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Damn, fall is back!

Yeah, it's been cold in the mornings and cold on the rides home too. Need lights for both trips too. It sucks having to navigate around ppl in unlit areas of this town but that's why I don't ride fast. Had an extra long day today of 11 hrs but rewarded myself w/ Domino's! I really hope to go to Rock Cut this weekend and hope to use the mileage to break in my new seat, but lately I have been having sinus headaches in the morning so we'll see.

I tried to comment on 1 of the blogs I follow re: coffeeneuring. The lady was drinking smoothies but I think only iced tea/ coffees count in the cold drink dept but her system was telling me my email was invalid....

I submitted my renewal app for my student loans and am awaiting the payment outcome. I talked w/ ykw for a little bit yesterday during my 9 hour shift and if she texts this weekend or next, I will wait until the weekend after when I am free and not busy.

This above is exactly what I have I think on my latest bike. Idk yet if I want to get my Selle Royal Ellipse one or go for the cheaper Lookin Basic moderate women's saddle.
Width is surprisingly the same for both but my hybrid has more padding, which makes it seem bigger.

What I have now, for $50. Maybe not SO much padding but more than enough ( it is still $50 tho).

The $15 saddle, has padding and is extra wide too.

Here is a good mid way saddle, the Selle Royal Freccia for $25 and it has a cool light too.

I do not GET how anyone can sit on these?!?!?!

I am thinking about doing a bike club ride next Saturday but am thinking of taking the hybrid and waiting for the SR price to go down a lot! Yeah, only time my soreness/ tightness affected me at work was bending down and I kept trying to loosen up w/ buttkicks and high knees but 300 of them later....no help! I am even cancelling my Kegel's visit to check out seats and get stuff for my beef pasta for tomorrow to just rest, stretch more and hope I can bend w/o needing to steady myself w/ my hands! Thank God for the handicap bathroom at work!

I wish I could find reviews by someone who has tried both. I wish I could test these saddles out on a 10 mile ride!


OMG, my quads, thighs, back and even one of my butt muscles is tender and sore!!!!Damn you, Jillian! Stretching helps a little and I have been taking Ibuprofen too. Yeah, Wednesday is soo going to be a lazy day! Had an otherwise really good day today (5 ppl were late today, from 10 mins to almost an hour for 1 person), even tho I had Valli's and Ashley Furniture ( I smirked a little when my biking buddy ( who came over to help since his stuff was done) remarked about how Ashley comes out at the end of the day today hehe!) whereas Valli's stays in! Biking home w/ 20 MPH winds is kinda hard on my lightweight bike but I got in another #coffeeneuring ride on my way home! Hard to believe it was in the 30's on Friday morning and today, it was 70!!

It was sad w/ Southwest of Salem and how Anna and Cassie were separated during all this and couldn't contact each other either. I really hope there is a 20/20 special/Dateline on them ( and Kristie and Liz) soon about how their lives are now and who is together too.

I was having fun tweeting my responses to what was happening as #SurvivingCompton premiered.

9:17 PM: the butt muscles thing might be my seat I realized so I will need to see if I can make myself more fitted into the seat and if not, buy the Royal Gel seat again! I have a bunch of different stretches for longer than usual too! RMTD might go on strike Wednesday so either my Mom will pick up our dog's meds before work or I will walk or bike my way there.

Nutrition and biking.....

Hmm so I am going to try to just eat Wendy's once this week, a McD's breakfast tomorrow and a BK bkft on Friday since I am getting my late start ( hopefully someone else will be doing the numbers for Sauk Valley). I am going to hang out this Wednesday w/ my movies since it's going to be off/on rain anyways and if the weather holds up Saturday ( and I don't have an all day headache like today), get in a nice long ride to TJ's and Rock Cut since low 60's and sunny is niiiice! Or I will see if I can find parking lots down Alpine as I go to that TJ location....

