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Hectic Monday!

I was in WA3 today doing Eliza's job which I did not like at all! I don't like being in charge and having to be responsible for skids and PO Boxes. I was only there until lunch thankfully before getting moved over to Eliza's ONE machine, where I had no greenlight's and finished the day w/8 hours. Everyone else finished w/8 and 2 minutes! Marques told me we were done, I get done writing down my time for TBB ( misplaced badge) and I see J turning my machine back on......I go over and say hey Marques told me we were done and Marques said stop dropping dimes hehe! I knew he was joking....

I stopped at Subway for a roast beef foot long and an OJ $2 for the same OJ that Logli's has on sale often for $1, not making that mistake again hehe) on my way home. I need to swap out my batteries for my lights and wish I could find out why my bag STILL annoyingly leans on my rear rack. Last night was the 1st time my Mom laughed a lot while watching the NBC's 90 Years of broadcasting TV history special and ate dinner too since Thursday night...

I worked out last night but forgot to do warm ups in addition to my stretching beforehand and felt that payback today! Sooo doing everything and getting in my 1st workout for the week tonight before shows start ( and I am glad I resisted my Pepsi urge and had water w/ my early dinner).

The Y and Groupon

B at work told me how she joined The Y last week. She also asked if I have ever been overweight. I told her no and then I said I do eat veggies/ fruits every week so to let her know she has to change her eating habits too, and stop eating chips/candy for lunch. I also found out that Andrew from my bike club just went to a spin class there and liked it. I looked at their schedules and might do a yoga class and a spin class ( but no rock climbing due to only having night offerings😰)...It's nice bc it's ' doing something social' etc. I am going to get their app and hopefully have everything ready for the start of next month!

I tried to get a Groupon deal for the Tilted Kilt here yesterday but was having issues w/ using my gift card to buy it and now am barred from it! Oh well...My Mom tried my kettlebell workout but stopped shortly after the warm-up. I told her the swings are good for total body and showed her some back stretches which she was impressed w/. I then finished my workout in my room while she stretched and did her yoga.

Also yesterday, I got a bunch of cool paints from our upstairs neighbors, who tell us they are not moving, just getting rid of everything that they had stored at their parent's.....OK....

I am really hoping to go the Transform Rockford meeting this Wednesday night. I was debating biking there or bussing it and decided on bussing ( sp?) and it will be nice to hopefully see my bike club members or guys from Kegel's there too.


Ykw is actually having a conversation w/me and I am responding in kind w/ details and stuff right now. I just got done doing some #rippedin30 exercises, more yoga and stretching for my sore hamstrings/quads.

Today started off well....

Got my breakfast McMuffin, got to test out my new seat ( after fixing it this morning) and had 2 easy machines. Hear from R that she wanted to leave early today around 2:45 and went to TBB over it, and so he just told her to leave at 11. I then had to take over her machines and boy was I glad I had on my tank and shorts! Finished at 2:32, rode home til I got to my McD's block, had the Chocolate Shamrock shake and was disappointed in the lack of chocolate, ate a 4 piece nuggets and went home.

Found out about Transform Rockford having a biking/pedestrian meeting next Wednesday at Memorial Hall from 5:30-7:30 PM and if it's not too cold, I think I'll bus it down there. I put a post about it on my bike club's FB page. I am washing my work shoes today! Sore quads still!


Yesterday was laid back. We took the dogs to do their toes and since there was a new lady, Tiny got 4 bloody toes! Honey had to be muzzled and as we were going home, we noticed one of her bottom teeth was literally sticking out of her mouth!!! She looks like a Pug or Bulldog now. We're waiting for it to hopefully fall out soon. I couldn't get motivated to workout but did do 20 cycling planks, finally ordered Domino's Chicken Parmesan oven baked sandwich ( it was really good btw), a 2 topping medium pizza and am almost done watching Bones season 11.

Last night I got an unexpected text from ykw, mentioning her having eaten a Mahi taco in Charlotte. I wrote back (but not my (hopefully) usual, predictable, me way of asking ?'s) and after a few mins, texting stopped between us. I held back my condemnation of BBQ being on the taco (you ruin the already great taste of the fish).

Today, I might do errands downtown and get my reward of one of the new Shamrock shakes from McD's but if my books aren't ready for pickup, then I will just bike down to Walgreens and McD's ( maybe to 15th and Chris if their food truck is there) and get in my kettlebell workout. This Saturday, I am going to an acrobatic event at Nordlof!

9:42 AM: I think I will push my errands back until tomorrow ( when it will be mid 40's, unlike today's low 20's). I get leftover pizza for National Pizza Day, maybe putting my new seat myself, working out and diving into 1984 too!

