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Pros yesterday: Got paid for 10.5 hours and probably only did half that in work. Helped out ppl, including Nick w/ throwing away returned Turkey packages, my biking buddy w/ his 2nd machine and helped out R near the end of shift. My hiking boots, if tied really tight, don't come loose.

Cons: gearing not f.u.c.k.i.n.g. working and thought I figured out the problem when I remembered that plastic guard by the gears. Spent my Victoria Secret tv time trying to help my Mom take off the strong and hard plastic. We almost got it off but just called it a day and I'll just take it to Kegel's Thursday. My mtb feels weird since the seat needs to be raised and so I am walking to work the next 2 shifts. My Mom thinks maybe the guard is a part of the bike but I have never seen that crap on a bike before.

3rd time's a charm?

Well seeing as how I was still awake at 4:30 AM, I decided to tackle my fat tire once more. I tightened the screws after pedaling the chain and it was moving fine so.....taking everything off my mtb bike and putting it on my fat tire. I really hope to be successful this time! Wish me luck to those who read this silently hehe!!

I can't track my mileage anymore since NBC lost a major sponsor and had to shut down:(......

Gave it 2 tries

And that's all I am doing! I am not putting on my hiking boots to bike it down the block and I am not trying to slip for a 3rd time on the stairs. I might just move to a place for their roof gutters!

No Park Lanes for me!

Fuckin derauiller is still broken and all I can find are the same stupid videos so I'm not wasting my time. Taking it to Kegel's Thursday and looking for my winter boots so I can get to work tomorrow.

11:40 AM: I think my boots are at work so I get to test out my hiking boots and who knows, maybe I'll mess around w/ my fat tire some more ( maybe the limiting screws need to be almost all the way out to reach the highest gear?). My tread was looking cool in the snow:)!

New light...is tricky!

First, I tried charging it and finally found out my cell charger will charge it. Then it turned to fully charged way too fast ( less than 2 minutes), which is why my attempts to turn it on ( tried touching the lens as a last resort and 1 Google search later, see it's the right way). So I am now charging my light for the required hour and a half. It can't attach to my fall/ early winter helmet but maybe my Bern winter helmet or my blue helmet will be a better match?

Good day off!

Cold temps though, like maybe mid 30's and windy! But I did get groceries and picked up my light giveaway ( not the 1 I looked at but it's still $35 for it!). The 'bag' was just a Small Business Saturday tote bag w/ cool embroidery logos. I am eager to see how my new light looks in the dark, so around 5:30 I will know hehe! The snow/rain mix for Sunday has now been updated to just a slight chance so there's still hope!:)
I recently got a heating pad along w/ a puffy vest and dog bed. The heating pad works well, tonight was the 1st night I tried the moist treatment and it was really good. I am hoping that Monday I will be able to brush my hair w/o serious pain happening. Guess what? I got a call from Kegel's! I won a light and a bag!!!!! Picking them up tomorrow! Jokingly told the lady helping me look at lights that it'd be cool if I won 1 and if not, I might buy the light I was looking at. So I canceled my Amazon order and might look at Kegel's bike computers too.

Small Business Saturday!

I saw on FB that Kegel's were doing giveaways and having refreshments as part of Small Business Saturday and so after doing my errands, I went down there, ate some pumpkin spice muffins and chocolate cakeballs, looked at a light set I might buy and entered for their giveaways.

2:07 PM: Just ordered the Shark 300 after seeing the Cycle Torch light. It is 330 lumens ( Kegel's Serfas was just 155), comes w/ a tail light ( I have been thinking about attaching a light to my helmet) and is $30 vs. $37 for Kegel's. Should get it by December 6th. My Beacon Hill DVD came today so my Thursday is covered:)!
Idk why the news didn't say anything about the NES Mini coming out on the 11th! Now it's sold out and I currently have alerts for when Best Buy, Target, GameStop and Walmart get it in stock. Freaking Walmart has it at $250! Target and Best Buy have it at $59.99, ad match!!!!! And I am not desperate enough to buy the exorbitant eBay prices, they don't have the last console on Earth!

I sent an email to Andrew re: next Saturday's Tour de Frost ride. I told him I can't do it. The temps are going to be in the 20-40's, cloudy and maybe windy and if my uncomfortable facemask annoys me for my 2.8 mile ride to work and I am half sweaty/half cold mess for most of the day, let alone biking slowly too to boot.

