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Yesterday was really nice. I got help w/ my 3rd machine from B all day ( since hers were off all day) and I had maybe 1 greenlight between my other 2. Biking fail yesterday, too cold in the AM ( coughing is not fun) and then it was 20 degrees warmer in the afternoon so then I was too warm, etc. I really don't get the thinking behind a lot of the Alderman's economy issues here. They forgave ANOTHER loan, this time, by the Zion Co, of $180,000! Bc of all their 'great' work to 7th St but then last week, they issued a pet fee proposal and our street lights are still out!?!?! Why not use the $180,000 to actually help out Winnebago Animal Services and more lights or stop financing all these stupid reconstruction projects that fail to materialize or in the end, don't do much to boost income.

It is currently drizzling right now and I hope it stops soon. I felt weird yesterday, like anxious, and today, I have a sinus headache. I hope CARTS guy shows up today.

That new 24 isn't bad. Eric Carter's no Jack Bauer but let's what this season holds!
Tags: 24, biking, winter biking, work stuff
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