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Thunderstorm Monday!

Got soaked on my way home! My damn library book ( Biking Across America) even got a little wet but hopefully, it's salvageable to not need to replace it! Today was actually pretty damn nice! Got my BK breakfast, had 2 machines w/ a couple greenlights and even got a helper in Eliza's husband working today (helping out on my machine for about an hour). Think I sweated off my breakfast haha, the AC wasn't on at work until after lunch!

I am really excited to go do my trek around town this weekend! I talked a lot w/ my biking buddy and he helped w/ what streets have parking lots and that. I am going to time myself to see how long it takes me to get to Forest Plaza ( Five Below, Old Navy, Taco Bell, and Outback are here), to Long Horn Steakhouse and to Perryville for Applebee's, Five Guys and to ride the Perryville Path.

Weekend plans....

Yesterday was supposed to be heavy rain off and on ( but didn't rain at all! ) so I was going to make my BCF '16 ride for today but then saw that the Chargers game is on ( ordering Domino's later when my Mom goes to work)!! I am going on Wednesday then and instead of Culver's, I am trying Applebee's new wood fired grill deal ($10 for meat entree and 2 really good sides! Only 1.5 miles away from HF, see how much of that is walking the bike due to no dips at the end of the sidewalks on Riverside), it also includes some safe route planning via satellite views and once I get to Forest Hills, I can take sidestreet Northridge parking lots to Hoyle. I am trying Culver's before going to Art Scene next weekend.

7:00 PM: Doing Applebee's this weekend since my Mom wants to go shopping on Wednesday...

Feel better today!

I did 2 walks today for 24 blocks total! Tried Subway's new rotisserie chicken sandwich and it is great! Also got a 6 inch roast beef sandwich for tonight's dinner ( yeah, $7 for 2 6 inches and a medium drink is a great deal!). I was thinking of getting either a handlebar bag/ basket or top tube bag for my hybrid to carry tools, snacks, maybe clothes and of course, keys, ID, $ and sunglasses. I was debating between 2 eBay choices based on size and colors and picked the cooler of the 2 for $4.00! I hope to use it IF I do the Tour de Coal/ other long rides...still doing my core and PT stuff soon...

Work and body issues....

So work yesterday was super long! I biked passed Deja as she walked down from the bus stop and was really surprised to see her since she missed her shift for the week the day before. She told me TBB told her to come in for Tuesday and Friday and I told her to tell D and J since sometimes he forgets to tell ppl certain things. I was asked, along w/ Shavon, if I could stay for the last run ( it was a double run,etc) but I didn't know it was cutting 40,000 2x until after I already said yes. While we only stopped like 2x for issues, it was still a long, hard job 😭 and we got in almost 13 hrs for that day! I was just an hour away from needing my headlight to be on and realized that I will be looking forward to that in fall riding! Just glad it was still 70 out so I didn't need my jacket..

I am reconsidering my long bike ride Thursday hehe! 😠 Idk if the left shoulder soreness/ tightness is bc I did my Level 3 workout for Day 3 after my 13 mile ride over the weekend on the same day, bc I did some mountain climbers yesterday or just the past 3 days activities all catching up. I really want to get in a ride this week though to participate in #THAT'SMYCHALLENGE by NBC. I will just rest my arms today, do my core stuff, do some more PT, stretches and have a hot soak to be sure!

Haha, some ppl at work have said things like 'oh, are we going to see you in the Olympics in 4 years' since hearing about all my bike things and training this year. I'm like well Armstrong is 42 and I am 10 yrs younger.....so maybe haha!😉

Freaking Monday!

Today had it's good moments and it's bad. I had Sienna's Kitchen after my long work day and also participated in 815 day for 8/15, get it? A lot of businesses had special deals and stuff and SK was 1 of them. One thing I am grateful for is that my pannier didn't come loose as I was biking home yesterday or this morning at 9 MPH, but rather as I was leaving work. One zip tie and retightening of the other bolts later once home and it's all good. Jesus, I hope I don't have the same 2 inserts as today!!!

New LJ style?

