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soup nazi

Living through IL seasons hehe

Enjoying being a year round cyclist/transportation cyclist and getting into yoga/workouts

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soup nazi
I am hoping my idea to just stretch before and after bike rides re: work help my neck/ back stuff by allowing me to 'heal' instead of doing stretches throughout the day like I have been doing. I did the heating pad last night and will probably do it tonight. I might do my Stretch X workout Friday and Day 10 Sunday. Resting Thursday w/ Wynonna Earp season 3 ( they got funding for season 4 finally!) and maybe seeing if Burden of Truth season 2 is on Netflix yet n if not, check out Timeless ( is this the show where Abigail Spencer is seen having a relationship w/ a woman? I keep seeing clips in my monotague vids I watch...

I finally found out how to send tweets through the new format. Sent 1 regarding a lady ( use that term loosely) sponatenously loudly swearing at me for no reason other than my biking on the sidewalk and I was half a block away at the time. It's hard to go high sometimes and you think she knows that my not responding was my way of trying to convey that? And you only have a minute or 2, you can't properly defend yourself at times except to say I was hit by a car, you fucking bitch, ok? I blame the heat on my not giving a damn but my stomach and brain had other plans as I ate at BK for an early dinner afterwards.

Might make these in a few weeks!

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soup nazi
I think it sucks that Rockford didn't do what they proposed re: Spring Creek bike path, which was to put it in simulatenously w/ the road construction and now bc they opted to do it separately, estimates it at being $2 Million and another reason why drivers hate cyclists.

I often think it would be cool to have a meal delivery service ( prepared meals, not recipes/ ingredients like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh) or 1 of the snack boxes, but either way, I'd have to customize the crap out of it ( and a lot don't offer that) and realize too late that $6-8/ meal is way too much.

Aziz Ansari and Louis CK aren't having that good of a comeback this year, which makes me glad I was never a fan of either:).

Whew, our heatwave got extended into this Sunday and I might try the 7th St ice cream place again. I went a couple wks ago, got a big cup filled for $2 of yummy Oreo. Sucks that I saw 3 black ppl riding bikes downtown, they ended up in 7th St neighborhood area and I ate my ice cream outside due to location n their interest in my bike.

Y no showed today and ppl were saying she's done if she does it again tomorrow.

I watched Point Blank and I Am Michael on Netflix over the weekend ( Night Moves, Helix and Doomsday Preppers weren't coming up in search, why I don't like Netflix, there 1 day, gone the next). Point Blank was a really good movie starting Anthony Mackie and Marcia Gay Harden. He plays an ER resident and she plays a cop. A criminal gets into a car crash, his brother has to bail before cops come, he goes to the hospital and his brother tries to break him out but gets caught by Mackie. They fight, guy gets Mackie's key card and somehow finds his address which he shares w/ his pregnant wife, fight again, gets to the wife and kidnaps her for a trade for the brother. Marcia is investigating the car crash, etc... Don't want to give away more than that.

I Am Michael was the true story of Michael Glatze, former editor of Young Gay America and formerly gay, he ends up trying to convert gay ppl to Christianity and into being straight, which he now says he is. There is a documentary also which depicts his former lover going to see him now married to a woman, but last I heard, he is gay again...I also watched After Maria, showcasing 3 Puerto Rican families struggling to accept the temporary housing of FEMA (once Hurricane Maria hit their island) and then getting thrown out on the streets of NY as their vouchers expire.

I picked a really good cereal to try w/ Frosted Shredded Wheat ( has 100% iron n 90% B12 Vitamins, low cal/ fat/ sugar) and it gave me the idea of looking into cereal samples. I emailed Post cereal and asked if I could try Grapenuts. I don't want to sign up for 1 of those randomized freebies clubs since I am picky😁😊. I hope to get back into NTC too once my schedule gets better, try their yoga workouts and beef up the back exercises too....will I ever get to my Yoga for Abs???of I hope my hip pain goes away soon now that everything is dialed in w/ the bike now.

I am doing well snacking in regards to the extreme heat ( heat index at 101 tomorrow n Friday- weekend, 112!) but am doing whatever I need to in order to not have bad experiences during this ( bag of Combos and 2 Rice Krispie treats for tomorrow).. I am hoping to just take advantage of 2 fast food deals this week.

