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soup nazi

Living through IL seasons hehe

Enjoying being a year round cyclist/transportation cyclist and getting into yoga/workouts

Crime is NOT down despite my town's PD declarations
soup nazi
Yeah so about 2 months ago, I would bike upon a double shooting crime scene that happened half an hour earlier on 6th st. I think I spoke about it here and while we are back to having our usual weekly shootings now, last night was unsettling. I was up late watching New Amsterdam when I heard a round of gunfire coming from a car w/ the headlights on ( opposite of what Boyz in the Hood depicted) going into a house across the street from me. They also threw Moltov cocktails that were ill equipped. Car drove off and literally 5 mins later, a cop car flashing lights and spotlights are all I see. So far, I have seen nothing on the news about it except of a shooting that happened 3 streets down from mine 3 hrs earlier in which a 20 year old was shot ( my street shooting, no one was shot or injured n of course no suspect description since it was almost midnight and dark) and I think the reporters/ cops want to see if these 2 are related.

For a better image, picture a intersecting street corner w/ 2 houses on either side, I am the last house on the South side (and on the opposite side), is the 1 that was shot up 1 house down on the West side ( for directional purposes)....

This has revamped my Savings efforts ( no more donations to struggling Kamala's campaign, esp after that Black Panther comment) and is making me double down on my fast food budget too. I breezed through CMLM4L( might try either Classic or my suggested Fit Cycle), did a great 25 min Vinyasa Flow yoga ( kicked butt on seated forward fold and even got my head in between my feet and down to the floor), am on track w/ my meals for today, and am currently watching Bringing Sexy Back ( Aussie's Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition). I picked up some pizzas n ice cream to hold me over til our next Walmart trip ( stocking up on their GV brand awesomely cheap pizzas) and have good snacks for TP of sunflower seeds, meat/ cheese sticks, dried fruit, dark chocolate n pb, milk chocolate, milk chocolate/ pb, 2 NutThins and 2 Way Better chips...

My company was sold back to our former company and so we are due to have changes that are unknown right now.

Work, books, contests and freaking snow in October!
soup nazi
Work was ok except for Tues and today hehe. Wed was good, I did not go get S, she came in as we were doing a layer and did not say anything. I am not too worried about her anymore, she called off Friday, was on her phone at work Saturday for over an hour in front of ppl, went home sick Wed, and had a bad day today.

Biked over a few long stretches of ice this morning but still cautious over big stretches (and will dismount then) but most of the snow ( 4") that we got on Halloween was shoveled off for most of my riding. Had a great free dinner at Primo's last night of Italian beef n fries. The only other $20 coupon I will use ( thanks to work ) is 1 for Irish Rose, which is right on my way to work just a few blocks away. They have about 6 vegetarian options and even a dedicated day of specials ( BUT I AM GETTING A GOOD OLE LEAN MEAT BURGER).

Fitness: I entered the Transform in 28 days contest, shockingly did not get picked but then got the program for free thanks to Chris and Heidi seeing a high demand for it:)! I have done some of NTC's yoga workouts and if my headache goes away, might do Yoga Burn today. Reading Choose More, Lose More for Life if I do not workout today and might do a mini workout if nothing else:). Good thing I did my new fitness snacking Wed and even added some bear crawls as I realized a big warehouse = open enough space.

Food: I got a bunch of veggie dishes the other day ( garden medley, cheesy broccoli and rice, veggie made Mac and cheese ( lentils, lentils and zucchini) and mashed cauli) and am going to try having 1 dish a day and some days, 2. No veggie burgers or Spicy black bean burgers for moi ( found out they are highly over processed, might contain chemicals like Impossible Whopper, are high in sodium and might have wood pulp ( aka MorningStar), but might try Sol Cuisine. I will try being a flexitarian and only having red meat 1-2/ week. I am proud to say I had 2 full days of no meat ( yeah, The Game Changers movie was just that!)!