3:22 PM: After some back and forth, almost giving up, I finally got my new seat on and it's at the right height too!!! And straight too hehe! Charging my lights now and having a celebratory Pepsi since I got in my kettlebell workout ( did all 3 circuits!) earlier too! Need to stretch some more too now after swapping out seats. #perserverance!
Yesterday was really nice. I got help w/ my 3rd machine from B all day ( since hers were off all day) and I had maybe 1 greenlight between my other 2. Biking fail yesterday, too cold in the AM ( coughing is not fun) and then it was 20 degrees warmer in the afternoon so then I was too warm, etc. I really don't get the thinking behind a lot of the Alderman's economy issues here. They forgave ANOTHER loan, this time, by the Zion Co, of $180,000! Bc of all their 'great' work to 7th St but then last week, they issued a pet fee proposal and our street lights are still out!?!?! Why not use the $180,000 to actually help out Winnebago Animal Services and more lights or stop financing all these stupid reconstruction projects that fail to materialize or in the end, don't do much to boost income.

It is currently drizzling right now and I hope it stops soon. I felt weird yesterday, like anxious, and today, I have a sinus headache. I hope CARTS guy shows up today.

That new 24 isn't bad. Eric Carter's no Jack Bauer but let's what this season holds!
I need to remember that when I pair salami w/ sausage on a pizza to NOT get the extra sauce since it comes off as spicier. I decided to get a small pizza tonight for dinner rather than my usual mediums. It was hard though, seeing the $17 total for pizza/ drink when that's the same price for my 2 mediums AND lava crunch cakes, but at least it was on my GC! I also went ahead and got that Selle Royal Looking Basic Moderate woman's saddle for $15 for my fat tire bike. Should come by Wednesday and I plan on putting my Cruiser seat back on my mtb (and THAT seat will get donated to RHK). I hope this change will help my biking improve since my momentum will be better w/ a less cushioned seat.

I overdid it yesterday with my KB workout ( ie have rest day before workday) and even if this morning hadn't been 5 degrees, doubtful if I would have biked more than my last 6 blocks into work and on the way home, maybe did 2 blocks! I am thinking of just doing half of my RI30 workout, all my KB and yoga for SuperBowl Sunday, while Saturday is a rest day w/ yoga and maybe PT thrown in too! If I still feel sore Sunday, then just 2 workouts/week now instead of 3.

Work today was nice but short. No greenlights, popcorn and a break and ppl speculating on why Shavon missed today and if she will show up Monday 'ready' to work. I looked through and attempted to find certain books that Every Colony Fan Should Be Reading but my library currently doesn't carry them. Went to HPB.com and eBay and ordered George Orwell's 1984 ( the cooler cover w/ the big block letters) and am skipping Discipline and Punish. Other books I was successful in putting holds on at the library: A Long Way Home and Brave New World.

Shake ups at the paper?!?!?

I was going to eat my sandwich special from Marie's today ( since my XMAS gift from my Mom came; a $100 gift card) but just heard from Bob that Bill from Building Services was fired yesterday along w/ 2 others, and today there are a few blackened SUV's in the parking lot and maybe even the publisher will get fired. I know if I get fired, they better have cause, which they won't, except for a few times where I check my phone for the time so for the next few wks, phone will go off. Hard to get more info other than through work at work....Not like it will show up in the news or in our paper, you know?


New healthy food options?

I just got done eating half of my Subway footlong for lunch ( the rest is dinner) w/ a nice helping of chips...And water! I picked up Quaker Oats new peanut butter and chocolate chewy snackwiches ( just had 1 for lunch dessert) and while good, I need to double check the sell by date next time and not get 1 a month past it. I also got BelVita's soft baked banana bread biscuits. I hope these small food changes show through in my workouts and get me where I want to be in that regard.
My taxes ended up taking like 3 hours instead of half an hour due to my health insurance needing verification yesterday, so no kettlebell workout for me ( but did do a mini RI30). This morning was cooold (13 degrees out) but I did get my breakfast burrito and got help w/ the fast Countryside insert so after it got shut off ( comp messed up and turned off a little too late), I just had 2 easy inserts ( helping out Marques from time to time w/ 1 of his) for my 7.71 hour day. Eliza and Marques both had issues w/ Thomas today and I almost did too ( w/ his asking what am I doing after work? I told Marques not meeting you anywhere hehe, as he kept looking at R anyways).

2 coworkers saw my bike for the 1st time and both really liked it:)!

Trying a new way for the rice ( and cheeseburgers) this time around. Last time it was a little mushy.

Happy birthday to asher63!

Trump's actions....

Man, this #MuslimBan is getting crazy and out of hand! I heard about that Federal judge putting an emergency order in but I think for it to overrule Trump in the long run, it has to come from a higher Court, like the Supreme Court. There are more protests planned for today and hope the National Guard doesn't get called in due to huge, uncontrollable crowds.