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soup nazi
Hope CBS Sunday Morning hasn't seen this week's Reef Break where a guy really is named INouye haha! I am glad Doomsday Preppers is on Netflix ( and hope they get all 4 seasons n not just the 1st season) and hope to find season 2 on Hulu. The theme led me to movies The Survivalist, Fatal Contact: Bird Flu and The Day After (so seeing if I can stream them on my platforms this weekend). We are back to having heatwave days again for a 6 day stretch now starting today, and I am getting heatwave foods ( tuna, chili, smoked sausage, saimin, spam=quick meals) tomorrow after work. I am blaming Thai Cave Rescue on my craving for saimin and spam. I finished my Titus' DVDs, really liked all his specials ( but wasn't LOLing at Armigeddon ( chuckle laughed, it was amusing and entertaining and didn't like his anti cycling joke in Angry Pursuit of Happiness but rest was awesome) and finished The Big Picture.

Work: Y almost missed a day/ week for 3 weeks today but she showed up 2 and a half hours late instead and if she didn't punch out, didn't even get 3 hrs in before we were done. S has been here everyday this week but think that is due to getting a ride from Robert ( so still late daily).

Crime here: 8 shootings since July 4th (5 ppl shot in 2 shootings ( 1 was at 1:30 PM behind my Logli's), others were car to car or gunfire heard/ casings found), 1 carjacking by teen punks, 2 playground school fires, 1 hit and run resulting in a death and 1 attempted bank robbery by a genius criminal this morning, he fled on foot of course once he saw the bank had no $ yet ( but did rob the employee after his push attempt failed).

Fitness: Did Core Synergistics X Sunday and it was really good and intense. Only exercise I didn't do was the table top leg extended raise n dip and the under in sideplank reach and under. I did ARMS last night and fitness snacking Wed. I am hoping to up my fruit intake by 3 days/ week w/ either dried fruit ( yum dried mango, which I had today) or canned, upping my seeds n nuts to 2 days ( already had 1 yesterday, no more pumpkin seeds for me) and 2 meatless meals/ week, which I also had last night/today in beans and rice. I hope to do 1 of my Namaste yoga's today, the other tomorrow ( or 2fer tomorrow) and Day 10 Sunday. It has been eating veggies in this heatwave but try to compensate w/ fruit, and on days where I have taken advantage of BK's $5-$6 Whopper combo meals ( I skip breakfast that day and don't have snacks either that day... except on heatwave days, need at least 1-2 servings of tortilla/ corn chips).

My Mom has been trying things w/ her diet but I reiterated what I told her last year ( it's also good to up your strength time to as long as your cardio is too).

1 of the perks to my being up early Saturdays is...informercials! PiYo,BodyBeast,Country Heat...for a while there, I did think of getting PiYo but realized that I want P90X2 since it is geared towards athletes, has foam rolling and a weight compotent too ( haven't done P90X long enough to know if it's 60/40 in that area yet) and it has another yoga section too. IF I get it this year, I will get the Base program of just DVD's, training calendar and nutrition guide for $24 and buy the official blue Rumble Roller and 1 8 lb medicine ball ( I already have the stability ball). There is a Deluxe version w/ everything but it includes a smooth foam roller n not the blue bumpy 1 in P90X2 reviews/ YouTube Clips??

7/14/19 6:48 AM: Both S and Y no showed yesterday ( well S showed up almost an hour and a half late, wasn't sweaty ( mid 80's by then so feels like was 90 prob, so lives within a mile or 2 of work) and got sent home ( she mentioned missing the bus. You think after last week's week of being late, she would learn the bus is unreliable, doesn't get you here ON TIME BEFORE 7 AM and that out of the 14 of us, only 3 drive cars! I told her last week, a lot of us walk, get rides ( cab or from fam/ friend) or bike.... Yesterday the heat index got to 100! I have put off cleaning until today hehe and am cleaning areas you often don't think of as dirty til you see them ( ie window sills) and even did some dishes/mopping/ sweeping off the porch. I might even swing by Dollar Tree/ Dollar General before 10 AM to prevent sweating. I might do Day 10 or Day 10 n my 2 yoga. I did some deadlifts to maybe help stretch my neck/ back muscles n wake up the body too.

Well I just got back from DG and after finding similar products for just $.35-.50 more than $ Tree, stopped at BK for a redemption $5 Whopper🍔 meal before coming home. I am giving frosted shredded wheat a shot next week and scored a 16 pack of Rice Krispies for under $4😁 ( $.80 each at the vending machine at work). While I don't eat plums or peaches, think my Dollar General offering them now ( + bananas, grapes, strawberries, salads) is really cool.

1 of Tony's tips in TBP is balance so if I only do my 2 yoga's an hour from now that will suffice but I am throwing in plank rows and reverse flys too.

