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I walked my bike this morning since there was ice. I saw CARTS guy biking slowly on the other side of the street on the sidewalk but he must have still been sick or something since he left to go home before 8. I had 2-3 machines all day but after lunch, D ended up coming over w/ 1 of Thomas' inserts and then all of a sudden, I had 4 machines on all going full blast!! I was like how did D know I was going to McD's for dinner????

I told my Mom my WA/OR plans today and she's on board. Dk how she will feel about needing the U Haul or my bikes and pets coming but we'll talk more later.

Back at work, I was asked to help do a mailing and my only stipulation was I am either the bagger or strapper. I choose bagger but instead of putting the mailbags into gurney's or carts, they had to be stacked Jenga style onto skids.

Got in 8.65 hours, walked the bike to McD's, met my homeless 'friend' whom I have seen and spoken to about 5x, anyways, he brought up how I am always walking my bike and I started to defend and justify some stuff, but then I was like why?? Who's this dude? I just ate my food, got my bike, walked it a block to Walgreens where I got my ACT Restoring stuff and gum for work and walked it the rest of the way home since there were 30 MPH winds out!

I am going to have a blast tomorrow and Thursday watching the rest of season 4 ( not 3) of The Foster's and going back to some s3 eps and then Venice!!!!!!! Doing the dogs' toes, picking up my dog's meds and maybe going to Walmart during my 2 days off.....

Oh, you know that 815 magazine my paper does? Well it turns out they were charging ppl for it in their subscription and not telling them about it except for after the fact (and in fine print crap) and it has been on the news and even the BBB were getting calls over it!
I forgot about my Venice DVDs coming, probably by Tuesday ( it's in WI right now!) so Wednesday will be dedicated to that instead of going to the movies. This Lions/Seahawks game just finally started getting interesting by getting points on the board!

Yep, need a lower gear!

I really tried this morning to bike but after 2 blocks, I was breathing heavy, my hands were getting seriously frozen and my eyelashes were freezing to my beanie from the moisture from said breathing and my 2 jacket hoods were causing my helmet and beanie to shift from time to time, so walking it I did in -1 degree temps w/ windchill at -16. My knees are sore as hell and so hopefully the newer gear will help w/ that too. Work, however, was better but I didn't even try to bike home since it was 2 w/ windchill at -12!

I am soo just watching movies and certain Playoffs this weekend! Thank God, Monday is going to be regular normal temps of 20's and 40's! Might go see Hidden Figures this Wednesday:)! I ordered Final Destination 5 film DVD combo pack, Flashback by Dawn Carter and The Devil's Due ( the 6th book in the Cain/ Emma series:)!. I am getting really pissed off w/ Open Book Productions. My Venice DVD's say shipped but tracking just says the info was sent to the USPS carrier and the last scan was Jan 4th. No uh, it's in San Francisco or on the way to Indiana, is it just going to scan once it's in my town???

I did have a cool idea for a Beacon Hill ep. Since Kate is a runner and the show is set in Boston....I thought it'd be cool to see her in the Boston Marathon, not getting hurt but being in the blast zone w/ minor injuries and then having to be on the lookout for the suspects as the manhunt ensued, wondering if she's in danger, and then seeing Sara's POV of worrying about Kate, wondering if she was there, wanting her to be safe, both wanting to see the other, etc or better yet, having them as a couple while all this happens and Sara's in Boston too.
Tuesday was good, semi easy and not too long (8.5 hrs). I rode 98% of the way to work which surprised me. On the way home, after walking it up the hill to my flat 11 blocks, I biked alongside CARTS guy and he was making fun of my pulsing spotlight hehe, but I think he liked that it lit his presence half a block in front of him as I was at the end of the block. I noticed some ' weakness' in my nerve going along the bottom of my arm while at work, so after my early 'light' pick up meal at McD's, I did some arm exercises w/ my dumb bells. The City, police and Mayor's 'action' towards all the violence lately ( including 11 shootings since the start of the New Year) is that the community has to step up and come forward w/ info to catch the criminals.....So no help w/ prevention or frisking known thugs for weapons or drugs like in Cali, but help after the fact....