I am going to take my newest bike to work tomorrow since rain will be 2 hrs after I get to work. I registered it through Bike Index and my jerryrigged flashlight looks pretty good! My workout earlier was good😀. Yeah, this dude commented on my NBR stuff and said BI is better and free too. Quite a few jerks commented on my lock job but I don't live in NY where I need 3 locks for a 30 min stop. I have seen bikes by the hospital, one was a freaking Cannondale and it was still there after work locked up w/ just a cable! You literally can get away w/ cable locks since ppl here don't have $ to get proper tools!
Yesterday was kinda great, well at work anyways! In the morning, I stopped to get breakfast just to leave the second I felt the door not open! Yeah, 33 degrees out means no waiting!!
After doing my 2 machines all day w/ maybe 1 greenlight, I was helping CARTS guy stack and we got on our topic of crime ( the mall shootings, the 3 armed robberies, 1 kidnapping, various shootings etc that have all happened this week). This morning, there was a drive by or something over by the Clock Tower at 1AM in which 6 ppl were shot and 1 of them is dead. One commenter said it's ghetto parties for the last 4 years and the classiness of the hotel has gone doooown too.

Today is going to be a low key day! Maybe get some DVD's and do a coffeeneuring stop and then workouts, check my fat tire, set up my Specialized for a ride Monday ( if no rain), and look into submitting income forms for my student loans ( guess the 1 I did few weeks ago was only to 1 place) and watching the IceHogs game from the safety of my house! Also checking out Southwest by Salem too! Stupid Dr Oz promo earlier this week blew the outcome but still a lot idk.
Hehe so I walked down to the State St bus/7th st bus stop rather than wait for the bus to take me the 6 blocks. It was really chilly out! I had my hat, hoodie and sweats but my hands could have used mittens! I ran into a BK employee as he was waiting for his bus ( 3 different buses stop here) and told him my plans for the day.

Got on my bus and called RHK to get directions once I got off by Crusader. Found them after about 10 mins, declined their donation receipt since IDK how to price the seats and dropped said seats off to a nice lady! Then I was off to walk 5 blocks to the pawn shop. Got to the street but turned left instead of right for a few blocks, came back around and found the place! By this time it was warming up and that. I saw the Specialized bike and a new acquisioned Raleigh road bike. The Raleigh was from the 80's and I almost wanted to get it except it had a really bad seat on (I figured a new seat would be around $40-$50 more) and the Vita is a woman's specific bike complete w/ a woman's padded but racing seat and a mini pump AND a repair kit, all for $175!!!!

I checked out both bikes and went w/ the Specialized. I also picked up some great $1.00 DVD's ( Windtalkers, Don't Say a Word, Annapolis and The River Wild). Yeah, pretty soon TV shows will go on hiatus,etc and that. I had some trouble w/ getting the seat right/ the gears figured out but the guy lowered the seat and I was able to switch gears after he helped me out. I rode it around, loved that it was like riding my Fuji and bid the dude farewell!

I chose to ride it down 9th rather than 7th and mostly had to walk it due to sidewalks not having dips and a bridge not having sidewalks but it was nice out, sun shining and I had a celebratory lunch at Wendy's before going home! It would have counted as a #coffeeneuring ride but I couldn't find iced tea as an option and then I heard someone saying to get them iced tea so it's not w/ lemonade but under fruit flavored I guess?!?!

If it's not raining tomorrow, I am taking my Specialized to work hehe! But then it is back in my room until next year for bike club rides!!!!!!

Hmmm, might go to Atwood Park for this hiking event Saturday afternoon and a #coffeeneuring ride Sunday before the Falcons/Seahawks game ( or get in a stop on my way home from work Friday)....

Jesus Christ!

Another shooting at the mall! I was just there this past Wednesday night! Anyways, the mall isn't on lockdown this time since the shooter didn't take off inside the mall. One person was shot. Thank God I shop online most of the time! The National Guard needs to come in, we need protesting for THAT to happen I guess, great! Ghetto ass mall now, fights lately and now 2 shootings within a week and a half, wtf!?!?!?! We need to go down to the police station, why don't people march for that?????