Yesterday was long ( 10 hrs ) at work but nice not to hear Marques little outbursts and whistles at ppl who get green lights.

Neck issues still....

I am going to do my PT this morning and some stretching. I tried lying on my back w/ my neck turned on my strained side to...break it up but now it just feels rusty.

TP Day 3!

Was more of yesterday really. CARTS guy came over to our side after lunch, I had NO green lights except for 1 where I went empty, but that was due to the sporadic request by Marques for me to help him w/ his 3rd machine. Greg was taken out of our area to do stuff in WA2 while David took his place but then after lunch, Greg switched places. We had a meeting today and it was about how this year's TP we are in getting in longer, harder hrs than last year and TBB said it had something to do w/ the companies we were inserting ads for.

Got in 9 hours today since the night shift came in to relieve us and it was really nice being able to get home and do a little bit of stuff before making dinner and now relaxing/ resting watching shows. Didn't need my mask on the way home( but my gloves and hat were on) and the gloves are great!

21 outside right now!

Good thing I bought my neoprene gloves....and found them for today! My Mom was telling me she has to give me a ride last night but I'll show her all my winter stuff, which actually makes you quite warm. Just need to get more babywipes! Day 3 starts of TP starts in an hour and a half, I somehow hope I get a day off before Thursday....but unlikely:(...

Turkey Package Day 1.....

Full of chaos! 1st, found out that D had to have emergency surgery since he had a hole in his intestines yesterday, J is doing 5 days/ wk until D gets back. Omg, work was crazy! There was not enough ppl scheduled so everybody had 4-5 machines, B kept going empty due to not being able to keep up, greenlights were everywhere and ppl were getting pissed! I was mad that I got yelled at for my very 1st light and then no apology when J spent 15 mins working on that machine afterwards! Greg was causing issues, I caught what would have been a big disaster from happening ( I had Meijer's #1 but they put up #2 as my 2nd skid and I noticed they were different, my biking buddy, however, did not), R got to leave 2 hrs before us and who knows what BS she told TBB and then it was freaking freezing w/ Arctic blasts of 30-40 MPH winds as I biked most of the way home after my 11.5 hour shift.

I am sooo getting my BK bkft tomorrow and might even take my fat tire bike since we are to get flurries tomorrow! Definitely taking my new jacket and facemask! Nah, not taking the FT just yet. Need to have a couple night's of hot baths 1st since my stretching hasn't really been helping I noticed:(.

Really good day off!

Didn't have to go get Honey's meds so then I decided to go to Restoration Cafe for my #coffeeneuring #7 ride along w/ depositing $ at the bank and picking up hairties, petroleum jelly ( good alternative for Utterly Smooth?), mouthrinse and a soda at $ Tree, and ordered some cycling undies. Got in 5.6 miles in sunny but windy day and had to maneuver ( sp?) around lots of ppl walking and biking on the sidewalk. Came home and found my other 3 CD's had come in the mail! Listened to Pat, Garth and now Alanis! Listening to Journey if I have time before dinner/my shows. I also did a bunch of cleaning too and tied up the basement light too!

I keep randomly thinking about T.N.S.G. ( the night shift guy) and none are pleasant. I am just glad I only have to get through the next 6 days and hopefully nothing happens. I am accutely aware of how things are different now w/ me and ykw. I haven't told her this nor will I, just like she doesn't know I worked a night shift last week. I will not say Happy Thanksgiving ON Thanksgiving to her since it's busy, fam stuff and I don't want to hear her mention her gf. I don't care/ am indifferent w/anything w/ her but I really hate ppl that take any opportunity to mention the relationship whenever they can to others.

Coffeeneuring Challenge '16 completed!

1. McD's, 10/15/16, 4.4 miles, 2 hot chocolates, bike friendliness was good- 2 bike racks.

2. Wendy's, 10/17/16, 2 Hot n Juicy Singles, 1 fry and an iced tea! Bike friendliness included a railing to lock up to. 2.8 miles! Rode my new bike!

3. Red Hen Bread in Oak Park, IL. Iced tea. Biked around for 5 miles w/ my new bike looking at FLW works of architecture! 10/29. Bike friendliness was good, a nice rack.