David Blaine's special was great!

Wednesday- yay, Today show did the Fitness Challenge update today!! I took my green resistance band ( the 1 my Mom is to help w/, it affects bottom nerve) and tied it to my other 2 ones so now I can hit 4 areas ( shoulder blade, bottom nerve of arm, inner nerve and outside nerve, also muscles/ tendons too) and do it all myself. 4 degrees outside so definitely taking my thermals and insulated jacket ( could have used my vest the other night since it was 28 instead of my earlier 35!).

I opted for the vest so to not overheat. It is REALLY hard biking w/8 degrees and a windchill but I did bike for 70% on my way to work. Marques was making fun of my chili dogs from BK! The press was down for a half hour so I occupied my time by sweeping. I had to do what Marques does w/ this month's River Cities and I was walking between my 8 machines apart insert and the hopper, not sweating and running like him hehe. I joked w/ Thomas afterwards saying the chili dogs gave me energy hehe. I helped restack half a layer of RC since it toppled over as Derek was trying to put it on the lift to be wrapped.

I got in 3.72 hrs since Eliza and everyone else got to leave an hour earlier, but Thomas and I had to stay to finish Express, which for some reason, the last 2 layers had issues 3x! I walked my bike home since it's hard biking in thermals w/ tired legs and I might ask Kegel's if they add cogs to chainrings since my bike could benefit greatly w/another gear.

I watched Beacon Hill when I got home and don't get the review that the HuffPost gave it. I hope next season we get longer episodes and some revelation that Kate and Sara are still in love w/ each other and then action too hehe,

Today, the kids have been here since 10 this morning. Their kitchen is being worked on and it's also the entrance for the bathroom. I went to Walmart today ( braved the high of low teen temps) and spent about an hour just standing in the customer service line to return my Nightmare on Elm Street collection and then later, standing in 1 of the 4 open lanes! Everybody was there hehe, waiting behind 4 ppl already in line, better today than Saturday when it's Playoffs AND -1 out! I missed out on the Final Destination 5 pack ( even had a guy go check in the back) but did score Crocodile Dundee 1 and 2, Ghostbusters 1 and 2, Jumping Jack Flash, Terminator 2, Overboard and Nightmare Before Christmas and only had to pay $6 of my own $!

I got some dinners/ snacks and I am hoping my brown rice that I am going to mix in w/ my white rice and my Bear Naked Sweet Honey granola clusters cereal will( and be a good sub for my Just Bunches) be good for my fitness workouts,etc. I got Team Hoda and next week, they'll hopefully show the workouts on my day off, in addition to posting their meals and exercises online.

There was a shooting just down the street from me as I was at Walmart. It was by Rockford Plaza which is 1 block past Logli's/ Kegel's. Yeah, time to maybe kick up the savings amount to move. I hope those 4 Chicago Facebook Live adults get the max and get the hate crimes attached to their sentences too! Psychopaths torture and torment and they might have killed that young man if that neighbor didn't call the cops!

Errands downtown

I decided to walk to do my errands downtown ( $ Tree, lunch stop, bus station and library). It was nice out mostly (35, cloudy but hardly any wind) and I just can't justify lugging my big bike out for a 2 mile ride + the bus terminal is too tempting for ppl re: my bike. I think my 2 hrs outside burned off my McD's lunch. The library was closed but I was able to go to the other 2 places and get what I needed.

I hate to 'profile' but on my way back, I saw this black guy about to cross the street as I was on the last block to the post office, he turned and saw me. I get to the crosswalk by the post office and the guy is waiting beside me. He then asks my name and I give him my real name, whereas he gives me a nickname. He then crosses against the light and then starts looking behind him to see if I am still there. He does this for a block. I decide to go around to the other side of a building on the next block over and he either gets the hint or goes to the other side of the street, but when I get around, I don't see him.

Really glad I didn't have my fat tire w/ me. I really want to watch Beacon Hill again!
I biked down the sidewalk of the elementary school on my way to just Walgreens since it was freezing out AND windy as hell too! The back tire is either making a noise separate from just the sound of the wider tire/ more rubber on the pavement or it is the chain or both, or something else entirely. Glad I had my facemask in my backpack for the way back!