Coffeeneuring ride #1 for 2016

I wanted to get in a Rock Cut ride but the numbness was in and out so settled on Popeye's on N 2nd. Really good combo deal, bike friendliness was decent, no rack or pole but nice indoor spot and felt safe, nice and warm weather once the sun came out and even caught some of the Regatta on the way back too! Going to relax, stretch, read my books and play some video games! Oh, got in 12 miles for today!

7:42:I might want to look into buying the accessory for my Sega which enables you to save your progress! Watching Love on a Limb right now and thought of having Hallmark be my theme, you know, but the new movies are only every weekend for 4 wks, not 8. I am reading my Bike for Life book and am going to do the workout tips for rotator cuff, back extensions, extensive warm up ones and specific muscle stretches too for tomorrow and do it once a week. Am going to have to save the workout for training and training plan until next spring/summer. Ooooh, next Saturday's going to be sunny and low 70's! Maybe wear my shorts under my sweats this time? I want a long coffeeneuring trip, to eat my TJ's and go to Rock Cut! Oh and my gloves should come this week too I hope:)!

Got to love eBay!

So I was looking up Machesney Park places to buy biking gloves since my Kegel's one is too small. I remembered eBay and just got 2 sets of gloves ( 1 full fingered for fall/ early winter riding) and fingerless for summer for $6.80 total w/ free shipping!

Freaking time to admit defeat....

W/ my fat tire that is. Yep, tried one last time to get it switch today. It's in gear but that's bc I manually put it there and if it doesn't stay there next week, I am taking it to Kegel's. It also doesn't help that I don't have a bike stand either. Idk if I am going to do the long ride tomorrow. Today's temps are going to be similar and half the day was super cold while some was warm. I can handle taking the hoodie off but where am I going to change into shorts from my sweats, you know?

Today's work shift was alright. I had to do R's machine since she blew today off and I was supposed to be helping Vivica w/ 1 of hers. Well, after lunch, she forgot I guess and so I was trying like hell to keep up w/ the tv book and her insert. I was tempted to do my coffeeneuring today but couldn't decide where to go after work.

7:48 PM: So I just checked my derailleur and it aligns w/the cog and everything so I *think* it's good to go! Guess my fiddling w/ my 2 sets of screws for the last time today helped! I will know tomorrow when I get back from my ride. I hope to get in my first RI30 workout in on Sunday.

Nice productive day off..kind of hehe!

So I got my cool Kegel's gloves for $10 ( and not $25!) and they just happen to be women's too hehe. I rode off to do my RainArt hunt since the rain stopped but only found 6 of 8 and passed on 4 due to having to come home to put the wash in the dryer ( and more rain is set to come in the 3:00-4:00 timeframe. The UW one is right next to my job and so I rode through our parking lot knowing that maybe some coworkers would see me and after I found the art (and my effort to find the bike bridge over there resulted in squat), looked over to see Marques coming out for a smoke.

I told him why I was there and he thought my idea was cool and wants to try it too later ( same w/ the Kegel's clerk) and I asked how his interview went yesterday but he said they didn't call back:(. He also mentioned putting his bike away soon and I was like you only have like a week or 2 left until it gets in the 50-40's!

Then I rode across the bridge ( the other side had the art) and made my way to the library, Riverview Park Museum, the Coronado,the RACVB, the BMO and City Hall ( actually saw this before getting to UW). Some of the art wasn't visible due to drying out but here's some pics of the ones I did find.

