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soup nazi

Living through IL seasons hehe

Enjoying being a year round cyclist/transportation cyclist and getting into yoga/workouts

soup nazi
Work has been good ( talked w/ co-workers about the Aurora workplace shooting, the Jussie Smollett hate crime now hoax crime and gym/ food stuff). I have biked to work every day for the past 2 weeks. Yesterday, however, was a long day resulting in getting a ride from D as it was after 7 PM and almost an inch of freezing rain was on the ground. I have ridden over the snow we have gotten since last week (but Monday's slushy snow had me *walking the bike* more whereas Tues was on it more until trouble w/ 2 of the super slushy spots, went through a pothole and freaking fell on a big icy spot near Boost Mobile ( 2nd time in 2 weeks, 1st time, different area, both times I was walking the bike) too. I hurt myself this last time tho and am using ice/heat and Ibuprofen to combat the pain. We have had snow, snow/ice and freezing rain every couple days these last few weeks. My Mom couldn't get her car out of the driveway the other day n spent almost an hour digging out parts of the driveway w/ snow and putting salt behind all the tires.

I am really tired of how Rockford treats it's pedestrian citizens and how I am treated by Rockford driver's this winter. I was making my way across a big icy stretch of road last weekend I think and got honked at by some dick in a truck (and nowadays, you can't flip someone off or yell about peds having the right of way w/o worrying about some road rage shit), so I pulled over n let him pass. Then this past Monday morning, I was walking my bike along the median of the crosswalk since it is snow/ice covered this whole winter and as I was making my way into the crosswalk, got honked at by another jerk in a truck approaching me. Not to mention trying to not slip on ice on the sidewalks of the nursing home, US Bank, church and Walgreens or trudge through snow on certain areas ( BK, McD's and gas station on opposite side also icy n snow covered and I have decided to stop eating there since this is how they treat their pedestrian customers). Calling the City on them all again this Friday.

I have been kind of stressed out lately and it mainfested in my getting forgetful. Last weekend, as I was pulling up to lock up near a sign at Logli's ( they took out bike rack last month), noticed my keys weren't in my bag. Found them in my lunch bag where I put them in the mornings....and since I was planning on doing bank and store stuff prior to checking out Kegel's for bike seat nose stuff, was 20 mins early to them opening up. So came home since it was 20 outside. Then Monday, get to work only to see I forgot my work clothes ( backpack got emptied out in prep of store errand/ Kegel's n not replaced) and so I had to wear what I had on...

What's been stressing me out lately are some small things and big things. My Mom likes to do things differently than me ( laundry at a later time, picking up newspaper as soon as dogs go on it) whereas I want to have laundry done by 2 and wait for commercial to get newspaper. My Aunt's dogs bark at everything all the time and after a while, I get tired of yelling and spanking them n try to block it out ( same w/ neighbor kids constant running around, last Saturday, they were up til 2 AM). My Mom doesn't want to complain about the neighbors bc then that will cause friction w/them and us and would rather complain about how they still don't tie up their trash/kids to my Aunt and I. I can't vacuum my room like how I used to thanks to new toys getting ripped up into pieces so I just sweep now. 1 of them brings 'cat snacks' up onto my bed from time to time even though just cleaned the litter box an hour ago, and I can't get in my full workouts....

I am tired of my Mom moving certain things around or not keeping them in the same spot. How my way of breaking up the ice is an issue now but she doesn't want to keep buying salt for the sidewalk (even though we take it off the rent) and she wants to buy a metal shovel now for it...

Today, I biked to Logli's and did well on the semi plowed streets and over icy sections so tomorrow's biking should be good. I got some groceries ( tried Mexican Coca Cola) and then made my way through my 2nd McD's icy path on my way to Kegel's just to see they open an hour later now during weekdays. Fuck, go next week or ask my Mom what the hell she did w/ Eddy's bike tools that have always been in the closet n now aren't.

