watching Containment last week! Tried to get into The 100 n might still get to the end of season 3 at least ( stopped at ep 5 of season 1, watched season 2 up til episode 8) and also said screw it to the show Between after 6 eps of the 1st season ( why do you get 2 while Containment didn't???). Might watch Pine Gap or The OA next or at least check em out hehe.

Soo many choices
soup nazi
Really time consuming looking up certain fitness DVDs! Looked through Insanity, P90X, Body Beast, Core de Force, Mark Lauren, RushFit, UFC Fit and decided to go w/ lesser known XTrainFit 90 Day program called Circuit Burnout 90 w/ 12 workouts, 1 bonus stretching DVD, training guide/calendar and nutrition meal plan for $35.

I also finally got some resistance band loops ( recommended for the DVD) for $9 and it's a pretty good company ( Black Mountain Products). I asked what is the nutrition program like for CB90 and got a vague, general answer so I replied and asked for specifics ( is it salads n smoothies or meat, veggies n complex carbs?) and got the ladder back as my answer so I will try to follow it to the best of my preferences hehe. Of all the blog/ forums I have found w/ ppl trying this program, none mention the nutrition or training guide ( just doing streaming or solo DVDs) so it's cool to be 1 of the 1st...

I hope to try a meal I found in the 3 Week Yoga Retreat nutrition guide of shrimp stir fry w/ rice and like that I can try other meats w/ it too. If I like this XTrainFit company and find that the strength training elements in CB90 aren't as intense or long enough, I was thinking of trying their Personal Trainer DVD ( same concept as CB90: 90 days, training guide, 10-12 workouts, nutrition meal plan but instead of my cardio ( HIIT like I think)/ yoga/ strength in CB90, it's a HIIT/ strength training stressed workouts) for $27, but realized I have my 2 magazines, site and previous workouts to throw together a strength training workout n maybe even cool cardio/ HIIT stuff too in a few more months.

I am really going to challenge myself to do the workouts everyday for the 90 days and not just on my days off. I will put off joining the gym until the 90 days is up or maybe do yoga or see what they offer that is not as intense..Doing my ARMS workout for the 3rd time this week tonight or tomorrow. Getting better at the lateral raises:)!

Damn, last few days have been cold and windy ( 40 MPH winds). My bike seat felt SOLID today but I did have weird stomach pains half an hour later but dk yet if they're correlated or not...I stopped off to eat after work today n got an extra Burger added to my usual order since the wind at times were affecting me, and I needed extra calories haha. I just read an article where long term keto affects women negativity by way of weight gain or messing w/ our hormones ( backed up by studies) so good idea to do semi keto this weekend. I have only had 2 keto meals this week but minimal snacking to balance it out.

Fitness and family...
Well I think I fixed my clamp problem. I was opening it up too wide so it wouldn't close so I saw a few pics where it went to the back n then front, so did that n it worked:)! I get bored with workouts quickly, so I was looking for workout DVD's, tried looking for HIIT/CrossFit/JM DVDS and came upon a few good ones (but liked this 1 the best*):

I really like the bodyweight exercise DVD's...so many choices!!

*Some reviews say it's not as intense as other workouts like P90X ( Tony Horton's the creator btw) but could be lack of equipment vs exercises. I like the structure of it and the nutrition plan ( no thinking or planning ahead needed)..

This is a great article! https://www.beachbodyondemand.com/blog/beachbody-diet-plans
I like 'simple' plans (and mine has that) and I am not into protein shakes or meal replacement shakes, so it's nice to know which workout DVD has it somewhere in their plan. I think I might get that 22 Minute DVD since it has 8 22 Minute workouts ( 1 features bear crawls!), said nutrition plan and a workout calendar ( w/ so many options for fitness, ie Leg Day, HIIT, resistance, equipment workouts, it's nice having your day already set up for you). I am going to mention this DVD n nutrition article to NSG since Beachbody has some affordable DVDs...

I think I am just searching for something that will give me results w/ fitness and try to master/ conquer something, being less tired at the end of a workday, giving me better shoulder mobility/ back issues and get me back to biking better before my accident. When I did my ARMS workout tonight, noticed the clicking noise not being as prevalent as before n I got in 200 tricep presses for my cooldown....I am going to try making chicken and salmon w/ veggies for post workout meals and see if that helps too. I am going to look into JM's Killer Back and Arms since it is specific n targets both big and little muscles and my current bodyweight exercises aren't giving me the further definition I am looking for. Maybe swing by Dollar Tree to see if they got in a new shipment cuz it'd be great to get it for cheap!

