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Today started off well....

Got my breakfast McMuffin, got to test out my new seat ( after fixing it this morning) and had 2 easy machines. Hear from R that she wanted to leave early today around 2:45 and went to TBB over it, and so he just told her to leave at 11. I then had to take over her machines and boy was I glad I had on my tank and shorts! Finished at 2:32, rode home til I got to my McD's block, had the Chocolate Shamrock shake and was disappointed in the lack of chocolate, ate a 4 piece nuggets and went home.

Found out about Transform Rockford having a biking/pedestrian meeting next Wednesday at Memorial Hall from 5:30-7:30 PM and if it's not too cold, I think I'll bus it down there. I put a post about it on my bike club's FB page. I am washing my work shoes today! Sore quads still!
Tags: biking, memorial hall event, transform rockford, winter biking, work stuff
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