I have worked on my redecorating and so far just have 1 dresser left before I can go about taking them out of my room ( another obstacle I deal w/ is our having use of only 1 trash can/ bin while our neighbors get 2). I think ordering Ashland Oregon relocation stuff/ romance books will help my mood. I am $50 away from having $3K saved up:) and I have lost 3 lbs since I last spoke about it. I learned that by having my brkft after I get to work, each day is considered a fasted workout n even more if I wait til lunch or just have small snacks til then.

This past Valentine's, I realized that I truly wish I never met ykw and I never want to see her again if I have anything to say about it. I realized that the manner in which I have been hurt ( from '09-'15 but esp '09, '11 n '12-'13) is something that while I can move on from ( I have moved on from romantic/ feelings of her/for her), is something I will not forget.

**My coworker John rides a motorcycle year round and this past Monday, instead of him getting to work in an hour, it took him 3 due to unplowed streets!! So I don't feel so bad about myself in slushy snow or opting to ride in the street if it's clear since I am pedal powering myself.

Keto: only have had 2 keto meals in a 6 day period but my snacks have been keto for 3 days ( DIY trail mix of nuts, sunflower seeds, jerky and sesame sticks and sweets of 72% dark chocolate, dk why anyone would eat 86% or 92% offerings, just bitter and not even a hint of sweetness, what craving is that helping?). I am hoping to try my 1 pot hamburger/cauliflower rice dinner from Leanne Vogel's Keto cookbook next week and am getting blog recipes for keto desserts vs cookbooks w/ ingredients I don't want, incorrect measurements as some reviewers have posted and too many ingredients/ takes too long....

Bad weather lately, sore muscles and redecorating!
Last week, we had days of polar vortex temps (-55 for last Wednesday and -44 for Thursday), resulting in a rare trusting of judgement by accepting a ride from a lady as my bus was late on Wed and Thursday's bus ride had me cursing the driver for not letting me get dropped off across from my job bc there isn't a stop there and I had to walk across a semi icy/frozen bridge to get back to my work, J has given me 4 rides home within the last 2 weeks due to bitter cold or freezing rain and this past Wednesday/Thursday, we had an ice storm ( I did bike home during the 1st hour of the ice storm Tues afternoon)/ freezing rain :pics taken today btw

My helmet once I got home this Tues., Ice on it and on my jacket!

Today, the high isn't even 11 so the feels like temps are -17/-8 all day + 40 MPH winds. I didn't ride to work on the vortex days, ice days or today, so I kicked up my fitness snacking/3 days n even got in 2 workouts this week + 3 ARMS workouts too. I wanted to try riding on polar vortex days/ the ice but to save an argument, opted to accept my Mom's offer for rides. I have shoveled snow/ dealt w/ice like 5x in 9 days so thinking of taking the weekend off re: workouts so my neck muscles can have 2 days of true rest w/ ice pack and heating pad. I have started my redecorating, chucked Chrystos books in the recycle bin cuz all her books are poetry it seems:(, and read my Keto cookbook and while I really like the 1st half of the book (really only liked about 2 recipes (good way to get me to try cauli rice btw) due to not so many ingredients)...the meal plans seem really good but I would swap a lot of the meats out for ones I eat, so I hope Simply Keto has a plan I can use when I read it this weekend ( my Volek book didn't; still haven't read it yet, just skimmed).

One of the bloggers I follow is trying keto but don't know if she's totally committed (ie eating tortillas that are low carb but still contain wheat, having wine 2x in one week). I have had 6 keto meals this week ( including today's brkft n work lunch) and I went to Wendy's (on my way to errands after work), had 2 chicken sandwiches, fries and a drink, but only ate the bun w/1 sandwich so that's something. I am ketoish remember hehe..cutting back on non keto sweets/snacks this weekend into next week since last week, overindulged a little. I got some keto snacks of peanuts ( dry roasted n honey roasted ( sugar goes towards my carbs/day), sunflower kernels, and beef jerky. P3 has some grab n go 3 oz version for like $2. I hope my 2 lbs of nuts and 17 oz of kernels stretches into work snacks for 2 weeks. Getting sandwich baggies n cheddar crisps tomorrow and comparing nut/ seed prices at Dollar General vs Logli's. I got some potato chips for the 1st time in like 2 months so think if I stretch each non keto chips bag into lasting all week ( got 4 including store brand Cheetos/ Fritos), that should count as watching carbs still. They are all the 5 oz bags ( at the 2 oz vending price at my work!) and not the Party size bags either.