City Hall

RAVCB and Coronado

After the BMO, I went down a block to Davis Park to find the bike bridge there. I found it! There's 2 big bridges that go from that side to UW side and the bike bridge is the smaller of the 2. The bridge is long though, like half a mile to a mile ( I had my mtb w/ the RHK donations so maybe try it w/ my hybrid later) but the paved part once you are past the bridge only goes so far til you are just on gravel roads and a fork. One side goes to a bridge idk if I can have access to it or if that street/bridge can get me to State St or not, so I went South and would have come across the area I was in earlier by UW except it was blocked off by a locked gate and more gravel! Just like Rockford to have the project be incomplete but yet open to the public!

I came home shortly after biking across the bridge again and ran into Greg coming from the State St bridge and we chatted for a bit. I feel like posting a thanks to WTVO for telling us to check out the new bike bridge/path! Got in like 8 miles (6.8 w/ the locations).

I watched the latest eps of Speechless and SVU this morning on Hulu since I missed em last night due to not being home. I get to watch Designated Survivor now still since it's on there, same w/ some eps of Chicago PD ( last night's Trudy ep looks great!).

I am going to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead later and hope to watch the sequel tomorrow or when I get back from my coffeeneuring trip Saturday.
Today was a good and quiet 4 hour shift. Derek decided just not to say anything, yeah, real professional and mature! I actually prefer when he doesn't talk so I was fine w/ it. I had a major migraine early this morning that led to vomiting but at work, it was just a dull headache by then. Biked in a drizzle as I ate lunch at BK before work but biked home in warm sunshine. Passed on doing the RainArt bc Idk the location of the sidewalk art and I'd be wasting water and might not even have enough left to see more than a couple spots, so turned around by the library and might try tomorrow after the rain!

Good day today...

Watched Deepwater Horizon and want to see most of the previews! Today's temps weren't so bad despite being just low 60's, and I even had to take my hat and hoodie off for my 4 block to Walmart afterwards ( returning my jumpstarter later that I got for my Mom's car, my Mom says it's a 6 speed so we can push start the battery in winter). I am excited for #coffeeneuring and hope to get in quite a few longish rides if the weather is 60 degrees-50 degrees out and not windy or rainy. I really hope to go to Rock Cut, my route after Taco John's seems safe and pleasant. I am liking my book but wish there were way more pics, esp of the destinations!

Speaking of biking, Derek texted about our shift Wednesday and I knew something was up since we both work Monday, why not check your start time and print schedule then and then he proceeded to ask if I wanted to bike w/him over the new bike bridge that was installed last weekend or do a different ride? I told him the truth about our last ride together making it be our only ride. He apologized but that doesn't mean other rides will happen. You don't call me tubby and then say you're a jokster so then any and everything you say is not to be taken seriously to that cop out shit.

Jeez, there was a shooting at the CherryVale mall yesterday but it wasn't terrorism or psycho shooters but just gangbangers, so no National news mention. RPD and the Sheriff's Department locked down the mall for several hrs while they searched inside for ANY of the 7 suspects ( 4 black guys and 3 Latinos) but they either ran off on foot or got into cars bc not one was found. The mall has had ghetto ppl in it lately and every few wks, I see footage of ppl full on brawling inside the mall and that crap never happened when I was frequenting it often a few yrs ago.

Pretty good day today!

My having a 2nd light is going great! I thought one or both would interfere and making one light dim, but nope, my steady light was a nice circle and my blinky light didn't affect it! I need to get better at judging temps. This morning was 50 so I put on gloves, hat, sweater,etc but then my hands were hot and one of the gloves fell out of my sweater pocket (after I took them off) on my way to work. Then after a nice 7 hour shift talking about R w/ Keira, saw that I get 3 1/2 days and didn't feel like having both panniers down so I kept my sweater on for the ride home. 66 and cloudy isn't so bad if it's not windy and I was getting warm hehe! Good thing my hat wasn't on.

I checked my lottos, got some more w/ winnings and stopped off at Subway for dinner. They were out of my breads so I got wheat. I asked about the Turkey Italiano and the steak and cheese footlong. The lady told me the steak n cheese is usually $8.70 or something but it's been ringing up at $6, so I said I guess I'll get that! Rode home w/ a footlong and a 20 oz bottle of soda for $8.51 and beat the rain by maybe an hour or 2😃...

