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The Y and Groupon

B at work told me how she joined The Y last week. She also asked if I have ever been overweight. I told her no and then I said I do eat veggies/ fruits every week so to let her know she has to change her eating habits too, and stop eating chips/candy for lunch. I also found out that Andrew from my bike club just went to a spin class there and liked it. I looked at their schedules and might do a yoga class and a spin class ( but no rock climbing due to only having night offerings😰)...It's nice bc it's ' doing something social' etc. I am going to get their app and hopefully have everything ready for the start of next month!

I tried to get a Groupon deal for the Tilted Kilt here yesterday but was having issues w/ using my gift card to buy it and now am barred from it! Oh well...My Mom tried my kettlebell workout but stopped shortly after the warm-up. I told her the swings are good for total body and showed her some back stretches which she was impressed w/. I then finished my workout in my room while she stretched and did her yoga.

Also yesterday, I got a bunch of cool paints from our upstairs neighbors, who tell us they are not moving, just getting rid of everything that they had stored at their parent's.....OK....

I am really hoping to go the Transform Rockford meeting this Wednesday night. I was debating biking there or bussing it and decided on bussing ( sp?) and it will be nice to hopefully see my bike club members or guys from Kegel's there too.
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