Fam stuff now: still waiting on the foot news so maybe not that bad. My cousins both have been having issues lately and 1 is really, really bad. I am going to have another neice or nephew next year😀. My sisters are still battling weight issues ( and only 1 is getting back into workouts soon, she just got a car a few weeks ago). My Aunt gets to experience a true Midwest thunderstorm in full strength tomorrow! We get 2 rounds and 1 is strong to severe. Man, 2 days ago it was sunny and low 70's, yesterday was 63 ( why we we were grateful the drunk didn't hit ppl out walking about as we saw heading towards Walgreens nor that our neighbors were out w/ kids in the yard or us and our dogs, the car could have easily come into our house too) and today n tomorrow are barely 40-50's w/ cold fronts...

12:40 PM: Through Google searches, I found a few Beachbody program nutrition guides online and 1 of them was 22 Minute Hard Corps 1 and it includes shakes, salads and made from scratch oatmeal and you need a pull up bar AND a sandbag so picking another 1 now:(.

2:07 PM: Talked to an agent at Beachbody and he suggested BodyBeast for bodyweight exercises w/ little jumping or lunges. Upon investigating whether or not it was good for nutrition also, see pull up bar and resistance bands needed too so no go. I am either going to look into Shaun T's Insanity Max 30 or Core de Force next and just skip lunges n replace it w/ toe touches n replace alternative leg lifts for jumping.

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soup nazi
Work so far has been good ( just 1 day in WA2). Came home yesterday (after doing a mailing) , hear a bunch of metal on metal noise half an hour later and go outside to see the house directly right next to mine has had half of it's fence plowed over and front porch taken out n 2nd part of the fence messed up by a drunk driver now fleeing in a Jeep.

Turns out he hit another car down the road and as he was trying to flee from his 2nd accident crashed into another car, had his tire down to just the rim and his Jeep was stopped by the telephone pole by Walgreens on Charles. We followed him and saw the cops and ambulance ppl tending to the woman driver in the car. We gave our statements there and then again when the cops came to our street to view the damage, get our neighbor's statement and collect evidence ( dude's bumper and headlight were in our neighbor's yard as well as tire tracks in the dirt).

Today was good😀. I tried some Ritz Toasted Chips multigrain flavor w/ my Cheesewiz for a snack since I knew we were going to Outback to use our gift card we had gotten from Jamie guys. I got the crackers last week as Logli's was having a great sale on Ritz, Triscuit and Wheat Thins ($1.88/bag!). I got 2 Triscuit flavors, roasted garlic and 4 Cheese and Herb ( ladder tasted too much like grainy pizza) along w/ the multigrain crackers. I have yet to try the other Ritz Toasted cheddar flavor or the sour cream and onion flavor I picked up today for $3.69 BOGO. I am going to have to bring in my bike Friday after work or Saturday cuz the seat slipping might mean I need a better clamp. Might try to see if I can make the clamp tighter...

Outback was good ( got the Outback Burger lunch combo instead of the Walkabout Wednesday grilled chicken special of chicken, fries and a Coke for $11) and we kept making fun of the fact that we had a gift card (as the table behind us too) and maybe why our bday 'sundae' was just one scoop of plain French vanilla ice cream. It's been cold today ( barely 40, 40 MPH winds and on/ off rain) though so I was glad to get a ride to Kegel's/ Logli's on our way back. I wanted bean dip but couldn't find any by the chips, so chose to just get refried beans. Might have a light dinner today of bone broth ( it does taste different than reg broth, more drinkable) and crackers.

Bad things: My Mom might have broken her foot or have tendonitis or something. She had it X rayed earlier today and is waiting for her Dr to call her and it's looking like we are going to be doing that Galesburg paper a little while longer since Nightside keeps hiring unreliable ppl who either quit, no call/ no show til get fired or end up being drunk/ in jail and are down to just 6 workers now from last month's 17....