I really hope to bike all next week ( last day I biked this week was Monday and Tues, both days I was in WA3 so that sucked) and hope NSG's attitude is better ( he was late by a half hour Monday/ got into w/ D when we only had a half hour to go and then today, almost an hour late, got into w/D and then TBB got involved ) and I am pretty sure he is on thin ice....hehe much like I was walking to the corner of Walgreens since they have not gotten the ice up of the sidewalk, nor did they put salt. Might make another call to the City for the 2nd week in a row ( BK has not bothered to get the snow/ice off as I walked over there yesterday to get to Walgreens). Last week, I was in the street a few times on bike, walking the bike during next day snow free streets = not going slow like day before when I was biking in said street or on foot and had some scary moments by inconsiderate drivers who think I should either trudge through all the snow/ice or be in a car.

Here's a few photos of the pedestrian view when snow removal on sidewalks is not taken seriously by the City/ residents. Obviously not w/ cars endangering me but it was scary trusting I would not get hit as they passed wihin 2 feet of me:
My polar vortex wear consisted of thermals,pants, t shirt, hoodie, insulated jacket, gloves and 2 facemasks as we were warned to not do strenuous activities outside ( ie biking, biking up hills), no deep breathing and don't even try talking outside!

Over by McDs when it was 'plowed' last week due to my calling the City n just snow, had to walk back when 2 ppl were coming towards me on the opposite end of the path. Would hate to have to try walking that after this week though!

To combat Bob's why don't you walk through BK's parking lot last week? Snow went all the way to the street btw. This week btw, huge icy segments as I traversed the plowed parts now covered in ice...

I have decided not to patron McD's or BK anymore since this is how they treat their pedestrian customers in winter, why should I eat there during this time of year or this upcoming summer??

I am really looking forward to working out at R Strong, am eager to try their slam and wall balls and incorporate them into my workouts soon. I also have structured workouts ready for that + a few spin bike workouts:)!

2/9/19: 7:47 PM: Had my longest stretch of IF today!17 hours and even did physical ice removal work of about 5 sidewalk blocks for maybe 35 mins before having lunch w/ no brkft. Ykw brought up betting on more Championship games today. We agreed on college basketball's March Madness ( the Sweet 16/ Final 4) next month. The fact that I just let go of her reply of it's 60 games shows a lot. We agreed on the finality of the game/sport. Originally, I wanted just the Final 4 but we agreed on $1/ game for the Sweet 16 as a compromise.

soup nazi
Last Friday had sleet which made the parking lot from my last post made me feel good as I biked over it, I have even started biking through slushy and hard small snow drifts, Monday was -13 w/ wind-chill as I rode to work. Tues was single digits and yesterday was -4 and 5. Today was -26 w/ wind-chill as I got rides to and from work ( I am not crazy hehe, frostbite after 30 mins despite bundled up, no thanks). This weekend is bitter cold ( -25 tomorrow AM to the high of like 4) and 1 day next week, the temp will be -25 so the wind-chill is going to be -50 or something! My Mom could hardly get her car started this morning....we might even set a record for coldest temps ever!

I wanted to get my Leanne Vogel keto book next week since yesterday was too cold but will have to brave it Wed after my shift ( thought maybe it would be 'warm' n 35 or something but nope, -11 as the HIGH!). It better have great recipes in there hehe! I heard about J Lo and A Rod's 10 no sugar/ carbs/caffeine diet and they challenged both Hoda and Leah Remini to do it. Hoda then brought it up to her Today coanchors and they all said they will do it w/ the stipulation of having caffeine, whereas Leah said no, I'm going to eat some pasta and cookies now haha!