Beacon Hill was really good ( loved the Yankees/ Red Sox bedroom scene for 2 reasons:)) and I heard about a season 2 but dk if it was delayed or scrapped.

Work, bike tinkering and UFC

I need to have my Mom help me w/ the stem! It is really hard to turn when it is not perfectly aligned and it might help w/overall pedaling too. I love my new light and have started turning off my other light on my way home now. Work yesterday was long!

Did 9.5 hours, talked w/ Marques over IceHogs prices but when he heard about their latest security changes, thinks maybe it's not worth it. I also talked w/ B a lot since she was helping me out bc her machines only came on for 40 mins (but not til way after lunch) and she's finally going to take an active approach in losing weight. She's going to join the Y for the pool and walking track, maybe join WeightWatchers and I was trying to give her food tips that she might find helpful.

I gave up biking back home after 2 blocks. Took me an hour to get home so yeah, definitely want it fixed hehe. Came home, watched the crappy prelims of UFC 207 before watching the main fight card containing like 5 fights all together, including Rhonda Rousey's return after being gone for a year. Idk why she got a straight shot to the Title instead of having to go up the ladder like everyone else. I liked Cody Gabrant ( sp?) and TJ Dillashaw's fights the best.

Then it was time for the main event and man, I couldn't believe it. It was like Rousey had never fought before! She blocked one punch which ended up landing, and then the 6-8 punches afterwards were neither blocked or defended w/ punches of her own and was rocked, stumbling around before Herb Dean was like alright, that's it! I was going to bike downtown to deposit the $30 for the UFC split but remembered I want to take out $40, so I will just get a bus pass downtown, stop at Walgreens and get cash back. Getting snacks today for myself since the kids are sleeping over again. I am watching Beacon Hill today damnit!!!
Going in depth I mean! I hope I have the stem figured out ( and if not, taking my Allen key for tomorrow). I need to get better conditioned in regards to biking and winter conditions. I mean, I was breathing hard, getting a runny nose, fogging up my beanie and facemask and getting a pain in my ribs before walking the bike a block before getting back on. I felt like I knew what winter biking in Co must feel like re: thin air! I might decide to do a day of walking weekend errands by bike this weekend.....
I hope my Venice series ships soon! I am giving them until Thursday before I get pissed and stop being understanding hehe. I need to get better conditioning re: fat biking. I rode it 90-95% today both ways and it just sucks since while Eliza saw me on the way in on the bike, CARTS guy saw me walking it through a crosswalk on my way home. It's hard in the morning since my legs aren't ready for all that hard pedaling and then after work, my legs are tired, etc. I hope filling up my tires fully today and adjusting the stem will help w/ Thursday and maybe time to regrease too.

Maybe I could do little upgrades to 'lighten' the pounds of the bike? Maybe drilling holes into the rims or getting lighter pedals???

Check out my new great light! This is right in the AM and biking home today at 4, my strobing light was very visible off the road so 6:30 PM will be all bright, baby!

Things about me and NY Resolutions

I like history, from Greek/Roman/Ancient Chinese/Japanese periods of time to WWII. I like watching specials about the Unabomber, DB Cooper, Easter Island, any cave system or secret bunker stuff and certain nature/animal shows. My Mom is happy w/ just getting rid of her Sunday Ticket next week and ESPN after Feb.

My Resolutions are just more of what last year's was but getting in better riding shape, saving $40-$60/ month and getting in at least 1 hike/ month in summer months. I am very happy and proud that I have not backslid into anything w/ykw for almost 2 years now. Today will be my 2nd time doing my new workout/ stretches and I will try to do it 3-4x/week. Fat going should be good this week for 90-100% riding since the warm up today has melted a lot of the sidewalk snow and I get to test out my new light ( the tail light is on my Specialized).

Today's agenda!