Crazy weeks lately!
soup nazi
2 weeks ago today started the worst week in a long time at work! 1st came in Sunday to find all the bosses were gone, Keira called off due to being sick and Jennifer didn't really know what she was doing...TBB came in an hour later and we had to redo some stuff since it was done out of order ( why you need a boss around!). We got done at almost 7:55 PM which made me glad I chose to meal prep Sunday night n Monday's work lunch Saturday night, so I just popped it in the microwave as I tried to unwind for a big hour and a half..my Mom was stating how this kind of crap couldn't happen in Cali bc it's illegal to be back at work in less than 12 hours after ending a shift, and to go 8 hours w/ no break OR lunch break...Illinois' different I guess:(.

Then Monday, I woke up with half an hour to get to work in time ( no time to relax, biked there fast too)! Then we had heavy messed up bundles coming out so fast, had to race through that to make sure upcoming bundles weren't about to slide on the floor, short ass gaps n none at all at times and then we had to have Andrew stack some skids (and he and Robert got into it BIG TIME as he stacked his 3rd crappy skid ; later Andrew would tell me he thought of jumping across the table to get to Robert as they were yelling, I just thought yeah right, you're fat and short and Robert's 170 n 6 feet tall). Then Tues had issues when J decided to bring John over n sorry but he's challenged n he was getting confused at the changing numbers and carrier names. Wed sucked as it was SV day ( TBB put down 3 slow ass ppl to help( making Jennifer come out to help) and her having to take 2 bundles as 4 were coming down n thus then getting in our way ). I had never come so close to saying fuck this, I can't keep up w/ all this while trying to get the PO Boxes done as well. J pissed me off by saying some shit for no good reason other than being stuck there w/ us. Ended Friday w/ a mailing...

I was so happy to see that I got Wed and Thurs off last week since I freaking needed it ( I was battling a cold n just sick of always having to do SV, mailings n now 2 days/ week in WA2) and this Sunday was way better since TBB did what I was suggested to D ( broke up a lot of stuff n saved 4 hours of work). Sore shoulder as I did all the mailbag bagging! I biked home on wet streets and the threat of not knowing if another round was coming made me go straight home rather than stop to eat somewhere. I participated in National Burrito Day last Thursday by getting free delivery on Chipotle! It was good but not worth the $8 they want in delivery fees on top of the $5 tip. Trying the shredded beef n chicken next time ( got the steak n chicken last time n making rice next time too). I also tried Burger King's new grilled chicken sandwich ( it was great!), Walmart foot long sub for under $5 ( really good sandwich, hidden gem for sure) and Flapjacked Mighty Muffin ( kinda dry so Kodiak Cakes is still my go to) this weekend.

I have been having pretty good luck re: Sweet 16 games and got ykw to compromise on just doing just the last 7 games for the Stanley Cup Finals ( nice since before, I would have caved). I really like the magazine Muscle and Fitness Hers and while it's tempting to just do fitness workouts at home 100%, I don't see online support equating to the 'social aspect' of going to the gym. It's not the same as interacting w/ others in real time n situations...I am going to like going back and forth between all my new at home/ gym workouts this summer.

I have liked seeing my bank accounts lately though:). Almost 4K in savings n over 1200 in Checking. Debating on taking a trip to Hilo this summer...

I tried my 1 pot keto meal and sorry but cauli rice is not for me:(. Did my keto chili for a 2nd time and it came out better but not great.

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soup nazi
Today was...ok I guess. I rode to work on wet streets but the rain had passed an hour before I set off. Got to work and we had to take out inserts inside the jacket for 500 papers before starting our machine inserting. Idk why but Eliza and I were doing R and Keira's jobs while they were doing top sheets stuff for the skids (rather than wrapping them). Our machines were flying! We were going FAST and I had to deal w/ some issues since last time I did this was like a year ago..but it was ok after a while. We got done around 12:30 and not 10-10:30 like certain ppl predicted. The tyre kept going down and we had to tell D when we were done w/ each insert so each time was a few mins of taking up time on the line. I wanted to go to Sister's Cafe for lunch but today is on/ off rain so decided to heat up my lunch, eat and biked home in a misty rain.

