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I need to remember that when I pair salami w/ sausage on a pizza to NOT get the extra sauce since it comes off as spicier. I decided to get a small pizza tonight for dinner rather than my usual mediums. It was hard though, seeing the $17 total for pizza/ drink when that's the same price for my 2 mediums AND lava crunch cakes, but at least it was on my GC! I also went ahead and got that Selle Royal Looking Basic Moderate woman's saddle for $15 for my fat tire bike. Should come by Wednesday and I plan on putting my Cruiser seat back on my mtb (and THAT seat will get donated to RHK). I hope this change will help my biking improve since my momentum will be better w/ a less cushioned seat.

I overdid it yesterday with my KB workout ( ie have rest day before workday) and even if this morning hadn't been 5 degrees, doubtful if I would have biked more than my last 6 blocks into work and on the way home, maybe did 2 blocks! I am thinking of just doing half of my RI30 workout, all my KB and yoga for SuperBowl Sunday, while Saturday is a rest day w/ yoga and maybe PT thrown in too! If I still feel sore Sunday, then just 2 workouts/week now instead of 3.

Work today was nice but short. No greenlights, popcorn and a break and ppl speculating on why Shavon missed today and if she will show up Monday 'ready' to work. I looked through and attempted to find certain books that Every Colony Fan Should Be Reading but my library currently doesn't carry them. Went to and eBay and ordered George Orwell's 1984 ( the cooler cover w/ the big block letters) and am skipping Discipline and Punish. Other books I was successful in putting holds on at the library: A Long Way Home and Brave New World.
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