I had some of Mama Bosso's pizza tonight and it was great! Best frozen pizza yet! Pizzeria style taste and lots of cheese too! Might do some keto meals this weekend...watching a few Ted Bundy specials this weekend via Netflix ( Zac Efron movie and a documentary featuring Ted talking about his crimes), Dateline, ID, MSNBC, whatever as this is the week of his death 30 years ago. Also looking into few lesbian web series n Centro Medico w/ subtitles via YouTube too. Going to start my redecorating plans soon. 1st step is getting either a book case or cube organizer, a CD/DVD case as it condenses everything and is better for transport than boxes of DVD w/covers, a few romance books and some keto snacks too all via "the Internet" ( as Bob likes to point out).

Hope to get in mini workouts of planks, MC's, renegade rows/plank rows, alternating leg lifts, glutes bridge, glute bridge press and Arms workout including 2 hard exercises of a wide tricep press and a pulse extension both days ( did them 2x this week, oww!). I have been loving my bank accounts lately and might tag along to a quick trip to deposit another $100 in my Savings n get Mama Bosso again. Saw that next payday is also Rent Check withdrawal time too.

6:36 PM: Trying Lottza Mottza pizza or whatever it's called next week. Got some keto approved sunflower seeds for snacks and ordered 2 books by Native American lesbian author Chrystos ( gives you plot of books, good since little plot is given by this early 90's writer, great reviews though of passionate, beautiful, etc:)), a CD/ DVD wallet case that holds 200 total and a wide set of plastic storage drawers cart from Amazon. I think I might use some of my drawers for a bookcase....Working out tomorrow instead of both days:(..

Freezing and subzero temps
Dana/Lara clip
Yeah, had a mini chat w/ ykw over this week's weather couple days ago after we ironed out our Annual SuperBowl bet! Monday's rides were in the - temps and I had the numbing hands for a few mins to prove it. That was mostly due to the 2 obstacles I had encountered ( truck on sidewalk n bus shelter fenced off and extending into sidewalk edge by Midway) and some sidewalks not having curb cuts. Tues was ok and today's single digits were ok except for the nursing home sidewalk not being plowed/ snow plow chunks on top of snow proved to be a futile attempt that quickly diverted me into the street. I did however bike on 2 side streets that were semi plowed and over the semi icy parking lot prior to reaching downtown. Got done 2 hours early (but got to just hang around and punch out at our end time:)) and decided to get my keto book from the library next week when it's not 9 and windy out and just came home.

I made my keto chili last night for chili cheese dogs and rice ( inclusion of rice means carbs are in half now). I didn't plan on going to the store ( as it was not 20 degrees out and we had gotten a few more inches of snow yesterday) but my Mom had used my beef broth and my recipe called for it. I made the trip count though since my trek was through 3 semi plowed streets and on my way back, saw a snow plow helping a stuck car by using his plow to push car out hehe. I made my $280 deposit into Savings, got snacks ( half keto/non keto snacks) and same for 4 dinners too and a non keto cereal ( granola so still healthier option than CocoaPuffs). Back to the chili, I think I will make it next time w/ o the diced tomatoes ( cut down on cooking time) and half some of the measurements so it's not so TexMex tasting hehe. It's good though and nice to have some kick. My new hotdogs choice (Parkview beef hotdog/ low carb so keto approved) was a good and tasty choice and my 3 cups of rice made me 3 meals.

Idk if R told NSG that I am NOT FOR TRUMP'S WALL last week ( it came up in discussion in the break room and she asked if I was for it or against it) but this week, he has been quiet lately which is fine by me. Not only is he a racist ( ie beaner talk, get these illegals out of here) but he's a bigot ( mentioning PC biracial or gay couple on a show last week), a Climate change denier and narrow-minded.

I think I will really like R Strong. I asked for clarification on if you get 3 days of open gym workouts and can take 3 classes total a week or it's just 3 classes. My contact said it's the former and I replied w/ cool, some days, I just want to workout and not do a class so we'll see what he says (just to be sure). Will double check after I am ready to join after seeing a class.

my chili cheese dogs over rice ( it'll be a long while before it's 100% keto ( aka cauli rice):

Parking lot bravery hehe:

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soup nazi
Bob cracked me up today by showing he lacks common sense. He went down to the bus station after yesterday's shift, came upon the construction/fences and saw the no entry sign on the back end of the trailer and so he freaking CALLS and asks how does he get in the building? I'm thinking you walk around the fence til you see an entrance/ door! Bob was like no there should have been signs. I was like ok. Then he started talking about the security guard's bodycam not being official, like just a GoPro attached. I told him about the L.A. PD bodycams being big and left it at that. Hmm, had a good day today of easy machines, 0 green lights and J fixed my seat problem! I just thought he was going to look at it but 5 mins later after some manhandling of the seat, got it straight ( 1 rail was crooked) and moved the nose up a bit. We got done early before the snowing started but I was told by TBB to see him after work, half hour later he is still in a meeting so D told me to go home/ beat the snowstorm.

I biked home w/ flurries (and the nose up will take some getting used to), stopped at Walgreens for a few things, and hopefully by Monday, my dull ache will subside:)! Going to try for another full body workout tomorrow before the dogs get up. Might try my Workout Generator/ WOD app later too w/ Darebee combo.

My InnovAsian meal last night was really good ( except didn't really taste any garlic or soy sauce). It didn't get crispy though and was more like tempura that way. I bet if I have it w/ rice, it will take away some of the extra sweetness. I might also just get the honey chicken flavor and try the Mongolian beef too next time.

I am going to try to just spend $5/ week on fast food starting next week. I want to save a little bit more every month than what I have been saving. My Jeff Volek book came today, it is small but hope the graphs help me specifically and might even try 1 of their meal plans hehe.

Nice week - a few comments.....
revenge 1 calvin
Trying to blow off the comments now and end the week on a good note. I am battling hip bursitus right now and my neck pain is going away thanks to switching pillows. I am going to get an ice pack (since the 1 we had was thrown away) and use it over the weekend combined w/ rest, stretches and Ibuprofen. I found a few keto lava cake/ Paleo lava cake recipes as I made my instant lava cake ( good but not Domino's good:() today. I'm going to weigh myself tonight. I think my strategy of eating sweets before dinner/ fitness snacking-IF/having carbs before lunch are beneficial since I am looking good! Ohh, can't wait to see what happens w/ the Trifecta lawsuit re: IHOP/ other places food being passed off as Trifecta's during the 2017 CrossFit Games.

Biked both ways today as my hip placement is better now and I was not tired like Tues. Kind of brave to bike over big icy patches in parking lots and slush by Midway.

I might make this keto cheesy stuffed chicken pizza recipe/ video I found sometime next month. Speaking of keto, Jillian now wants to do a 'civil' debate re:keto w/ Al Roker. Who is she trying to kid? She's going to yell/ get intense and it won't stay civil for long! Idk why my latest keto book is taking so long to get here! Must be Federal workers. It took a whole 24 hours to go 32 miles to a facility and then a whole nother 24 hours to leave said facility to continue on it's journey here by Saturday.

The Titan Games are later tonight!!! Grace and Frankie tomorrow! This weekend is going to be super cold ( overnights -2 degrees and highs not even 22) so glad I got in a Walmart trip yesterday for new winter boots/ non keto crackers n cookies as I took care of 96% of our gas meter encased in 2-3 inches of ice...trying out my crispy chicken won tons w/ green beans for dinner, semi keto so 2 keto meals today hehe! Doing my ARMS workout later tonight for a set of 3 reps each to go w/ my earlier fitness snacking of 80 mountain climbers, 40 plank jacks and 50 X body mountain climbers today. Hate that my lateral raises never seem to improve...

If I do move to Ashland, it will be tiny home paradise hehe! 20+ tiny home builders, rentals and tiny houses for sale too! I also might look into mobile homes/ modular homes too. Yeah, remembered foreclosed homes still get HOA fees and mortgage taxes too....maybe mobile home/ tiny home dreams hehe. Might even look into TH podcasts/ blogs on saving/ getting your TH....