I thought The Sweet 16 started already but according to ykw, it's still in the qualifying rounds part I guess. Last night, I didn't get a chance to enter the Power play contest due to my Mom and Aunt running an errand late but we got to our seats w/ a few mins left til the puck drop. We had Club Lounge Seats so we got to take an elevator down to the area of plush seats, free fruit salad bowls, couple side dishes but only 1 dinner option. My Mom got the pork chop noodle casserole and said it was horrible. I only ate green beans and the fruit (and realized I probably look like some kind of bulemic n this isn't dinner food), and decided during the 2nd intermission to get some chicken tenders n fries upstairs ( and shared once I was back, I'm not selfish:). We ended up losing 8-2 to Milwaukee and dk if it was 100% on the new goalie ( Delia from the BlackHawks n dude is from Rancho Cucamonga!) but everyone was yelling at him, Chicago doesn't want you, go back to Cali, you suck! Got home w/ almost 2 hrs before needing to go to bed so good night for me:)! Also got a free IceHogs workout shirt too ( lil big but it's going to be hot out soon).

I am getting my taxes done right now and heard my Mom mutter something about 'oh man, Illinois really sucks' so I hopefully will get a couple hundred bucks back from Fed and not owe anything for State like last year.

2:58 PM: Sweet! Got back a little over $500 from Fed but just a lousy $25 from State. I did some cleaning and am now kicking back w/He Knows Your Every Move and Nightmare Tenant on LMN as it rains out:). Finishing up my dusting and CD stuff Thursday when I also might see if I can start doing my at home workouts now. Going to start w/ Week 3 of 30 Day Shred and after 4 days, check out my 2nd KB workout for few days, and do RI30 week 2 or 3 ( wherever I left off hehe) after that..

Trying bone broth for the 1st time someday this week. Scored the powdered beef flavored bone broth at Walmart and if I like it, getting a few boxes.....

I might apply for a position at The Y for weekends soon. Idk yet, with summer weather and esp not knowing if Nightside will successfully take over in 2 weeks or not and not sure if it's seasonal or not ( just remember the free membership, $10/for 8 hrs/ week for Saturday days and Sunday nights)..

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soup nazi
This week at work has been ok, had some highs, lows and aggravation. This past Tuesday, I found out a good friend of mine at work passed away. He was 1 of our drivers and he nicknamed me the 'candy lady' during my time doing office work and was always interested in how my PT was coming or biking trips etc. I did not know that he had sleep apnea ( he was of normal build) and died from complications from it. Eliza took it particularily hard ( just broke down as we had our meeting) since this past weekend, he dropped off a Cockatiel at her place and spent an hour showing her and her husband how to care for it/ answering questions and the last time I saw him was this past Friday at work. I had tears in my eyes but was not crying, unlike Eliza and Keira.

I was really astounded at some of my other coworkers callous reaction to the news of someone we have known for years no longer being around now. R said she couldn't believe how Eliza reacted. I was like uh, she hung out w/ him just 2 days ago?!? Then R proceeds to tell me about how Keira was going to see if her daughter wanted to take the bird but guess she was taking too long getting back, so he asked Eliza Saturday night if she wanted the bird. Then Keira got mad and blew up at him as they were ending their shift. The way R was talking though, it was almost like she wanted me to get mad at him too. She was like oh, then he turns around..and gives the bird to Eliza instead! Then one of the night shift ladies (working her normal Tues/Fri day shift) mentioned how he was always fighting w/ his wife....I was like wow, you guys trying to get me to get mad at a dead guy?!? I thought of saying maybe that's why Keira was crying, bc she was mad and now look!

Then Bob was gloating kind of. Just brought up how Randy and Angel were in their 50's, not here anymore and here he is at 71, still kicking. I literally do not know how he could have seen my reaction after and still just kept on saying crap. John in the cutting room as we were waiting for a last job, mentioned how everyone is getting a late paper tomorrow cuz we have no driver....at that moment, I just let everything go. They don't matter but then does that mean I/ you never say anything then???

We are doing 3 weekly papers for Galesburg, IL since their facility closed down last week. Sunday should at max be 4-5 hours and minimum be 2-2.5....we get to do a few of their monthly papers next week too so super busy! A town closer to them is doing their daily stuff.

I deposited $180 into Savings this week and have almost $3200. I celebrated today's work shift feeling proud to have gotten 32 mailbags all on 1 skid! Usually you can aim realistically for 16, maybe 20 bags..both D and J were impressed!! I nixed going to Sister's Cafe though for my on my way home stop at Wendy's. I got my dresser out ( put my new books on my nightstand, put half of my CD's into the new case ) and now have my hybrid in it's place. Tomorrow as I await going to the IceHogs game, I am going to dust, vacuum and maybe mop my floor in my room. I might have enough space now to do my DVD workouts now....