Let out some of the PSI in tires
Use scrub brush on wheels and rims to clean it and get the salt off so it can go in the house for a few days rather than in the lobby.
Maybe put other extra clothes in my bin after fixing my garment hanger using trusty, stablizing? duck tape?
Use my ab wheel for one set of 20 reps and do Yoga for Cycling stretches for my back and knees ( slush is killer! I know what Lindsey Vonn goes through when she scholoms!).

12:29 PM: I just got done doing my stretches and I feel great! I did the Table Top ( plank position where you move right arm and left together together, hold for 5 breaths and then switch sides, I did 15 of them. It is a move I do in #rippedin30 too but holding weights), advanced table top ( move your neck down to chest to stretch neck muscles too), forearm plank and cycling plank ( high plank position, bring knee to nose or as close as ya can hehe, hold for 5-10 breaths and switch). I did 20 for each. I stretched my hamstrings, glutes, upper back, TVA, neck muscles, upper and lower arms, AB muscle stretch and worked on ab muscles too w/ a stretch and 10 ab wheel reps! I also did knee circles, pigeon pose and my 3 in 1 leg tendon/ muscles stretch too.

This New Year's Eve movie is pretty good! I found out yesterday that Marques is a big Jm Carrey and Will Ferrell fan. I was proud and happy that I remembered Will Ferrell's character's name in Talladega Nights despite only seeing previews. I had to tell the new guy, Thomas, that I don't date coworkers not am I attracted to anyone at work ( after discussing hobbies and Christmas plans, he asked about my bf). If he persists, I will say I don't date ppl w/ kids ( he has 2 little ones and a 3rd, dk her age).
Fat biking was a little better today. We got snow again and it was snowing as I biked most of the way home ( stopped at McD's for a cheap dinner). I am going to tweak the stem, take out some of the air in my tires to get better traction and try to attach my rack too for next week. I came home from my 8.5 shift, shoveled the walk and driveway and then wrapped my Mom's gifts up.

I am really looking forward to my Venice show. From what I have seen in various scenes, Ani and Gina kiss and make love differently than Ani and Lara, when they get back together,etc. Her and Gina are passionate but slow, savoring the action of kisses or love making while her and Lara's kisses aren't as deep.
Today was ok. Fat biking was ok today. I find it hard going through the slush so walk it I do. We got a nice holiday work lunch today and got out just an hour after we predicted hehe. I just ordered seasons 1-4 of Venice and thought I saw season 5 ( but it was season 4). Season 5 is $35 though so I am hoping for a cheaper DVD version soon. Haha, the mayor just had his lights out vs lights in stats debated. The news just aired a story about this WI guy who was stabbed to death today over on 6th St. and the neighbor said crime happens there bc it's pitch black ( due to Morrissey's taking the street lights out).

Oooh yeah!

Just watched some Otalia and GiAni vids as I was searching for The Grove episodes. Man, I am soo getting Venice seasons 1-4 and season 5 soon after. I reported the unshoveled sidewalks from the tattoo place on E State and 9th to the McD's on E State and Jefferson to the city. Businesses are required to shovel 24 hours after a snow storm ( ours was Saturday?) and this was this morning. I even mentioned this guy w/ a walker ( I found his glove for him) and how he had to go in the street to get to the crosswalk where I was since he couldn't go through the slush of the sidewalk.

The end of fat biking.....For now.

Yeah, today pretty much sucked re: fat biking. Lots of snow plowed tracks blocking crosswalks and then 6" snow covered medians which were hard maneuvering a big wheeled bike and myself through. I just hate to think if I had a walker or wheelchair. My feet were frozen for both treks through medians as snow got into my shoe. I am going to walk to work until I see improvement enough to try again. Need to remember winter BOOTS tomorrow before I leave work. Work today was nice, got Christmas cookies and my 3 machines turned into 2 by 9 AM and then just 1 right before lunch for a 9 hour shift.

My Mom and I decided to just do antenna TV in January( Our satellite has been kaput since Saturday and the dude can't get here til Wednesday to fix the dish). There is a crime show channel on the 9 basic channels, it resembles the ID station and I have DVD's and Hulu/Netflix.
Crappy parts of my trip downtown. + side I wasn't sweaty at all, even w/ 2 shovelings and almost 2 hrs outside fat biking. I did walk the bike for some parts but maybe 75%-80% was spent on the bike!