Well I changed my LJ style twice just now but still am just seeing my 1 column white background I had before. WTF? Hmm, my headache started to go away just as I set out to do just a quick 2.2 mile ride to $ Tree/Wendy's. I picked up crazy glue for my mirror, sunglasses chain, a hacksaw for the thin but strong tree growing by our side of my neighbor's fence and 2 handsoaps. I got to watch some Women's Water Polo as I had lunch, then dropped off Race to Redbox, and am now waiting for the women's kierin event as I do laundry.

I saw 5 bikes outside $ Tree! Idk why we aren't considered for anything bike related on a National level...

Lights, camera.....ACTION!

Haha, that's what I thought after passing CARTS guy on the way into work, our last block has some rough repaving on the intersection/crosswalk, so I slowed down ( + had some puddles since it had been raining) and when I made it across the bump (and onto the sidewalk), my front light flew off backwards ( and not frontwards like last time landing in my basket) and it managed to get caught between my leg and top tube! So yeah, time to get a new one and +, the light wasn't very water resistent either. I just purchased a cool looking light set ( hope the tail light fits in tab on my rear rack) called Benran Ultra light set ( https://www.amazon.com/Benran-Bright-Headlight-Taillight-Bicycle/dp/B0112C0GYY/ref=sr_1_18?s=outdoor-recreation&ie=UTF8&qid=1471090997&sr=1-18&keywords=bike+lights) for $16 total. The front light is total eye catching!

I was looking at those Refun lights but they just look flimsy and dk if they have a strong a beam as the other lights. My new lights have what I was looking for: good mount, not too expensive, 3 different light settings for both and weather resistant.

I had a good day yesterday ( - my still having a problem putting the inserts in from 'scratch', have better time when it is already in there like usual). I was able to help out John for most of the day since my 2 machines were off/on, could get run high and only had 1 greenlight. Several of us think Deja will quit. She is scheduled yet again for just 1 day next week. Nick was supportive when he said I can bike 35 since I have done 20 and while techically, it's forecasted to be true if you can bike half, you can do the full length, but I want to be sure and not make myself look like a fool....

Oh, man, I woke up at 6 AM today due to a stiff neck/ shoulder and a massive headache. Sooo not doing my penciled in ride today. I might get to do my NickelWorld on the 17th, a little closer than the 24th but I will know more once the day gets closer.

So I think.....

My derauiller is bent on my fat tire. SOB wouldn't change gears and stayed in lowest gear meaning I had to walk the bike to and from work. Work was ok ( almost 9 hrs), I was excited at the thought of fixing my gear problem but that was when I thought it just needed grease. I might try to fix it sometime this week or take it to Kegel's once the Olympics are over. Btw, ykw was just a passing thought the other day re: the Olympics. I am cool w/ no more chats or calls regarding that and not being too involved in each other's lives.

I wasn't the only cyclist walking to my job today. CARTS guy got a flat again before leaving his house. On my way home, I saw him, I mentioned he should get slime tires and then told him more about my issue. I wanted to ride my fat tire this week to burn off carbs that I would have had I done the ride this weekend, but it looks like my hybrid is back in hehe! I could have burned quite a lot still though w/ walking the damn thing!
I am currently watching the whitewater kayak event of the Rio Olympics and the event before ( women's road cycling) and, man, that was some finish! I REALLY want a road bike haha! But I think I can get my hybrid to be a good long distance bike. Today's Olympics kept me from doing my ride but I am planning on doing it (along w/ getting in a hike the next day) the week after the Olympics ends ( and the weekend, a 30 mile ride and maybe hiking at Rock Cut)! I am doing my Level 3 core exercises soon though:). I am also going to ride my fat tire bike once or twice this week.

One thing I found hard not to notice was that I was not talking to ykw about the Olympic events. We've had like 4 Olympics in our past but hey, this is my life going back to how it was before her.


When I said cutting down on sodium, I meant w/ cooking and on fast food. If I do my BCF'16 stuff one week, then I will just eat my Wendy's once for a dinner for same week. I got V8 Fusion, 3 bags of steamed veggies, 3 frozen dinners w/veggies included and turkey chili earlier today. Man, everytime I see road cycling, it makes me want to have a road bike hehe. I was tempted to give away my mtb to this homeless guy who was beaten up last week and he had his bike stolen as well as his backpack. He does have a GoFund page and I inquired so I will see if he has plans to get one again.


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