I wanted to get Charlie Puth's Nine Track Mind Deluxe ( from 2016) and Ed Sheeran's Divide albums but was interested in getting new books instead ( Cost of Honor ( Book 10 of Cam and Blair!), Charm City by Mason Dixon ( 'Rocky' meets girl,they fall in love, girl ends up being a cop trying to bring down Rocky's associates, Rocky is a girl too btw hehe), Hers to Protect by Nicole Disney ( set in Chicago! Deals w/ gangs so a lesbian Chicago P.D.!), Sapphic Seduction ( erotica😊😁) and Richard Marx's Greatest Hits CD ( this was also the only used item I bought btw).

icehogs beanie
I only see a big problem w/ my new diets next year as being on keto. This is why I have decided to do it just for 3 days/ week and I don't need to completely eliminate certain things during this time, reducing the intake is also suggested as helping too. Sugar and soda will be my biggest obstacle w/any of these diets. Other than my 1 daily can of soda ( n no slips of 1-2 more some days), I will have natural sugar sources ( fruit, dried fruit, honey and maple syrup, keto- approved fruit on K days), limit cookies and donuts to 3 cookies/ day til bag is gone n 1 donut/Friday, and and at least no extra added sugars in other things. I will work on doing better the next day if I do have a slip as so as to not feel guilty n just scrap the week. I am watching Netflix's The Game Changers after the Chargers/ Bears game. It is about a UFC fighter having to change his diet to vegetarian/ vegan and it should be good. I would like to try vegetarism but I know myself ( picky eater) and so 12-15 meals is all I could manage out of 21 for the week ( still REALLY good compared to others n not even including snacking of fruit either). Plan on reading at least 2-3 chapters of Choose More, Lose More for Life too!

I did Day 1 of Transform in 5 and am doing Day 4 later ( found static chair hold to be a good substitute for hollow rocks). I also did these:https://www.healthline.com/health/fitness-exercise/mid-back-stretches#cobra-pose to help w/ my nagging pains still from the accident and am hoping my workout plans of yoga 3x this week help w/ everything else! I think I set myself up for failure in trying to do a workout + yoga in the same day and so when I end up skipping yoga afterwards, feel bad.

I have done well at having 4 waters/ day everyday this week ( - Wed just 3) my goal of bone broth/ tomato soup exceeded by an extra meal, have had just 3 donuts for 'bad' sweets, had ahi and 6 meatless meals this week too! I am trying stovetop cooking for my 3rd tomato soup meal next week...

Biking: might have to get the fat tire out early ( cleaned off the dust off the frame/ tires as best as I could) but if it's just a dusting on grass forecasted Wed, will try the hybrid. I got a new folding shovel a few wks ago to help w/ snow drifts at the start/ end of my city blocks that I have found cumbersome in the past and I am pretty excited!

Life stuff: my Mom found out she has skin cancer. It is that basal cell carcinoma 1 I think and it on her nose. She thought she could keep it from us ( blame a bandaid as covering up a scratch) but it turns out she needs to do a skin graph too so 2 bandages is hard to conceal next month. The pitbull made an appearance last week as his home quarantine ended and the owner stated she was trying to help get her dog away by hitting him and grabbing his legs. Wish someone had video cuz that crap is boiled down to our word against hers.

This week, I am planning on focusing on workouts/ book reading, NOT getting S and having comebacks should she say shit ( n go to TBB n demand HR email too), maybe ' going along' w/ co-workers when they bring up certain topics since having opposition proves to solve nothing ( ie Keira bringing up Washington Redskins name Saturday as ' all of a sudden' being offensive, and normally, I don't say anything ( like when she brings up ' how the black ppl are/ talk/ dress'/ a Mexican distinction vs just "a guy", I know he's white), but this time, couldn't let it stand. I said it has always been offensive and she yells ' there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG W/that word!', I say nothing wrong?? It is a deragotory towards Native Americans and the mascot is a Native American too ( not like your company name is Chinks but you're selling video games and got to worry about anything unrelated controversy w/ the Chinese taking offense).