Meals lately and R Strong!
soup nazi

Ok so none of these are keto meals except for the 2nd pic being the turkey sausage, but they are very filling and semi balanced meals/ not TOO much rice. I made the grass fed burgers today and learned that you're supposed to cook it medium low heat for 6-8 mins each side, which is why mine was still red upon cutting into it ( even though 1 side was semi charred). Put it back in the skillet but still...will do better next time. Regardless, the burger was delicious, not greasy and really filling w/o feeling stuffed! Definitely the kind Outback uses for their burgers. Today, I had nachos and brownie in a cup but no chips, cookies or after dinner dessert. I did a really awesome arm/ shoulder yoga workout today and afterwards, it felt like a PT session! Also got in my planks too.

I emailed R Strong earlier today and asked what new equipment are they getting, when will the remodel get done, when will their new class schedule get sorted out, and can you watch or participate in a class prior to joining. Got an email back a few hours later saying squat racks, new sleds ( like sled push or pull?), Olympic weights, 3 other things, the remodel and class schedule should be done by spring and the 1st class is free! I really hope I like it!

Making my own diet aka balanced and moderated, take that, Jimmy Moore!
soup nazi
Yeah I realized I was pretty close to drinking the keto KoolAid and becoming part of the cult keto too...again! I watched What the Health earlier and switched it Functional Fitness once I heard their stats re:chicken and eggs. I have never had a problem health wise w/anything re:food/sodas except maybe going over on calories, but I have never been in the hospital,had organ issues,never told to watch my levels or my numbers to anything, never gained weight 15 lbs over or been put on meds for anything except for migraines 10 yrs ago ( since then, no meds except Tylenol). I like the fact that a lot of CrossFitters eat rice and chicken n balance it w/veggies or eggs. Some are Vegan. Some are Paleo/keto.

I am still going to read my 2 keto books and try keto meals on some workout days, but if I want hash browns in my breakfast scramble, I am having it! I had a scramble this morning of breakfast style turkey sausage, eggs and melted cheese and while texture wise (and some taste), it wasn't 100% noticeable but then again, it was too and I didn't feel as full as I did last week w/my scramble having hash browns in it (yeah, tried water, didn't help). My Mom made cookies for the 1st time in 4 months last night so I had 3. 3 again today but later I am having Parmesan chicken w/ my rice mixture and no dessert.

I forgot about my whole grain/fruits entry I wrote maybe 2 months ago but yeah, I am going to try to follow it or at least add more to my diet on a weekly basis. Today, I got whole grain rotini pasta and ground beef for my beef pasta M/T, Wholey Cheese for keto snack, maybe try my 5 Italian cheese sauce packet on my WG pasta and 100% whole wheat bread for my delicious, nutritious PBnJ which has studies proving the fiber helps you feel fuller, it has protein n fruit and other really good stuff in it.

I am limiting carbs some days/week by cutting rice out some nights/veggies instead. Try cutting down on sweets too and find healthier sweet options. Fast food just once a week still. Hit Mio once/day whenever I want a change from water, fruit juice or soda. Intermittent Fasting at night still and food logging too. As long as I don't go over 135, I am eating what I want. Still need to weigh myself for the week and do my mini workout too.

Sunday AM 8:37: I just got done reshoveling ( snowed maybe another inch, our 1-2 inches turned into 4-4.5) and heated up my scramble, ate it and 10 mins later, kinda feel queasy. Potatoes next week for sure. I'm going to make some toast w/peanut butter soon to help hopefully.

Change of topic: I really like the idea of tiny houses but would need to see if a house on wheels feels stable enough or just try to get a foreclosed small house instead of trying to make everything fit. I know that TH cooking means everything smells, that cleaning a smaller space means cleaning more often,and the washer/dryer combo doesn't really dry, etc. There's tiny house nightmares but there's also apartment buying and foreclosed homes nightmares too...This is all of course, just a dream for me.

icehogs beanie
I thought it would be a good end to a good week ( even when I was in WA2 Monday). It was frustrating, I still was dealing with/ hip pain ( think today my bike seat is good, thanks to working on it once I got home) but got better after lunch. I ate at Wendy's ( keto cycling day Day 2). I told NSG that if I eat 1 serving total whether it's a bagel/bread, fruit,or potato,etc (anything restricted on keto) as part of my food intake 1 day while everything else that day is keto, I am considering it a Keto Day ( and not oh I have to start over, blah blah). The 1 reason I don't think I could do keto full time is the potential for headaches and lack of energy.