Nice lighting not too offset by high brights of my work building! And I haven't swapped batteries yet. Speaking of lights, I need to make sure my tail light cover is tightly closed ( it kept turning off randomly) and/ or just see if it needs charging since dk if
NiteRider had 10 degrees in mind when doing their run time charts.

Pretty sure I burned all this off when I went to Walgreens afterwards ( seen in 1st pic)

A new day

Well I am hoping for a better biking experience today as I drop off my wipes at work and pick up some brand name batteries for my lights,allergy meds and probably cigarettes for my Mom at Walgreens. I am hoping going down Charles will be a better route since they have more parking lot options than yesterday's E. State attempt. Last night, I actually saw a half foot snow bank blocking the crosswalk from the sidewalk, which was also unshoveled, right before Longwood and it just shows how this city views pedestrians or cyclists trying to bike on the sidewalk or having to take the full lane. I am thinking of snapping a pic of it and mentioning it to Transform Rockford or a FB post.

Tomorrow is going to be -20! Staying inside hehe and it's nice knowing my cousin Ronnie is living through this too ( her latest post said it was 1 degree).

Fat tire biking in snow: Day 1!

So my trek down to Kegel's was successful! They filled my tires to the right PSI ( turns out full =10 PSI), adjusted my brake levers and put my front tire on right ( yeah, just turning it over doesn't mean it's not still backwards hehe!) and fixed my gearing! I also didn't get charged which was great. Oh, turns out that the bike was stuck in highest gear all along but the shifter wasn't put on 7 (but rather 1) so 1 is the lowest gear ( on the highest ring). I then went over to Logli's across the street and got a few items for my Mom who didn't want to go out and a pizza for me, I figured out the gearing quickly and biked over some icy patches in their lot w/ no problems and am pedaling easily now!

My mailman ( young guy in his 20's) was super impressed w/ my bike as I came home. Idk the temp today but single-not yet 20 yet at least and I will have to get used to wearing my vest instead of my toastyish jacket ( little chill's better than getting more sweaty). Thermals are a must though! I got my new tail light charged up and it's now on my fat tire bike:)😃

1:23 PM: I just ordered some Christmas gifts for my Mom and I! I got myself a Hawaiian logos/ sayings water bottle, her a cool Hawaiian Islands chain mug and both of us 2 Honu turtles calendar! Hopefully it will get here by next week since I chose priority mail over parcel. Hmm, my fam in Cali hasn't said anything re: Secret Santa stuff yet....

5:13 PM: watching Seinfeld now before The Goldbergs, Speechless and the great, really good show Designated Survivor😀. I am really looking forward to Colony and if there isn't a marathon soon, I will see if I can find it on Hulu ir Netflix. I love Will and Katie and they have to make it work! You know they would take a bullet for each other. Took the dogs to do their toes earlier too so very good productive day off w/ temps in the negatives to mid teens today!
Tuesday was ok. I couldn't get the scarf to fit over my nose/ face tight enough so opted for my facemask. The walk was ok despite being 13 degrees out, but after my nice,early day of just 8 hours, waited for the buses w/ John and CARTS guy ( who said it's too damn cold to bike!) in the now temperature of 4!!! I am currently getting stuff ready for dinner, charging my new awesome looking tail light and just read about 2 shootings that happened today, 1 just 6 blocks away from my house before 5 PM. All about timing and coincedences.....

I am getting wool socks tomorrow, damnit! My feet are still cold, numb and wet feeling a few hours after taking my boots off?!?!?

Frigid day today

It was 8 degrees this morning. Yeah, the walk was unpleasant but I was warm at least and tomorrow, will put on my scarf too! Did 10 hrs today of mostly easy work. I had to help take the trash to the compactor and sweep since David no showed today ( same w/ CARTS guy and John!) before getting ready to take the bus home. Put the laundry in the dryer that my Mom forgot earlier and I chipped away at the ice on the stairs and railing.


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