She goes on to say why are ppl JUST NOW having a problem w/ it/ why hasn't she heard this in the past? Before I can say just bc you haven't heard or seen anything in your stupid little town, doesn't mean it hasn't been in the papers or discussed on TV in other States/ cities for freaking 40 years at least and back in the day, TV stations n newspapers could cut stuff from being featured if it differed from their views, she then says what about the Vikings? Aren't they murderous mauraders and why aren't ppl protesting them? I realize this is going nowhere w/ her deflecting/ my answer of idk and she ends it w/ what about the Eagles and the Bears? What if they are offended to?), try seeing if R or Eliza find my healthy tips helpful lately and just hope NSG likes my bone broth/ p shake samples as he is proving to be a good fitness ally.

It's been a few weeks since my last post.
soup nazi
Work: Has been ok ( E and I chat once in a while and I am civil w/ S) despite being in WA2 both Monday AND Tues lately. I got my Wednesdays back and ran into a little issue w/ S. I saw her in the break room, then 15-20 mins go by, the line starts up, the papers start dumping and after a minute of her not being out there, I said to J do I need to go get her or do you want to wait for her to come out on her own? He didn't say no, she has to get out here herself, but instead said yeah you can go get her. So I do and nothing goes wrong for a few runs, but then I start thinking what if she doesn't know that was a 1 time occurrence and now expects it everytime?

I decide to talk to TBB and he said it is J's responsibility to make sure his ppl are out there and S is to be out there. You see the thing no one has told me is if her behavior a few weeks ago is NOT ALLOWED to happen again. I never want to be verbally attacked like that again, I hate that is is still 'fresh' and why my voice cracked as I was talking to TBB. Idk if he brought it up to her as she passed his office after punching out or not but I hope he did.

Biking: has been cold and windy in the mornings ( feels like low 30's and winds 20-40 MPH, some afternoons ok as long as not windy but some stayed cold). I upped my seat height a few weeks ago to help my hip pain and so far it has been ok. I also noticed I tense my shoulders when riding and have been working on making sure I am loose hehe.

Fitness: I found out about Chris and Heidi Powell's Transform APP, their books on carb cycling ( took a quiz and I am a Fit Cycle but might rethink it, dk yet),took advantage of their FREE 5 Day Transform in 5 minutes program, ordered Chris's book Choose More, Lose More for Life which deals w/4 carb cycles, meal plans, calendar and 9 Minute workouts called 9 Minute Missions! I even kicked up my fitness snacking by doing 30 MC's after every 2 laps and alternating between that, 20 plank jacks, a minute plank or 25 spider planks. I got in 10 sets! I hope today to do Day 1 and Day 2 of Tin5. I hope to get in a full length workout this weekend and do a 2nd R yoga session this week too.

Nutrition: I have had more fruit lately ( apple slices, pears), meatless meals, might try a few veggie options ( the Greek green beans dish, making my own garlic butter green beans n potato dish and getting more bone broth and tomato soup into my diet). I was thinking of vegetable broth but dk if you can see/ taste the onions so pass. Yeah, I watched a few food documentaries ( Fat Head, 2 guys 7 days 1 juicer, Eating You Alive, Love Paleo, Fed Up and Planet Pure Nation ( they have a Pod here!). All the movies for all these different ways of eating all cite being backed up by science...I am planning on next year's Resolutions trying out 4 different diets: Keto, Super Carb by Bob Harper, Chris Powell's carb cycling of either Turbo or Fit ( he also has an Extreme Cycle, which is in Extreme Transformation, for obese ppl I think) and Tony Horton's P90X. Dk yet how to pick the sequence but I think 3 months each is good.