My Mom surprised me yesterday by not being gloomy over my niece's birthday party happening as we were bundled up w/ temps in the mid 20's here. I wish that Breaking Away movie was on Netflix or Hulu. Obviously, Quaid liked cycling before the movie and on Ellen last week, he still cycles at least 100 miles/ week when he can!
I liked getting a ride to the store for dogfood cans and baby food but didn't like having to wait 3 hours after I initially planned on going. Oh well, at least I have pizzas, my yummy Hershey's desert pack of 4, some pot pies too and my newly opened Savings acct:)! Last night I watched a new Forbidden: Dying for Love and it was about '90's women's boxer Christy Martin and was very interesting. I got in my RI30 workout and need to work on my crow push-ups ( hard when upper body strength is zip! My back just folds as I try to lower myself).
I had kind of a bad night of sleep last night so I just feel sluggish and not into doing my 1st kettlebell workout ( although I did do my yoga and some RI30 exercises, including crow push-ups!). Today was in the 20's w/ heavy snow flurries as I did my errands via walking and bus. I really wanted to get Pizza Hut's $5 Flavor menu of pasta and chocolate chip cookie but I guess they stopped it:(. I might open a Savings account at Alpine Bank since keeping it in the house doesn't seem practical or realistic here in Rockford, you know? They are the only bank out of the 3 I checked into that doesn't have a minimum monthly balance requirement of $200 or more and a $5 monthly fee to boot.

6:32 PM: Ordered my Pizza But craving anyways hehe and my Flashback book is OK. I don't like the tattoo artist SL or certain scenes in the book ( I am on pg 80 right now), dk if it's bc the author is straight....I am basically reading it now just to see how it turns out.

Just 2.65 hours today...

But it was crazy! First, we had to do Pakistan and then I was told I would be doing the counting for Sauk Valley! Just great! I was voicing my concerns after seeing 27,9,12,37,13, etc all in a row and just hearing that TBB wouldn't be helping out like usual. I did 1 skid, TBB came over and we switched spots so I was now putting the bundles together w/ the paper before sliding them down to Greg, and I stayed there until we finished!

We had a big issue w/ the tyre! A piece of strapping had wrapped around a cyclinder inside the machine so that took 20 mins and then Bob ( my biking buddy, lately not feeling like a buddy) got our procedure wrong. We say pallet whenever we need to switch them out, OK? Well, he started to switch them out early and I said we have LIKE 8 bundles left still. Derek and him got into a big yelling match over it too. Anyways, so he counts exactly 8 and starts taking the skid out. More yelling....Fix that problem since we actually had 12 bundles for that skid. I am like dude, even though I was mistaken, no one said pallet!!!! I didn't meticulously count every piece of paper.

We get done and are told to put the remaining bundles on the table for office copies and that Bob and I are to finish mailing out the 8 bundles for the post office,and we are done for the day! Bob then pisses me off by bringing up the skid thing in a passive aggressive way I think? He goes ' now I am not going to say anything about your 8 bundles being like 18' to which I said ' uh, more like 12!'. He's like the guy that says if he was a mean person, he'd call you an asshole but he's not mean. I'm like uh, you are saying something by 'not' saying something, jerk!

I was very happy to be done for the day. Biked to Wendy's and stopped at Walgreens to get Snowden and USS Indianapolis. I have recently rented Sully, Deepwater Horizon and Jason Bourne. Anthropoid and Denial look great btw!
Today was another good day, both re: riding and work. I am going to try some IT band stretches in my YFC book since my quad stretches aren't seeming to help hehe. As I was reading my Stephen King book, I realized that the generation in which you are w/ your spouse (struggling and that) has passed and that ppl like my nephew won't go through that since.... well the other person would leave.

For the 1st time in my Biggest Loser history, Idk if I am going to watch the season airing this year. I read articles from last year stating abuse and just find it unjustifiable that Bob is accused of giving contestants Ephedrane ( sp?) pills from season 5 on, while Jillian faced backlash for her caffeine pills thing from a few seasons ago. There's also diet things and stuff w/ Dr. H that are troubling too....


Has been great in every aspect so far.....I biked 100% of the way to work and back, despite the clunking noise still being there and getting help every so often from Shavon w/ my other machine since Countryside was being a bitch! But then I just had 2 easy inserts from 9:30-3:17. My quads are sore but not as bad as my earlier workouts! Doing some of #rippedin30 tonight and stretching some more too. My kettlebell DVD came today so this Thursday ( or Wednesday after my early shift), I am getting my 2nd workout in for the week.
There were a couple armed robberies the night before last and 1 was downtown w/ ppl leaving Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center at 11 PM. So yesterday, there was an armed robbery attempt at Alpine Bank, in which the suspect opened fire by shooting into the ceiling and fired at the security guard, who then fired back killing the suspect. I am wondering if this will make the National news feeds somewhere. There was also a car chase in which cops here thought a murder suspect was getting away last night. The car crashed and the guy was caught. He was not the suspect though but ran for another reason.