I tried a turkey sausage, egg whites, potatoes and cheese bowl from Jimmy Dean this past weekend and while it was good, it was not filling. I did not like my other new food taste of Gouda Mac and cheese last week either. It was creamy but lacked the flavor I find in the 5 cheese 1. I am hesitant to try my 1 pot keto meal but am hoping for the best someday next week. My new 'healthy' at home snacks are pita chips and multigrain crackers w/ CheeseWhiz or tuna and melted cheese.

soup nazi
I find that tackling my redecorating project is sometimes daunting so I have been trying to do some here and there this week. Today I hope to get the smaller and less heavy dresser out of here, start putting my book shelf/ gym stuff/ snacks basket format together, and putting clothes into my 3 wide clear drawers. Doing the other dresser next next weekend as next weekend is busy hehe. I might see if my Aunt wants it. I originally wanted my new dresser in place of my other (but am thinking of having my fat bike in that space now), and the dresser on the other side of the wall.

I have done well doing my kneeling ARMS workouts and fitness snacking but I might step it up tomorrow by doing new combination moves of bicycle kick into crab kick hold, plank shoulder tap into mountain climbers and maybe spider plank into leg lift.

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soup nazi
Work has been kind of hectic ( newly installed pressroom means longer days n wait times), w/ long days and my having to do Eliza's job Monday. Most of the ice is now gone as we have had both warm afternoons (40-60's) and rain ( although last week, we had 3 days of icy spots as melting ice refroze ) and the last 2 days has been super windy, 30-50 MPH winds and flood warnings are in place this weekend for us and Freeport). I did something Monday that I will never ever do again! The ice was still around then ( started melting Wed), and I decided to do all of my 2nd route in the AM rather than cut into my 1st route halfway through. It was semi raining and dark and I didn't know that 3 entrances were covered in thick dirty black as tar ice resembling pavement. The 1st time I was ascending and biked over the ice as the street light was 2 concrete slabs farther down the sidewalk. The other 2 were as I was descending and were the results of street lights only illuminating 1 side of the street, resembling dark water and/ or both. The last 1 was scary though since there was a half inch gap between the ice and curb and my front tire wobbled a little but I got through it. All were semi scary as wet tires and wet ice on a different bike would have been diasterous ( esp since the last 1 had the ice shaped like a big speed bump).

I have had some issues re: co-workers using racial ephitets still but sometimes I partake in poking fun at Bob's age so dk if they cancel each other out or not. I have done well re: snacking and sweets lately and have had 5 keto meals so far this week. Might try my cauli rice/ hamburger recipe soon and try this 1 next week:

We work 4-5 days next week and everyone works next Sunday ( IceHogs game Saturday night still). We are all speculating as to what it could be but we think maybe another town's newspaper maybe. We find out for sure Monday. Bob has been extra funny and extra aggravating lately hehe (but am I really going to let an old guy get to me?).

I watched sensual moments on YouTube featuring all lesbian characters on TV shows or movies 2 wks ago and bc of this, watched Wynonna Earp ( and am officially an Earper and WayHaught fan! And am awaiting season 3 to hit Netflix this July and seasons 4 and 5 better get filmed! They are having production issues now re: season 4 (but renewed through a season 5). I thought of watching Shanarra Chronicles ( nah, got canceled n character is bi) and Sense8 (but nope, not into the trans sl) but am hoping to watch The 100 and Centro Medico soon. Lost Girl series re: Bo and Lauren look good and complicated but don't like the message of Dyson 'being there' for Bo as they are immortal.

I tried to drop off Josie's gift on her baby shower day but D had given me a ride the night before as it was late and cold out (20's) and I forgot take my badge out of my lunch bag n into my backpack, so when I got to work, was unable to get in the building. I just left since the dock doors only get opened if someone inside sees you,it was lunch time and feels like temps was 12. It was also the day a US Marshal was shot and killed here by Floyd Brown and a manhunt ensued. He was later apprehended in Bloomington after a couple hrs standoff. I gave it to her the next day and today, she blew me away by saying she loved my gift and it's great since she can use the gift set basket for bath toy storage after she's done using the products. I was like OH,WOW!