TV: Love Madam Secretary being back, The Neighborhood, The Resident, This Is Us ( ran into some anxious snowflake commenters on last week's episode tho), Single Parents, Magnum PI, Mr Inbetween, NCIS:LA, FBI, Mom, New Amsterdam, A Million Little Things, God Friended Me, One Chicago, American Housewife, Superstore, Mayans MC and SVU are all still good as are new shows All Rise, Evil, Carol's Second Act,The Unicorn, Emergence, and Bob Hearts Abishola. Been watching a lot of Tubi/ Hulu too ( Jamesy Boy, Beyond the Spectrum: Being Taken, Storm Force, Valentine Road ( Lawrence King murder), Untouchable ( Harvey Weinstein fall), Shadowhunters, Wu Assassins, Falling Inn Love, Indian film Mirzya, The Code ( Aussie series), Iron Cowboy and 77 Minutes were really good) and love their LGBT section, saw a great trilogy about 2 gay Mormons journey through the church, life and their on/ off relationship called The Falls, Lez Bomb holiday movie about coming out, Mercy's Girl, etc...

Home life: my Mom's arm has finally stopped having blood oozing through her bandages last week and she has started using it without the brace. Our new neighbors have brought a few hassles lately but last night was the worst. They have 5 ppl upstairs but think our leaving the basement light on 1 day this week ( Chris did it btw)/ us flicking it off n on for 1 day/ week to do laundry is causing a spike in their electricity bill ( yeah, it's jumping a level? That's our light, you dick!) and said for us to leave his cans alone when we take in/ take out the trash. We started taking out their cans bc a few times they forgot (and we're not smelling their stinking garbage for a 2nd week) and now we have to see their cans outside all day til whenever his lazy can't even say hi to us ass decides to bring em back in? We have lived here for 10 years, NO ONE has brought up electricity spikes or tried telling us what's what when he has only been here for a minute! Not even 2 months, bro!

I said we should start taking pics of the light off at 10 PM or hey can you not smoke pot on the landing as it fills up the lobby? I also said maybe his Ring doorbell sucking up all the juice! No notice or even courtesy ask by them either, classy! My Mom doesn't want tension or trying to 1 up each other crap ( had that in Cali re: laundry room) and is back to wanting to move ( we are looking at places later today after my healthy lunch of Logli's hot entree grilled chicken/ sides of Szechuan green beans AND roasted potatoes for just $6!).

Last month, I received a letter from the University of Michigan Survey Research Center stating they were working w/ Universities here for a new socioeconomic study and I could submit an application to be selected for the program Every Dollar Counts. I thought maybe it was a scam but I took a pic of the envelope showing the official logo, sent it to ykw and all she said was wonder what the questions will be. I checked out the website (heartlandalliance/everydollarcounts.org), looked legit complete w/ pic/ bio of the director/ FAQS and actual Survey Research contact number, did the application on the last day but did not submit it due to being asked for adminstrative data from my job. But then got an email a week ago stating I had been selected ( interview follows, then process to get your $50/month for 3 years and seeing how you use the $, if it betters your life somehow).

I found out about UMich scams going on back in 2017 in my attempts to reach an email contact ( I did Google Every Dollar Counts as being a scam and nothing came up). I stated getting the letter, not doing the app, getting picked anyway (then getting a call stating University of MI( but my Caller ID said WI)) and asked if they have a Steve Naughton/ program real? The reply back wasn't yes it's real or Steve is an an employee but rather can you forward us any correspondence, we will investigate and get back to you.
There were no grammatical errors/ spelling, no accents, and the letter had official letterhead and contact numbers for Michigan. I had only a week to submit the application and didn't want to miss it due to trying to find out if it was a scam.

Edit: 12:40 PM: Tried the tomato soup last night and know now to only stir once the soup is done in the microwave hehe. Can't wait to try it next week all thick n red:)! I got 4 cans so I am good til our monthly Walmart trip. I had the $6 meal from Logli's and it was really good ( w/ 4 Oreos) and am having bone broth for a snack later to hold me til dinner! Then I heard screaming/ yelling going on in the lobby and it was the jerk upstairs threatening my mother I found out just now. We called Chris and said you need to fix this now! The jerk said we were talking about him and it's going to STOP NOW! My Mom yelled back fuck you, who are you trying to scare and we can have your spycam removed, you dick head! He then said that we better not touch his shit and my Mom said I'm not going to touch it, the cops can do that! My Mom is telling me this and I'm like he was taking things out of context, we were telling jokes about My Cousin Vinny being revelant to the politics right now and guess what, even if we were talking about him, that's not illegal!