12:46 PM: just did the hip opener yoga and decided to stop w/ notion of doing the 2nd as my hip was sore while I was doing half Moon pose. I did however, do the Warrior poses, triangle poses, Bird Dog poses but had a hard time doing the standing version of Bow pose ( same result in Core Syngeristics too 😡). Tonight's dinner is baked fish fillets, rice and a roasted potatoes/ green beans side 😀. Thought of doing Tony's meal plan in Bring It but he is mostly a vegetarian with maybe 2-3 meals/ week w/ fish, chicken or bison, portions are small, no cheese or milk and no processed sugar except for a few squares of chocolate a few times a week. I might do a few meals here and there but that's it 😜...

I got my Vitagene Health and Ancestry report back. It says that 'genetically' I am likely to be overweight, but not a stress eater, might be low in Omega 3's, iron and B vitamins, might have a gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerant and don't do low fat diets.

Ok, wrong on the overweight, GF, stress eating and lactose intolerance but I did really like the exercise breakdown of being good for power ( HIIT/ cycling) and strength workout regimes and it showed how many calories I need to sustain my weight and 3 exercises to burn the most calories.. didn't like any of the 5 meal plans recommended as it consisted of kale, tofu, sweet potato, in each of the plans, kind of basic, eat less meat and junk crap n eat protein not in animals...

I was disappointed in the vague Ancestry part: 91% of the whole country of Europe and just 10% of North America/ Asian ( Native American part of me I take it but not as in depth as to what region of Europe... or even tribe as say other DNA kit companies offer)...and no info on family members...

A lot has changed hehe...
soup nazi
Might be moving to a new house soon. My Mom got her RHA approval Tues and at 1st, I was internally freaking out thinking we'd have to move close to or in the ghetto ( RHA are buildings are all in the ghetto, ex. Auburn Manor, which had 2 stabbings, 1 shooting and 2 aggravated assault/ mob action in just 2 months) cuz Mom is trying to figure out how to cut back, but turns out we can use the RHA funds for other rentals too.

I have a burst capillary in my right eye. I thought it was pink eye ( good thing I turned down TBB's offer to work Thurs due to my plans of getting my State ID) but quick Dr visit confirmed my other possible diagnosis. Speaking of State ID, man, going down in our heatwave ( burn time of just 20 mins and feels like 88-95 everyday since Wed lasting into NEXT Tues night) sucked cuz I got off across from Domino's but the light for the intersecting street is turning only so I had to walk 8 blocks total to DMV. I brought my birth certificate, SS card and piece of mail since my ID expired and it turned out I didn't even need all that ( dude just asked if I still live at the address on my ID, I said yeah and didn't have to offer proof, wow!). I would have gotten the Real ID sticker but you need 2 pieces of mail for that...spend that extra $10 later..

We had a new new girl start yesterday and today, her and the new girl no showed! TBB has got to do something! This is the 2nd week in a row new girl has missed a day and this week, she has been late by 10 mins-half hour every day. I will call new girl Y and new new girl S. Bob thinks since their names are similar ( and they're the same race), maybe they are related! Yeah, but the new gas tax AND not mileage tax as Pritzker takes over, NO relation!

I ordered the Christopher Titus DVD's Wed bc the winter sale he has going is $105 ( $111 w/ S&H) for 8 specials ( including current 1 of Armigeddon ) + interview?) instead of $146-$166 if bought everything individually. They showed up today as well as my Tony Horton books ( great condition - few cover creases/ spine creases but pages show no wear, creases or markings). I also picked up a Sherman Alexie book called The Absolute True Story of a Part Time Indian from the library and might buy a used copy of a more recent book, Flight. I am getting quite the summer ( and winter) reading list now hehe.

If it wasn't 92 today, I might have stayed for the Fred Van Vleet parade downtown. I was able to tell 1 of the bigots at work about Biden's backlash re: Thursday's Democratic debate answers, her name is pronounced Comma La, not CoMala and we already have had potential gay President's w/ Buchanan and Lincoln in the closet.

I haven't worked out since heatwave started (but might get 1 in Thursday) and have only had my protein shake 2x this week. I might do hips, back and ARMS tomorrow and hope my raising my seat a lil today helps cuz this hip pain crap SUCKS...I did Ab Ripper X ( all P90X workouts end in X, good to distinguish from my CB program) Sunday and I was glad I was able to match intensity of Mason twists at the end of the 16 minute 349 reps workout! Wow, hope we fix our major trim room mechanical issue Wed brought, otherwise, this Wed is going to be killer ( bringing a book w/ me maybe, got a few to pick hehe!).