4. Taco John's. 11/10/16. 6 Pack and a Pound, iced tea, 16 miles, bike friendliness was an enclosed lobby.

5. Popeye's, 11/13/16, 3 tenders meal w/ a sweeet tea for 8 miles. BF was a street sign down around the corner.

6. Burger King, 11/16/16, 2.8 miles for 2 grilled hotdogs, a large fry and a strawberry/banana smoothie. Bike friendliness was an enclosed lobby.

7. Restoration Cafe, 5.6 miles w/ errands thrown in, 2 chicken tacos, an iced tea and a free cookie due to my 'just chicken and cheese' getting misconstrued for chicken, cheese, lettuce and tomato! Saw a lot of bikers out enjoying the 70 degree temps ( can't believe the weekend is forecasted as having lows in the 20's, facemask time, maybe even fat tire time too if flurries hehe!)

Good thing I chose to include my BK stop since I counted wrong! My coffeeneuring #2 was actually #1! Oh, my plans for my theme just didn't work out. I only rode 2 of my bikes. Oh well.
Today was loooong! Lots of stops and Kiera's insert Parade mag was going in between the jackets causing drags and so whenever we saw it, we had to take it out. As I was helping CARTS guy stack, we were talking and he mentioned the Night Shift guy ( how he was always following me around and I told C.G. about him trying to find out where I live more than once and I told TBB no more nights), who earlier this week had the cops called on him at work and was escorted from the building! Then bam, who do we walking in to punch in as we leave after a 10 hour shift? Yeah! No more night shifts for me.

I stopped off at BK for dinner and got a smoothie for my #coffeeneuring #7 but am going to do an official #coffeeneuring stop tomorrow as I do errands:)! I am hoping to fix my neck nerve issue or at least make it manageable. I am doing 2 kinds of stretches and am thinking of using my massager and putting it on when I am doing the stretch too? We'll see...


So today wasn't bad. 9 hrs, quite a lot of green lights but only 2 machines. Hardly recognized Shavon and Eliza as I biked past them, but you're dark when it's past 5! My bike book came today, it's How To Get Run Over By a Truck and it's a memoir of a cyclist in N.Y. getting hit by a semi, her survival and recovery. I am liking posting on certain shows FB pages, like This Is Us, American Housewife and Kevin Can Wait ( growing on me but Donna and Kevin aren't as affectionate as Carrie and Doug were and she does seem young too).

My day off will be spent doing some errands, getting in my final #coffeeneuring ride to Restoration Cafe and watching movies, shows and hopefully listening to some new CD's!

Coffeeneuring #6!

I really need to adjust to the temps here! I choose to just have my new jacket on since it was going to be mid 40's but after a mile, I had to turn back for home to change into just my hoodie. I tried to do a new route to Popeye's but was disappointed and frustrated at how it was failing. I got there,ate my 3 piece meal w/ drink, and then biked up to CVS where I got 2 bags of PopCorners ( forgot my Utterly Smooth, damn) before biking back to pick up a 2 piece meal and a 10 tenders for me. It took maybe 2 and a half hours to go 7 miles but hey, it's exercise and from 1-10 PM, I will be just hanging out at home!

Talked w/ ykw today and just did our usual catching up and that. She's moving to Charlotte, NC sometime next year and her Mom is going w/ her. She mentioned how her gf might move too but not til late next year. My biking buddy and I kind of have a competition going re: crimes that happen in my part of town vs his. His just had 2 women stabbing each other this morning while mine has had a couple burglaries.....

Wow, I hope that idiot doesn't do anything w/ ObamaCare, LGBT rights or abortion stuff either! I originally was going to do 2 coffeeneuring rides this week and 1 next week Wednesday but I think our Turkey Package stuff starts next Monday, so after work that day, I think I will get in my last coffeeneuring ride at that brewhouse place 5 blocks up from my work:)! I am going to try my Yoga for Cycling exercises this weekend I think to strengthen my muscles and reduce soreness for the upcoming madness of TP I hope!

Before I forget....

Idk if it's my peleas, mountain climbers or walking pushups but my thighs are looking really good and getting more streamlined ( is this a term for muscular but skinnier look?). I do 20-30 peleas, 50-60 mountain climbers and 20 walking pushups every work day and next week, I am upping all by 10 and getting in my Day 2 of Ripped in 30 tomorrow!


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