(no subject)
soup nazi
I discovered a new free streaming channel called Tubi today. I was looking for Hungry for Change, found that Tubi was a collection of all kinds of movies and shows, from way back when to shows and movies that came out last year to this year! I really like all the food focused documentaries though. I watched a 2nd documentary called Eating You Alive and man, it was cool to know that genetically determined diseases CAN be changed by eating a whole foods diet but I think I would suffer from burnout if I tried to eat beans, rice and frozen veggies/ fruits for a month ( but the $70 total is freaking tempting). Maybe try for it 2x/ week n do canned fruits or applesauce?

There's also a lot of Black Cinema movies and quite a few movies/ documentaries I want to check out over the weekend on the Tubi platform.

Sucks that my Wednesdays at work have been taken away from me cuz of that crap last week, but good news is we have 2 new workers that started this week (1 was last Friday, coincidence or happy accident, idk), and S and Eliza and I are able to work n no issues arise. There are noticeable changes though but that's how it is now for me. I am going to LOOK GOOD through workouts, eating right ( fish was had 2x today, tomorrow's work lunch bean n beef burritos, etc) and balancing out the snacks to just half an hour ( and before the start of errands/ workouts so it can hopefully get burned off)!

I inquired about a new closer gym that recently opened up this summer and I will check it out if I like what equipment they have ( CrossFit like I think but w/ treadmills n bikes too) and hopefully cheap membership rates too. It is only 4-5 blocks out of my way on my way to work..R joined PF last month but has yet to go? She's like I don't have a car, what am I going to do? Take the bus? I was thinking to myself you knew that prior to joining as you haven't had a car in over a year? I hope she at least uses some of the food tips I told her last week...

(no subject)
soup nazi
Love these tubs!



New neighbors...
soup nazi
Have started moving in. Chris said for the 3rd time that we would get to pick the next tenant. Lie. So my Mom says we're moving but Idk yet if it will happen due to upcoming and unknown factors still. Our neighbor has OCD, wants a special handicap spot on our street ( not a parking lot and you're a renter..) and is going to set up a picnic table and chairs on our front porch..

Work has gone ok and I have been good w/ snacks and sweets. I got to talk to my Southern coworker finally and found out she almost died a few weeks ago by almost bleeding out due to the DaVinci robot messing up her emergency gallbladder surgery!! Her 2 daughters almost lost it when they got the bill for the surgery needed to fix the fuck up of the 1st surgery. Her doctor told her she won't feel back to normal for 7 more weeks due to all the transfusions she had to get.

I might do Yoga Burn in an hour and do a P90X workout on Sunday since last weekend was finishing Super Carb Diet ( no 90 day meal plan, just make your own for 90 days)/bingeing( R yoga and ARMS 2x this week) Once Upon a Time ( watched most of season 1 n then skipped all the way to season 7! Loved Alice/Robin/Tilly/Margot, definitely get all the Regina/Emma shippers and wish Ruby/ Dorothy would have gotten more than 1 episode in season 3) and checked out Hotel Mumbai ( GREAT MOVIE ABOUT THE TERRORISTS ATTACK IN 12 AREAS OF MUMBAI WITHIN 1 DAY IN 2008). My new tortilla chips are great,tried my brown rice/ quinoa pasta and dk if I should have cooked the noodles longer or picked a different sauce but it was just ok ( tasted a little better today). Had my 2nd FF trip today and might have my beans and rice for post workout Sunday/ work lunch Monday.