About Ripper X review: There is no warm up prior so I made sure to get in some stretches and high knees.
In and Outs were a move I have done before so 25 was a good warm up, the No Arm Bicycle kicks and Reverse Bicycle Kicks had me feeling that 50 tho, Crunchy Frogs was interesting ( sit cross legged then lie down, sit up and reach a little bit past your opposite leg): 25, Fifer Scissors: lie down with 1 leg extended up as other is just an inch off the ground and 'scissor' legs once Tony calls out the number change: hard 25!, Hip Rock and Raises were a little hard but quickly got the form down for the you guessed it, 25 reps. Pulse Ups were good ( 25) and I did the V ups ( 25) but not the V ups/ Roll Up combo, I did the Roll Ups (25) after (as I skipped the Obliques V ups since I heard you can strain your neck and it looked hard), Leg Climbs were good and I even did 5 that were no grab:): total 50 and Mason Twists were like Russian Twists using your hands to touch the ground for 40.

Doing Cardio X maybe Thursday or Sunday. Preview:https://www.extremely-fit.com/fitness-tips/2010/03/p90x-reviews-cardio-x/

Roku: Watched Final Approach ( good movie about plane hijacking, Dean Cain and Lea Thompson do a great job of portraying a long term married couple who are still in love and passionate about each other), Dear Mr Watterson ( Bill Watterson btw, great documentary:)), and a Canadian show about scientists dealing with/ things varying from camelpox/ Ebola possible outbreak, infected meats, GMO foods, cloning, stem cell controversy called ReGenesis for 2 seasons ( miss Jill...and David was having a damn metamorphosis, no more now) before switching to The Triangle ( Eric Stoltz, Lou Diamond Phillips and Catherine Bell star) about a team investigating a GreenPeace vessel chasing a whaling ship near the Bermuda Triangle, whaling ship breaks apart and sinks and GP crew all drown except for Lou, who is married w/ kids (but can't remember his youngest son now) and the team gets sucked into other cases of the Bermuda Triangle/weird things happening to them while trying to investigate. Only on ep 2 now ( too bad only lasted 2005-2005 season) but the show seems good...

Regular TV: Nik Wallenda special was really good and didn't know about the almost career ending and life altering fall his sister took 2 years ago, so nice to see her comeback. Blood and Treasure and Reef Break are good summer shows.

My Mom was trying to get me to watch When They See Us but I am not. I have seen a recent 20/20 special with interviews as recent as 2014 or something, saw their confession tapes n the exoneration of the 5 as not raping the 1 jogger. I then told her about Southwest of Salem about the San Antonio Four ( 4 Latina lesbians accused of child molestation of 1 of their family members child in early 200's), has she seen it yet ( nope), and does she know about Leonard Peltier still being in prison for those FBI murders in 1975 despite evidence and conviction of 2 men in 2003, another Native man named Tall Man being released after 24 yrs for not being a murderer or any of the other wrongly convicted Native Americans, Latinos, Asians, etc where race and /or being poor was a factor? The outcome of the documentary 100 Years getting Indians on certain reservations $ finally, I don't recall seeing that court proceeding on TV like how all this reparation stuff has been. I am watching Hell on Wheels after The Triangle....Big Bear series was really good and nice to see Michael Greyeyes too.

June 30 2 PM: Feels like temps reached 99 earlier as I came back from the store w/ some heatwave healthy provisions of Steamfresh's roasted potatoes and green beans in parmesan garlic sauce, cheesy pasta and broccoli and microwaveable pretzel dogs. Yeah, don't want to cook right now hehe..right now though we just had our rain/thunderstorm 1st of the week which brought much needed wind and clouds:).

Fitness and nutrition balances
soup nazi
Ok so I am resting today. I just did 4.15 hours at work of both duties and got mad at 3 ppl in that time hehe! Shrugged it off, ate at Wendy's ( Homestyle chicken sandwich combo) and biked home before setting off for the bank deposit into Savings:)/ groceries of milk, can of chili, peanut butter and trying the new jelly spread and ice cream sandwiches ( former is new, ladder is rare: I get 5 as the others want to show appreciation hehe), and 2 bags of salad for my Mom and Aunt. I did do some hip exercises of clamshells, leg raises and hip circles and damn, right hip feels better ( going to TRY implementing this before stretching after DVD workouts).

Speaking of workouts,I did Stretch X Thursday and loved it ( my back and neck issues have been 80% better since Day 6/Yoga X btw: FO entries). I have been trying to improve these by noticing if I slouch as TV watching happens and trying to spend 80% sleeping on back or side as of Wednesday. I am planning on doing Day 7 tomorrow, Day 8 on Wed w/ Stretch X maybe (and a stop downtown for lunch for 1st '19 BCF ride of the year I think), Ab Ripper from P90X Thursday ( yeah, finally get these 2 days off back to back) and Day 9 next Sunday. I almost got my Mom a fitness book (out of 2 options I found ) but realized if she's not even doing the new exercises I show her and still buying the gallon of ice cream...