The National Bike Challenge ended today. While I am still just at Silver level, I was pretty close to getting Platinum and Sept.'s miles were 100.6! 387 miles for the duration of the challenge! Pretty good!!! My Cyclist Bucket List book is here! Yep, nice, lazy weekend watching the Amanda Knox Netflix documentary, Black Cloud and reading my book!

Crime and other things...

So much for shootings going down once the heat index goes below 80. There was a shooting Wednesday night in which a man died at an RHA complex and a drive by shooting on W State and Avon this morning (16 shell casings found) and ironically, that is where one of our geopolicing stations are going and even more ironic, the groundbreaking for that was TODAY! I feel better at not going to FnF and Mr C's today, mostly due to getting done late but some in part to the part of town I'd be in and speaking w/ my biking buddy.

Jeez, Keira and I got lost trying to follow D's directions on how to get to the 3rd floor for the compliance testing we all had to do. He sees us and shows us the right way. I was telling Keira after we hiked up the 3 flights of stairs that if D had said once you get to circulation, you go through there and weave around to the back. Not before you get to HR, turn right then left. Also before HR is a damn set of stairs to the right!

The test sucked and actually did take almost 3 hours. I got in 8 hrs though. I might do a quick tour of newly installed RainArt here at 12 different locations for one of my #coffeeneuring trips.
Yesterday was the 2nd day in a row that Shavon didn't show. The day before she called in and said Eliza was coming in for her and Eliza didn't show. Eliza said she doesn't have her number nor did she get a call from anyone. Shavon is supposed to work tomorrow so hopefully she will show.

Today is going to be off and on rain so I am skipping today's plans and opting to watch my DVD's, work on my light, get Wendy's for dinner and lunch for work ( thanks to coupon) and read some of my book once it gets here! I am taking this weekend off from riding, yesterday I had a knot or something in my calf so I will try stretching out and might start my Ripped in 30 workout too. Oh, also yesterday, I was walking my bike towards the school that morning and saw 3 fire engines at a house. Fast forward to last night, video footage shows firefighters there and a blinking light and a walker, that was me! We've had like 5 fires already this week and 3 arson cases in which ppl died. There's a new bike path in town, it's over by South Main and Race and dk how long it spans.

I am planning on biking to FnF and Mr.C's after work tomorrow if we get done early and it is warm out still. I tried to find info on the bike path going out there ( does it go all the way to at least FnF) but nothing, not even a map was showing up. I might drop off those bike seats to RHK Friday after work. It is only one mile from JJ's.

Cold mornings and breezy afternoons!

I need to jerryrig my extra light. It helps to have it not move and I saw a gap on one of the sides so I am going to superglue part of a shim on there and see if it helps. I didn't get breakfast. I even stopped at McD's but didn't know if I could lock up w/ my panniers being used ( and needing the kickstand down) so I left.

I was lucky to see that my 2 inserts which we going to be the ones I did yesterday were given to David and I had 2 other machines. My machine which was on all the time only had 2 greenlights, while my other machine quickly had to be taken over by D since he had to actually change the position of the insert and then be there to hold them as they were being taken down into the jackets.

Lonn pissed me, Marques and David off. We each had 1 machine that was messing up, D worked on it a few times, but it was futile and kept greenlighting. Well Lonn was pointing at our lights, smiling and laughing each time we had a light. We all had words and were saying shit to him after that. We also didn't like that he only had 1 off/ on machine while we all had 2 mostly on and fast too.

I was asked to help out J in WA1 and was telling Marques I hope it's not that Reformer's paper.....and what do you know? I see tubs filled w/ Reformer's paper, papers shooting out the bottom but luckily we got stuff fixed and were only there for an extra hour. Got home w/ half an hour before I get to see the Castle season 8 eps I missed before watching This Is Us w/ my Mom. I am going to hit 100 miles this month w/ NBC!!!!