It supposedly is also supposed to be bad for your heart but there's a lot of athletes who have been doing keto for 10 years + and maybe they just found the right ratios/ formula..I watched 2 diet documentaries the other day (while trying to find 4 more). 1 was The Perfect Human Diet and the other was The Magic Pill ( keto diet specific). I am going to try to find Carb Loaded, Fathead, can't get CerealKillers 1 and 2 due to only being available on DVD, non diet movie The Pass, and series Tidelands today as I wait for the PlayOff games this weekend!!

I am doing a store RIDE today to see if seat is good and to get a couple keto and non keto items. Hope the 1-2 inches of snow holds off hehe. I am going to try pre and post workout full keto meals today after a mini workout w/ more hip stretches, Darebee challenge of 80 flutter kicks/ whatever today's challenge is and planks too. I did a workout Thursday w/o eating breakfast before hand, and while I got through it, it was hard. I really like Kodiak Cakes Brownie in a Cup and am going to try to just have that and my donut be my only eaten sweets in 1 week, after finishing my Mint ice cream. Also alternate BC and my protein energy bites til ingredients are gone n switch to strictly keto sweets.

I found 2 keto for athletes books. 1 was written by 2 famously accredited doctors Jeff Volek and Steve Phinney called The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance (specifically geared towards athletes, cyclists, marathon runners, etc) and the other was the Ketogenic Diet for Athletes. Online reviews made me want the former and online price comparing made me pick Thrift books.com Used but Like New price total of $6.72 including S&H and that means my Wendy's yesterday was free if I had gotten it off Amazon!

Jimmy Moore and Al Roker blasting Jillian Michael's for her all over the Internet anti keto diet stance this week might have reinvigorated my keto attempts. I kind of like that Jaimie Alexander seems to do a new diet/ workout every year it seems. 2016 was The Warrior Diet, 2017 was vegetarian while last year, it was something called The Bulletproof Diet and I will wait to see if she sticks w/ this for 2019, or is in a magazine profiling her new change soon.

Chatted w/ my sister re:work situation and gym/workouts for her and gym plans for me last night (I found out Secret Santa got passed over for this year last week).

Rainy and windy day
soup nazi
Had to bike in light rain this morning w/ winds blowing at 20-30 MPH. We had another meeting today for the 2nd day in a row, reitarating what was said on Friday( 2 policies now in force,1 concerning when skids go up, we now have to load up the hopper and completely move out of the way due to an accident at a plant a few wks ago, (unrelated) we can't have our phones on at work and we can't look at the paper or at ads as we are on the line cuz certain ppl let their machine go empty or can't see a jacked up insert, etc).

I guess I am going to be back over in WA2 now on M/T but at least I am doing the easier job of just watching for flags (and not Eliza's job of watching for gaps, PO Boxes and carts stuff). Deanna was over in WA4 today. Eliza and I chatted about this past weekend's Playoff Games, new food/health changes,Surviving R Kelly and gym plans. She doesn't like boot camp style classes and wouldn't join a gym w/o treadmills/ equipment and yeah, I have to see what R Strong offers in substitution of that ( hope they answer my email). I might check out The FIT this Thursday via phone call, see R Strong in person and do some Bank deposits.

Today had some snacks so tomorrow will be keto snacks of beef sticks and just veggies w/ meals - lunch so keto cycling. Wind advisory for tomorrow at afternoon winds gusting at almost 50 ( feels like 20-25 degrees) and Wed. the high isn't even going to be 25 and Friday, we might get some snow...

I might consider Ashland,OR as my new state and city to move to. I looked at a lot of other Oregon towns ( Corvallis, Dallas, Salem, Klamath Falls, Bend, Portland, Hillsboro, Astoria, Keizer, Williamette, Beaverton, Eugene, etc) and Ashland seems really good. I of course will need to look more into it but so far what I do know ( bike friendly re: bike lanes, advovacy, Bike Month events, 2 popular bike clubs, outdoor stuff, rent semi reasonable, jobs Outlook seems promising).