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Yesterday was laid back. We took the dogs to do their toes and since there was a new lady, Tiny got 4 bloody toes! Honey had to be muzzled and as we were going home, we noticed one of her bottom teeth was literally sticking out of her mouth!!! She looks like a Pug or Bulldog now. We're waiting for it to hopefully fall out soon. I couldn't get motivated to workout but did do 20 cycling planks, finally ordered Domino's Chicken Parmesan oven baked sandwich ( it was really good btw), a 2 topping medium pizza and am almost done watching Bones season 11.

Last night I got an unexpected text from ykw, mentioning her having eaten a Mahi taco in Charlotte. I wrote back (but not my (hopefully) usual, predictable, me way of asking ?'s) and after a few mins, texting stopped between us. I held back my condemnation of BBQ being on the taco (you ruin the already great taste of the fish).

Today, I might do errands downtown and get my reward of one of the new Shamrock shakes from McD's but if my books aren't ready for pickup, then I will just bike down to Walgreens and McD's ( maybe to 15th and Chris if their food truck is there) and get in my kettlebell workout. This Saturday, I am going to an acrobatic event at Nordlof!

9:42 AM: I think I will push my errands back until tomorrow ( when it will be mid 40's, unlike today's low 20's). I get leftover pizza for National Pizza Day, maybe putting my new seat myself, working out and diving into 1984 too!

3:22 PM: After some back and forth, almost giving up, I finally got my new seat on and it's at the right height too!!! And straight too hehe! Charging my lights now and having a celebratory Pepsi since I got in my kettlebell workout ( did all 3 circuits!) earlier too! Need to stretch some more too now after swapping out seats. #perserverance!
Tags: bike maintenance, biking, events for the week, kettlebell, nordlof, winter biking, working out, ykw
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