Watching Sully tomorrow, eating Popeye's and getting my new bike gloves tomorrow! I got that insulated beanie today and have to switch to my hoodie for my morning rides ( the light jacket wasn't cutting it!).

Books, DVD's, food and meds!

So it was supposed to rain today so I choose to bus it to my fun errands. Passed on the free Pancakes at Perkins for some french toast, eggs and breakfast potatoes! Then went over to the library to drop off Seinfeldia, walked to Outlet books ( couldn't find any good cycling books besides mostly Lance books, but did get a great deal on DVD's, I got 8 movies for me ( Black Cloud, The Rock, Hard to Kill/Above the Law combo, Barrio Wars 4 movies, and 2 for my Mom for $19.50!) and grabbed lunch ( and dinner for tonight) at Beefaroo before catching the bus home ( well a few miles from it, see below).

I talked to my Mom the other day about Honey's meds and how I'd pay when she got back from picking them up, but today, she forgot or something and said she didn't have any $ when I brought up getting the meds. I was about 10 mins from the vet so I just opted to go get them and this way, I could get some Lottos from a store I haven't been to in 5 months and I could get in a nice 3-4 mile walk. I ordered The Cyclist's Bucket List : 75 Quintenical ( sp?) Cycling Destinations/trips and Bike for Life: How to Bike 100 miles and more from eBay. It includes yoga moves, workout plan, cycling distance goals, etc and I couldn't believe I got both for $20 total! Amazon's at least double w/ S & H.

Since I kind of spent quite a bit lately, I am hoping to just get a number 1 at Taco Johns for $5.25 on my way to Rock Cut State Park for #bikeyourpark day. I am also going to see if I can bike 20 miles w/ o breakfast since I either eat too much or not enough. Haha, Derek tried to see if I wanted to go for a bike ride this Saturday. Yeah, like I am going to go w/ a guy who doesn't even have enough manners to not ask me about my weight yesterday. I said I have plans.

Celebs and more...

Watched the Emmy's on Sunday. Some of Jimmy's jokes weren't funny but a lot were. I liked that Regina, Sterling and Courtney won their Emmy's but you don't want it getting to the point where ppl are being nominated just for the diversity factor, you know? Same thing will hapoen if there's a lot of trans actors too. Sorry but it's true. I really wished Cuba and John would have won too for their OJ roles. Sad news about Brad and Angelina ( hope they can work it out).

Today was just 7.5 hrs instead of 9. I had 1 machine mostly all day and although it was Valli's, it ran pretty well until about 2 hrs in and then continued after lunch:(. I noticed my rear tire was quite low ( needed 2 pumps of air) so I rode home kind of cautiously. Stopped off and had the new grilled chicken combo and it was pretty damn good!

Here's a pic of the crosswalk going from Wendy's/BK to McD's and why I walk my bike when I get here. My biking buddy said he saw me the other day and wondered why I was walking it. I also told him about why I walk it when over by Charles n State too.

Kevin Can Wait pilot episode was just ok to me. I don't like that Chanel kid and the wife is missing something! She's not tough and she doesn't have the Brooklyn accent! The Good Place was better and funnier too.

Nice Sunday

Got my allergy meds and got some nice FlexFoam shoes at Target. Also checked out $ Tree and Verizon by there w/ my Mom. I was able to successfully sign up for #bikeyourpark Day this Saturday ( and it's too bad I didn't get to do it last time to win prizes), but maybe I can still get a patch?

Ohh, coffeeneuring is now any day of the week but can't be during a club ride but think it can be on the way to/from work, dk......at least Restoration Cafe is now back on the list!

Other biking destinations might include biking to Perkins for Free Pancakes Day Thursday, stopping by Outlet books, having Applebee's for lunch and getting Honey's meds on the way home. Pretty good mileage for September it looks like, not bad for missing a week!


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