I got some healthy snacks of pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds to eat w/ my peanuts next week at work 1 day. Also have Ritz Toasted Chips and Fig Newtons. I ate a package of Oreos and Chips Ahoy recently but both lasted 10 days each since I let myself just have 3-4/ night ( ate 1 package before moving on to the other so this is total). I am hoping to have baked salmon n baked chicken for 4 meals next week too:). I like that my obliques are feeling stronger! My protein powder is on sale again but I am hoping there's 1 every month since idk yet how the Chocolate peanut butter 1 is yet.

My 2 Native American books came today as I finished watching Big Bear hehe, ironic huh? The movie The Snow Walker was good ( really like Barry Pepper) but the ending was sad and unfinished. The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice is a very interesting scholary documentary w/ good reenactments:). My Tony Horton books should come by early next week:).

To my racist accquaintance who showed me the Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi meme that says they will step over every homeless American to make sure illegals get everything: $800 Million was spent on the last 2 Rovers on Mars and $43 Million was spent on 1 of their drones that currently flies for a whole 90 seconds, why wasn't ANY of THAT used for our homeless???!?!?

We need to get better conditions for the migrant children and we need to get Trump the fuck out. He is causing trouble w/ our enemies, Iran and North Korea and his ignorance at thinking Putin is an ally instead of an enemy is nuts.

OK so maybe I will build up to 2-3x a week of workouts!
soup nazi
Yeah, my triceps are still a little sore from Sunday's Total Body Toning! TBC was less intense but still BIG on Upper Body and Core soreness/ tiredness still Monday. I had a good recovery strategy re: food though: good protein/fiber of beans n pb n j, rice is high glycemic carbs, drinks a plenty, salt and fruit!

I tried my Mom's suggestion of dry beans for this week's beans and rice and am never doing it again! Not only did it take almost an hour and a half longer ( 2 if I cooked it an extra half hour like you're supposed to) but prep time was hampered due to my not putting in a big ass pot instead of my saucepan (n it would have taken 3 cans of broth), nor was it as tasty this time. Idk why my Mom thought I wanted to make something for 3 hours, it wasn't a big, tremendous difference in taste.

I am taking today as a rest day since Sunday wrecked my Punisher binge watching plans. I might do P90X yoga on Friday or Saturday and do Day 4 on Sunday. I am making Spam and eggs ( keto! ) for dinner/work lunches for the next 3 days tonight. I have been slacking on my back exercises lately ( n feeling it) but truth is, shit, it's been 4 damn years, why the PT still? But I think 2x/week is doable. I did store errands earlier between rain chances ( n before the tstorm later) and it was tough bypassing cravings for fried chicken tenders wafting through the store, pizza and ice cream ( picked it up for $7 but then saw my tasty fish fillets BOGO for $7 so opted for good dinners instead). I also made my own sandwich for $1.50's worth of meat ( 16 slices) n toasted it up in my oven for a big 10 mins vs their meat of half in a sandwich that for $3 more. I have had my oatmeal 3x this week. Opting for 1-2 days of no brkfts...

soup nazi
I wasn't planning on biking w/ the fat tire today or getting out super early ( before 10!) but today forecasted for snow! I biked home (w/o doing my split shift thing for the 1st time) in wet rain/ snow mix and this Wed is supposed to be really long ( and I start in the AM this time) so I took the break, started preparations for my beans and rice attempt tomorrow and opened up CB90. I'm also trying my new waffles tomorrow as a pre workout breakfast.

I started Day 1 of my CB90 workout! I have learned that I need to modify some moves ( knees are twingy thanks to the hops in punch w/ switch lunge, do plank rows instead of rows in tricep kickback w/ rows, deadlift + tricep kickback + shoulder press, and no to shoulder wide grip press, tricep push up or burpees in uppercut w/ burpees combo and keep using alternative exercises) and not worry about trying to keep up w/ the pace Monique sets since she doesn't give you much time to properly get set up in between each ground back up to floor exercise n does reps fast too. Yeah, today was Upper Body Circuit and it was really good! I also need to make sure my floor is clean since my mat kept sliding so doing workouts now w/o them ( but using my bathroom mat for my plank rows now to protect the wood), wear shorts, have 2 water bottles; and keep the dogs out too.

I really liked chest press + leg drop, shoulder raise and curl, the plank rows + taps, plank Jack's + taps, the plank rows I subbed in for pushup + bicep curl, and the mountain climbers. I am eager to try Abs and Burn soon as well as whatever Day 2 brings.