4:22 PM: just did Yoga Burn! I am getting better at actually extending my leg fully in extended leg pose ( w/ big toe grab), wide angle pose, wide angle side bends, triangle poses, forward pose, Warrior I and II but had a hard time doing cat pose into chest and knees roll into Upward Dog and transition into Downward Facing Dog...ready to make my salmon/rice dinner after my BK usual ( just the sandwich), had 2 servings of trail mix, usual donut and random slice of cake due to coworker leaving. Yesterday I had 2 apple cider donuts and maple yogurt ( added too much maple, next time, add a scoop more of yogurt).

Hmmmm...( Oh yeah, I fixed my phone...:))
soup nazi
I thought yesterday was/ S went well but today, not so much. Dk if it pertains to her saying last week she wants to be told where she is working, and I quote, and have ppl leave her the fuck alone. Today I was told to help her w/ the numbers for the routes. She said certain things that made me think I was irritating her simply be being around. I told her about the bundles being 15 n the number on the paper changes to say a 9 or 5, the bundles HAS to now be that ( ie subtract). Idk if she was anxious but she kept asking what can she do n we said you only do something when the # changes n fix messes... I told her we get a bunch of 10's ( she was here early this week so she is not used to having to do this for the past 3 Saturdays) and what I do to avoid a big stack of pulled off papers is after I do 2 bundles, put that extra down for the 3rd bundles. She got mad and said in a hostile unprovoked tone 'Don't confuse me! It's too early for that'.

When it came to our 1st round of 10's, I did the 1st 1 and told her to do the next. She was taking too long and the bundles were going to jam, so I said I'll do every other 1 ( as they were backing up). I started telling Andrew which ones I had done so he could put the paper on it and S started to take that bundle off. I said it's already done, do the next 1. This back and forth confusion continued until we were done. Jennifer asked if it was ok that I go over to bag and so I said to S will you be ok if I leave? She said yeah, I will BE FINE! I said okkkay, bye. I can't help it if she can't process the info or grasp the concept of what we have to do. If she would have sworn at me, I would have gone directly to TBB.

I made it a point to not 'purposely' look over there ( so she couldn't say why I am looking over there AT HER n crap) but the mailbags are in line w/ where S was standing less than 8 feet away so glances were inevitable but saw ( and heard) a stop being called 3 different times due to S getting backed up and D even had to go over to help. S does not like D at all I guess. I found this out last Monday during her rant and again today, Andrew and I were just talking about how we liked D's new shirt phrases and S for some reason says don't look at them, why are you looking at them then? We were thinking like..what, no, we LIKE them and how do you not notice your boss' shirt??

I just dk what jobs she has had where you don't get training or supervision of some kind? Maybe she's 'been away'...Idk either if maybe my biking/ being into healthy eating/ swaps bothers her but she always brings up my biking or do I eat this or that as part of my DIET w/ a weird tone. Anyways, we got done early and while biking to Wendy's, chatted w/ John who was walking across the street. I got the grilled chicken sandwich combo sans cheese and was disappointed to learn they discontinued the multigrain bun. Speaking of multigrain, I am not giving S any more healthy snacks/ sweets like I have been from now on.

I am liking reading Super Carb Diet, am on Ch. 3, did some math for protein, carbs, fats and calories for every meal for a sum total every day in Ch 2 and MIGHT even get Bob's harping about a food scale. I skimmed his 14 day sample menu, saw where I could make similar swaps of certain items ( do pb for a fat over avocado toast, eww), might try adding minced broccoli to eggs and opt for fruit over carrots n hope whole wheat toast fiber is good enough w/ oatmeal ( not steel cut but close enough). I like that my protein shakes cover regular protein shake lunch or an egg white shake too ( feels like shakelogy, WW or SlimFast here hehe). Realized as I discovered chia seed pudding via Googling, that maybe I was becoming Uber orthorexic like. My yogurt, granola bars, dried fruit ( won't overeat), NutThins/PopCorners/ Way Better, seeds n nuts, Cado frozen dessert, DC/pb,and baked pears/ maple syrup/ granola are ENOUGH healthy snacks/sweets!