Until my DVD comes, I am going to do 2 days this weekend of Day 2 #rippedin30 and yoga, and also do measurements too ( but idk how to get thighs smaller, mine building muscle tend to get bigger). I am also taking my bike in to Kegel's later today too. Next week, a cold snap is coming ( well instead of 50 like today, it's going to be low 30's) so I want to burn as many calories as I can biking ( yesterday was 90% biking both ways).

It is kind of frustrating trying to just pick a town in WA. All the research and compromises.....

Cleaning and other stuff....

I am currently watching The Fault In Our Stars. It seems good and the 2 characters just finished talking about the book/author and how he ended the book. I like that they are both into reading. This week, I hope to get my library card renewed ( last week was just too cold ), get a new Brad Thor book and The Lord of The Flies ( ironically, Scorpion was referencing it this past ep).

Cleaning: I have cleaned under both my dressers, my fitness corner is now all organized in a bin and my mtb is now in my brother's room. I feel like doing 30 hammer curls and tricep presses today along w/ some yoga stuff today.....

My Mom as you know, is into reality shows ( claims it's for the human behavior aspect but I think she likes all the drama which I find incredibly extremely stupid). She is now into The Bachelor and keeps saying how it's fascinating, the girls are stupid, the guy says the same corny lines, etc. I'm like I'm not into it but I am pretty close to wanting to say I willl NEVER be into these stupid ass shows, you can talk about it but stop trying to get ME to watch it!!!

When you really love a woman......

Is what has been in my head all day today! I love that Bryan Adams song hehe! Good tie in w/ how Cain and Emma feel for each other:)! I like Kristen and Muriel together too, but Ali did this book differently w/ the emphasis being on the crime aspect of Cain's business and little on love scenes ( and even then they were even different too, like some of the later books). Hoping Flashback is better and an author I will start to follow too.

The weekend was good. I got a 5 lb kettlebell, a balance board and some workout clothes! I looked into kettlebell DVD's and although my girl Jillian has 1, some commenters were questioning her form and wondering if she was really using the 20 lb KB and so I found this chick, Sarah Laurie and she has like 8 different DVD's ( 2 on KB) and I opted for her 2 workout DVD called the Iron Core Way: Kettlebell or something for $7 including shipping!..

Monday was an inch of ice so I erred on the side of caution and got a ride into work. I ended up being over in WA2 w/Eliza and man, not only was it not, but I missed 1 flag and then TBB thought we ( me, Eliza, Greg and my biking buddy) were all nuts or something since we saw the lights flash in WA4 and then the horn sounded signaling changing of the pallets. Well we did that despite only having a layer on our skid and then 5 mins later, we get told not to change skids. TBB comes over, hears our side and whips out the computer sheet print out and basically says how it's impossible that we heard the horn since it's not to go off til a half hour later.

Got in 8 hours and a nice toasty bus ride home.

Today was really good for biking! I rode 10 1/2 blocks out of 12 since while it was wet and semi icy out still, it was also high 30's. D came back to work today and I told Keira I was disappointed when he didn't call lunch. I had 2 easy machines, got in 20 cycling planks, 20 peleas and 40 mountain climbers and rode home after my 7 hour shift. I ziptied my seat shut once home since I saw my previous one broke off and then lowered my seat a little ( so my sweats stop catching on it) and hopefully Friday, that clunking noise will have stopped or else a trip to Kegel's is needed.

I am ready to get back on the exercise routine I had before T.P.! That and w/ #TeamHoda's coverage this month will be motivating too. I hope to do my 3 days of biking, 2 days of kettlebell workouts ( 1 day combo of Day 2 of #rippedin30), 1 rest day and 1 yoga day/#rippedin30 Day 2. I also have slacked on my not eating out so much so tonight's Italian beef sandwich, fries and a Coke are my treat for this week. My rice crisps are surprisingly not that bad!
I biked about 70% of the way to work which is pretty damn good considering it was 2 out! David ended up returning to work today and it was nice since he was actually conversing w/ me. We had a nice early day w/hardly any green lights! Biking home was a different story. Idk why but that stupid noise comes back and it just annoys me to the point where I don't want to ride. I am going to try one last time to get the guard off.

I am going to Five Below tomorrow to get a couple fitness items. The Devil's Due and FD 5 came today! I just watched a couple of Venice season 4 eps again today and I honestly do not know who I want Ani to be w/! I mean Lara has her issues and what she did to Gina, etc but she seems so genuine in her love of Ani but then so does Gina! Can't wait for the DVD of season 5!

8:17 PM: OK so I want her to pick Gina. I loved what Sarah said to her after Guya left.


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