Sidenote:finished watching Jane the Virgin season 4 ( love Rosario n esp how the writers make good use of her big, expressive eyes!) and actually really like it re: other characters ( watching season 5 here and there via YouTube). Yeah, The OA wasn't what I thought and I might finish The 100 s2 n s3 one day.

My Aunt was 'affected' by the shooting today in Poway, CA. She thinks Passover is now called Shabat/Sabbath but I don't know enough about it other than it's still Passover, that other stuff is something else. IDK how long she lived in Poway but it was at least 5 years.

8:27 AM: 4/28/19: It was a mistake to think my cool down in UBC of CB90 would be enough hehe to reduce soreness or DMOS. I am doing Stretch after Day 2 later today. I found out there's these adhesive squares used for rugs that I can put on my mat n certain washing tips help too so will get the squares n foam roller the next time I am at Walmart ( and I hope the 2 together + meal plan options I use help out in the future).

11:03 AM: Hmm, experiencing tiredness and soreness still so debating on if I will do Day 2 in addition to just Stretch. UBC is decieving, as it works your total body and is why my glutes, knees and core are sore along w/ my lats, deltoids and upper back. The former were easily stretched out yesterday/ today to manageable level of 5% pain but the ladder ( + core) will take a few more days. Still rice and beans (but not making it Uber Mexican Authentic like my cousin's 3 hour cooking), but hope my throwing in onion, garlic n chili powder help make it tasty and flavorful. My waffles and honey mustard crackers suck ( but had 1 serving each just to see if my upping my food intake/ carbs help) and making my sausage, eggs ( choline in egg yolk actually reduces belly fat n all the nutrients n vitamins are in the yolk), potatoes n cheese for dinner tonight. I think doing meal prep like this will also help in motivating me to do my workouts w/o having to squeeze it in between making dinner, working out and having enough time to freshen up/ relax.

2:32PM 4/28/19:Saw that Day 2 was Sport Yoga:Lower Body and so after Stretch, decided to try it. Some of the moves were awkward n lunge position too while others were hard to do while holding my 5 lb pound weights ( maybe try can of soup for some resistance at least), but ultimately my sliding mat made decide to quit after the 5th exercise/ don't want my weights flying towards the TV or DVD player hehe. Might try P90X's yoga since it is more yoga ish than yoga WORKOUT. Speaking of lunch ( ie soup), my beans and rice was a hit! Flavorful, tasty and everyone said it was really good. 2 cans of beans warranted 4 meals ( 1 for lunch or dinner tomorrow). I feel a lot better now re:soreness. I think 90 straight days is too much. People in shape only workout 2-4x/ week and say it's plenty so I will opt for days off and short shifts for workouts ( after getting rug adhesive for mat n foam roller, hoping for 4 days but if I only 2 even w/ my ' helpers' that will be good since the workouts are 'satisfyingly' sore and what you are looking to get out of a good, intense workout).

Fitness, foam rolling, workouts and ykw...spring cleaning of everything finally I guess.
soup nazi
Ok so I realized that my back is soreish still w/ the backpack being on as I go to work. I am doing my back exercises today and might even get a 3 in 1 foam roller set since it will help n also helps your whole body ( 25 stretches of the entire body:https://homegymr.com/foam-roller-exercises-and-stretches/#shoulder-rotator-cuff). I am going to go w/ a tennis ball for feet and neck vs lacrosse balls/ mini foam roller balls. I hope my Stretch and Yoga DVDs also help too.

I am planning on having my bin moved out today or Saturday after work ( if we do a joint work shift on Fridays, it will be a rest day/stretch for me cuz those mailbags hit my legs and back no problem hehe!), watching my Day 1 DVD of CB90, checking out my P90X DVDs ( to make sure they're real) and continuing w/season 4 of Jane the Virgin ( yeah, Rectify's slow pace,Tawney n Holden hit a nerve for me, Holden meeting friends from the past n it just kept culminating to nothing made me stop in season 2 ep 5, too bad cuz I like Amantha and the lawyer dude). My 1st time watching it for Petra and JR hehe but I really like the narrators! Love the line about realizations on your childhood feelings bringing up feelings on your childhood realizations!

I realized that while technically I don't have closure w/ ykw, the chapter on us will stay in the past and if I were to tell her things, they wouldn't make either of us feel better n would convey the true pain and hatred I have. This year was just hard cuz it's the 4th year of us officially and truly ending, of Feb/deja vu, the fact that history came back n wasn't over despite how saying her chapter was closed in her n our life/ fact that stuff repeated itself again n again and the irrevocable damage it did, how I made myself vulnerable just to get fooled time n time again, the fact that I do harbor pain w/ that (and of my hit and run still, also 4 yrs ago). I realized that I truly will never forgive her nor can I forget anything, that I hate her for real and have resentment. All this doesn't even cover everything, every betrayal, lies, omissions, other history shit repeating itself yet again but I am trying to get past all this so 1 day, just remembering certain things won't bring tears to my eyes still. I just can't believe that I did love her.