I also have to find good floater meal ideas ( can't have ANY snacking)), have found just a few good samples yet but maybe there's more in the 90 day plan section) which is just protein and fat. Idk how often cheese is frequented into meals but know Bob is not anti dairy since he oks yogurt, I think dark chocolate and maybe milk. I like that I can eat any veg/ fruits that I want and all my nuts/ seeds/trail mix are fine too ( just watch serving size n carbs, eat them as floater meal periodically)! I am not starting SCD yet btw...I might do just 1 Dollar Tree sized bag of Way Better ( 4 oz), or a box of NutThins for 1 total every other week.

I was struck w/ FOMO earlier this week but resisted the Groupon PiYo $25 BaseKit offer for my yoga DVDs, Bob's unknown to me workout in SCD, NTC ( showed both NSG and R the workouts ( the free ones, not this year's newly launched Premium plan but did say it has nutrition advice) and my other workout DVDs. My Mom tried my yoga DVD, said she hurt herself cuz she was too tense ( I said you're supposed to be loose, you can't force the moves) and is now back to her over 50 yoga that she hasn't done in over 2 months ( hence why I suggested mine for a change, I told her to preview the moves...). I plan on doing ARMS, planks, MCs, thighs and R yoga today...

Yoga and work
soup nazi
I did Yoga For Athletes Sunday and was really happy that my tree pose and Cobbler's pose were better than the last time I did them in P90X. This week has had a few long 9-10 hr days ( tomorrow ends the 6 days straight work week), a few misunderstandings, 2 FF trips, reading Super Carb Diet ( on Ch. 2 right now),chats about yogurt ( love my maple, seeing if Fage has that flavor or add it to their 2% 1 since Eat This, Not That says Fage is better than The Greek Gods brand, which is the 1 I am eating)/ keto diet/ tiny houses/ yoga, balance of good n 'not good' snacks/ dinners, fitness snacking, 2 ARMS and 1 weighted punch and run day and a 3rd day of restorative yoga this week.

No command is what I saw on my phone as I turned it back on after leaving work. Normally I just reboot it but it just keeps taking me back to NC after reboot/installing update fails. I have tried reboot, reboot to bootloader, apply update, wipe cache, power off ( and even took the battery out), but nothing is fucking working!

That Marianne Williamson chick needs to drop out..now!
soup nazi
Her we can approach every conflict and if we use love and peace, we will find a solution is crap! Not only that, but under her plan, the US Government is going to give EVERY American citizen ages 18-65 $1,000/ month??? Bullshit, you hippie! This all stems from her CNN interview this morning...

I was debating about getting a couple healthy magazine subscriptions, like Eating Well, Eat This, Not That and Bicycling, but decided not to since there's a lot of good recipes/ bike blogs online. These Med diet desserts I found look like they could double as a breakfast or at home snack too:

I like the chocolate mousse and yogurt,bananas and pb ones the best. I also found a recipe for pears, maple syrup and granola. I can also add melted dark chocolate TO my traditional yogurt for a flavor other than maple ( I got a maple Greek yogurt and it's great but can get more if buy the bigger just traditional yogurt)...

It has been a little chilly at night/ in the mornings now! I am planning on doing ARMS today along with/ R yoga. Work yesterday was kinda rough ( 2 mailings) and tension between Kiera and R. Today was ok, only did S's job for 10 mins, then rolled my eyes at Kiera's assertion that she's not a racist since she talks to the black ppl at work ( but forgot about it as we were looking to get done before 11)! I then bypassed my fast food stops for a toasted cooked at home beef deli meat sandwich ( not Med diet) but did have whole wheat n Italian spices. Watching some Tiny House Expedition eps later, along w/ finishing Subat, checking out Occupied and Wu Assassin's ep 2 on. Jane The Virgin's final season was good and I hope Cleverman comes back for a 3rd season!

My tracker is also causing me issues w/ the strap. As I was bagging today, the watch fell off in the bag and also came undone as I was brushing my hair. Tried calling today but offices are closed.