This all came back up due to timing of the year, Rectify/ The Resident lately, and I got a blast from the past ( literally!) from Kati, whom I stopped talking to in '09. I am very proud however that I at least have moved from wanting anything in the future w/ her and don't miss her. Ever since we said goodbye, I am not curious about anything in her life ( can take it or leave in convos, have always said when that happens, that means I truly do not care and have 0 romantic feelings now), don't feel the need or want to ask about things that in the past, would ask on a semi weekly basis and don't even think about her when cities in her State/ her State get mentioned anymore.

The way I was able to shut down everything was also caused by a joke she told me back in late winter 4 yrs ago (and it dealt w/ our beginning/ my trip), and it made me know for a FACT that not only does she TRULY NOT respect me but there was more truth to that joke/ she meant it than it meant nothing. It's the type of joke where if someone ( friend, brother, stranger) says it to you about someone you like, are dating/ married, you punch them in the face and yell at the person to never say that shit again but for me to know that w/ her, that wouldn't happen is bc she DOES feel that way just crushed me; and to know there truly are no good memories bc the joke destroyed our beginning and thus, every good lil bits of memories that came AFTER N THROUGHOUT OUR 7 YEAR HISTORY. I also realized I have resentment towards my fam too..maybe bc they were right all along w/ other issues unrelated..

Good news: I am buying Vitagene's Health and Ancestry kit today:)!

3:14 PM: Bought the kit and am doing the bin cleaning/DVD check tomorrow after work n after I eat my new fave grilled chicken sandwich from BK ( hope to beat the storm forecasted). I think I can get away w/ having sweets as long as I don't over do it. I am eager to try my new waffles Sunday as a pre workout boost and my crackers n bean dip for a post workout snack.

soup nazi
So yesterday was good. Today was even better since we got a really good holiday lunch of baked chicken or ham, cheesy potatoes, rolls and a broccoli/ carrot side dish w/ sodas. The lady behind me complained about there not being any water as a drink option. I was like Jesus, lady, it's a can of soda, we have water coolers, ok, don't eat the cookies then n are you going to ask why no tofu burgers either? Always feel like I'm in Cali when I hear stuff like that. Another thing that made me realize I am not in Cali was our Manager ( dk if he's Regional, District or just General hehe) playing a game in which he asked how many contact emails do we have for men in Winn. Co ages 35-45 who make over 100K? Answer was a lousy 7,000. Like we're going to be like ooohh aaaahhh! There's 100K ppl in my town alone so 7,000 is not even 1% if it's 300K total. Only in the Midwest is this boasting and then he follows it up by saying ladies, we have their phone numbers! Just call us gold diggers n guess you never heard of a little thing called sexual harassment!

I'm going to read my CB90 guides and maybe pop in Day 1's workout Thursday just to get pumped about it over the weekend and maybe even try Day 1 on Sunday if my redecorating is done by then. I think my wrist wasn't 100% straight I was doing my ARMS workout Sunday night, either that or it + Monday's WA2 work combined made it really sore n still a little sore today. Nursing it until Saturday where I might do a 2nd workout.

Bob was funny again last week. He brought up wanting to work a half hour later on Saturdays during our 2nd week. I asked if he brought it up to TBB yet. He said no, and that in his experience, TIMING is everything. Fast forward 3 more wks to last Friday, he still hadn't done it. I said wait too long and TBB won't change it if it's working? He said maybe I was right. Then we see the schedule for next week and we work at 7 AM now this Saturday! No way is he going w/ 8:30 now!

Hmm, there was an armed robbery 2 blocks away from my house last night. It eases my moving apprehension a little but do I really want to be somewhere where I know NO ONE NOR have ANY FAMILY AROUND for the foreseeable future esp holidays? No one to say what should we get for a celebration dinner, want to try a new recipe? No one to get to know better... Might see if I can swing my hometown...or get some fam to move w/ me..

I stupidly thought I could get info on my Dad (w/o telling my Mom and for free) through My heritage.com, but I don't know his birth date nor can I put in that he's Native American to narrow the list of white guys that I gave up scrolling through bc hey maybe his Mom was tan/ dark, it skipped him but not his daughter?

Last few weeks!
icehogs beanie
It is finally starting to get warm here! It is currently 66 n sunny outside! We got snow last Sunday so I biked through the 2.9 inches (and was getting snowed on doing it too hehe) to get home from work. We have had 2 hit and miss t storms. Work has been ok,( I got to zing Bob the other day n he had no comeback)... although I have not liked that I am doing split duties the past 2 weekends. I have had a nice time talking to NSG about possibly getting the Beachbody program P90X ( oldie, came out in 2010/2011) but it is still being done by ppl today. I like the variety of it ( boxing/ martial arts that make up Kenpo, Yoga X, 3 different Back workouts, 3 different Arms and Shoulders, think 2 different Leg ones, Cardio X ( mix of everything!) and a Stretch DVD I think to round out the 12 DVD collection. We also talked about his getting back into shape, workouts, nutrition, meal plans, biking, etc.

It will suck if the Logli's by my house does go out of business next month. I went to check out the new 'grocery' store in the Midtown District on 7th St (which is on my way to work) last Thursday. Everything was way over priced ( $1.40 for tuna, Spam was $5 and a loaf of bread was $2.50). We are going to hit up Dollar General and Family Dollar so much they'll turn into our version of bodegas hehe! Our closest Logli's will be over by Target, 5 miles away. We can't even keep a store open closer than that, news has it is a seller's market re: homes here this quarter and our new AAR facility here is laying off 88 workers. Yeah, bring on a 5 star hotel w/ a restaurant😒😒😒

I saw on eBay that P90X collections were on sale and although I did find the nutrition and fitness guides online, opted for the whole shebang from a seller in Minnesota w/ everything in excellent condition for $30; so I bought it this past Thursday! I talked about it w/NSG and while I am excited for it, am eager to start my CB90 journey in May. I looked at CB90's nutrition guide and while she offers recipes, it is not a meal guide, nor are there enough meals to even cover 2 wks of food. More like food swaps or swap a few bad meals a week for a few of her good ones. I do not have to worry about my soda intake or my 1-2 fast food meals ( 1 is eating out, 2nd is frozen pizza) since my weight hasn't been affected by that, but I will try to limit my pizza to thin crust, ultra thin crust, or Screaming Silician's single serve pizza once a week and my desserts to brownie in a cup, dark chocolate waffles or York Peppermint minis 1-2x/week. I also am going to have turkey chili w/ pinto beans, protein packed beans and rice for recovery meals/ work lunches, turkey sausage w/ eggs and maybe hash browns to semi follow CB90's lean meat/carb/protein deal. P90X has pasta and meat and veggies all portion controlled so I will make ground turkey pasta in chicken broth and either chicken w/ broccoli or salmon n broccoli, both w/ rice ( meal plan allows for 1 serving of carbs/ day n CrossFitters eat this daily so booyah!). Options are good for both my 90 day programs btw n probably in the CB90 meal book.

The thing I have to remember is a lot of ppl who do this program are out of shape, sedentary, sedentary jobs, don't exercise outside of the gym/ DVD so since I am already in shape, have a physical job, bike places, I can cut myself some slack re: strict diet. I did buy a lot of good stuff today in preparation for May 1st. Breakfast ideas: turkey sausage, egg, cheese n maybe hash brown scramble ( yeah, can't do broccoli, apples or kale), Oatmeal maple n brown sugar 20 packets,and Kodiak Cakes dark chocolate waffles/ pb spread ( will consider this a dessert too). Got applesauce cups for fruit servings/ healthy snacks, pinto beans n chicken broth for beans and rice recipe and crackers over chips. Pizza next week is SS single serve:).

2:48 PM: Had an upstairs dripping issue last night and just now stopped my house from burning down hehe! Yeah, my Mom finally took me up on my offer to use my dumbbells for a pre workout before going to the gym. She said she would check on the turkey in 2 hours at 3:30. Well about 20 mins ago, I kept hearing a cat meow and then heard my Aunt say what's happening, we go into the kitchen to see the turkey juice has overflowed onto the floor! We try to spoon it out but it keeps hitting the bottom of the oven, causing smoke. We then tried putting a cookie sheet down and as my Aunt tried getting a coffee cup, our faulty shelf came down, breaking 2 plates and a cup. I have picked up all the broken pieces n mopped up as best as I could.

I am trying to relax and watch Rectify on Netflix. I really liked watching Containment last week! Tried to get into The 100 n might still get to the end of season 3 at least ( stopped at ep 5 of season 1, watched season 2 up til episode 8) and also said screw it to the show Between after 6 eps of the 1st season ( why do you get 2 while Containment didn't???). Might watch Pine Gap or The OA next or at least check em out hehe.